Industry and Economy of Great Britain

10)Great Britain the first country to become highly industrialized.

1st year 2nd semester


1) Metals.

2) Occurrence of Metals.

3) Properties of Metals.

Metallurgical Processes

4) Blast Furnace. Cupola Melting.

5) Bessemer Process.

6) Open-Hearth furnace. Electric Furnace.

Engineering Materials

7) Ferrous Metals.

8) Non-Ferrous Metals.

9) Properties of Engineering Materials.

10)Problem of Engineering Materials.





Task 1. What do you know about NTUU KPI and its history?

Task 2. What properties must person have for entering the University? What are the aims of your studying here? Present you decision in few words.

Task 3. Before reading the text pay attention to the pronunciation of the letter c:

centre, city, cybernetics, exceed, device, science, civil, facilities, certificate;

country, education, college, computing, acoustic, economy, contracts, co-operation;

specialities, specializations, specialists.

Task 4. You are going to read about NTUU KPI. Seven sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences (A-H) the one which fits each gap (1-7). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (1).

A The KPI has foreign economic relations with 45 foreign partners from 12 countries of the world.  
B Many students go in for different kinds of sport according to their liking.  
C Over its history the KPI has trained 200,000 specialists.  
D There are 25 departments, 3 institutes and a college in our University.  
E It has about 105x100m.  
F Some Institutes were organised on the KPI basis.  
G It had only four departments: mechanical, chemical, agricultural and civil engineering ones.  
H It is well known not only in our country but abroad as well.

The Kiev Polytechnic Institute is one of the oldest and biggest higher educational institutions in Ukraine. 1. ___H___.

This institute is situated not far from the centre of the city in a beautiful shady park. At present the number of students in the KPI exceeds 30000. They obtain qualifications on 68 specialities and 70 specializations at the KPI and in 3 branches of the Institute (in the towns of Zhitomir, Chernigov, Cherkasy). 2. _______. Among them there is the department of information and computing technique that trains students in such fields of technology as: electron instrument engineering, cybernetics, automation, computing technique. Electric power engineering automation faculty trains specialists in Electrical Networks and Electric Systems, Central Power Plants, High Voltage Technique, Cybernetics of electrical systems. The Electro-acoustic faculty trains specialists in such field of technology as hydroacoustics sound recording, measuring technique and microprocessors. At the Radio-Engineering faculty young people get diploma of the designers of the radio-electric devices. At the Physical-Engineering faculty students will become metallurgists and specialists studying metals and alloys, powder metallurgy and others.

The KPI graduates work at numerous enterprises and research institutions all over the country and abroad. Over four and a half thousand students graduate from the KPI annually.

The teaching staff of our institute consists of highly qualified teachers, professors and scientists. 70% of the KPI teachers have scientific degrees. Among them there are academicians and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences, professors, merited scientists.

Training of full-time students lasts 5 years and 6 months, of tuition by correspondence - 5 years 10 months. 9900 students are accommodated in 21 hostels, 3 of them are at the disposal of married students. So all non-Kiev students are provided with hostel facilities.

The Institute was founded in 1898. 3. _______. The first enrolment constituted 360 students.

The first rector of the Institute was Professor V.Z. Kirpichov, an outstanding Russian scientist in the field of mechanics and strength of materials.

4. _______. Among them are: the Civil Engineering Institute, Technological Institute of Light and Food Industry, the Institute of Civil Aviation, Automobile and Road Building Institute, Agricultural (now Agricultural Academy) and others. In 1934 - 1944 the KPI was called an Industrial Institute.

A large number of prominent people worked and studied at the KPI: E.O.Paton, the founder of electric welding; M.L.Konovalov, a well-known chemist; LP.Bardin, the greatest metallurgist in the country; A.M.Lyulka, the chief of aeroplane engines and S.P.Korolyov, the great designer of spaceships. President of the First Examining Board in chemistry faculty was Dmitry Mendeleyev.

More than 1000 young people from 37 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America get their education at the Polytechnic Institute. 5. _______. 29 agreements and 17 contracts have been concluded and 77 protocols have been signed: KPI received the certificate as a participant of foreign economic relations.

The most active international scientific and technological co-operation is carried out by the chairs of the Institute with the partners from Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Denmark, Lebanon. Lately the relations with China, USA, Italy, Vietnam, Spain have been more active. The Institute carries out the exchange of students according to the agreement on co-operation with the Oregon University (USA).

The Institute has at its disposal a decease-prevention centre for employers and students. Our Institute also takes care of students leisure for a well-organised leisure is a very important factor in bringing up young specialists.

The Knowledge square becomes the centre of the whole KPI complex. 6. _______. Meeting, festivals, consecration into students take place here. In summer the square is decorated with lamps, fountains, flowerbeds. The Knowledge square is connected with one of the main streets - Pobeda (Victory) avenue.

The assembly hall intended for 1750 seats is used for different meetings. The opening ceremony and the meeting of the teaching staff were held in August 1984.

Great importance is attached to the development of physical culture at our Institute. There are many sport grounds, football field, volleyball and basketball courts at students' disposal. 7. _______. It helps them to keep their body healthy and strong. There are lots of rated athletes among the students of the KPI. The names of many of them are well known all over the country.

Task 5. Find in the text equivalents to the following words and expressions:

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

Task 6. Make up word combinations from the following words:

1. teaching a) institution
2. numerous b) engine
3. outstanding scientist c) metallurgy
4. educational d) athlete
5. aeroplane e) enterprises
6. powder f) scientist
7. rated g) technique
8. measuring h) staff

Task 7. Translate into Ukrainian the following words and word combinations:

one of the oldest and biggest higher educational institutions, is situated not far from the centre, the number of students exceeds, to obtain qualifications on, electron instrument engineering, electric power engineering automation department, measuring technique, radio-electric devices, metals, alloys, powder metallurgy, merited scientists, first enrolment constituted, strength of materials, the founder of electric welding, foreign economic relations with, the chairs of the Institute, to have at the disposal, for employers and students, intended for, healthy and strong.

Task 8. Translate next sentences into English:

1. ϲ .

2. ϲ : , 㳿, , .

3. 5 6 .

4. .

5. ϲ , 糿.

6. ϲ .

7. .

8. ϲ.

Task 9. Put the verb to be in the necessary form:

1. I _____ the freshman.

2. She _____ very diligent student.

3. Studying at the NTUU _____ hard and interesting task for all students.

4. Our students _____ proud of their University.

5. We _____ the champions in the sphere of knowledge.

6. There _____ a book on the table.

7. There _____ two measuring devices.

8. There _____ an article about atoms and two scientific works.

Task 10. Put the following words into correct order to make sentences:

1. educational, one, Ukraine, of, higher, the oldest, is, The, institutions, in, KPI.

2. the rector, executive, head, The, a university, of, is.

3. academic, highest, Philosophy, is, the Doctor, The, of, degree.

4. KPI, studied, of, people, at the, number, A, large, prominent.

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