Noelle: Hello, I'm Noelle Sharrone. I'm from the Marketing Department of New Age


Ramon: Hello, I'm Ramon Santos. I just arrived from Spain. Noelle: How are you? Welcome to our company.

Ramon: How are you? Nice to meet you.

Noelle: How was your flight?

Ramon: A little bumpy, but Fm glad to be here.

Noelle: Good. Did you have a chance to rest?

Ramon: Yes. I had a good night's sleep last night.

Jim: Well, fortunately we have nice weather today. Ramon: Yes, it's beautiful. When I left, it was raining in Madrid.

Jim: So, Mr. Santos, where are you staying? Ramon: Fm at the Excelsior Hotel.

Jim: Very nice. Have you seen any sights yet?

Ramon: Not yet, but Saturday I plan to tour the city and see everything. Maybe you can

recommend a tour.

Noelle: Well, there are some bus tours of the city. Or you may just try a tour on foot. Ramon: Sounds good.

Noelle: I understand you are in advertising. Do you have any new ideas for our


Ramon: Yes, I do. I hope we will have time to discuss them all at the meeting. Noelle: Great! Then let's get started. I think we are in the conference room over there. Ramon: Okay. I'll follow you.


John: Susan, I'd like you to meet Jean-Pierre, this is Susan from our Sales


Susan: Hello. How are you?

Jean-Pierre: How are you ? Pleased to meet you.

Susan: Mr. Bernard, may I ask where are you from?

Jean-Pierre: Yes, of course. I am from Belgium. From Antwerp.

Susan: Oh, really? I hear that's the diamond capital. Jean-Pierre: Yes, that's right.

Susan: Well, how do you do like it in San Francisco? Jean-Pierre: It's beautiful here. I love the weather.

Susan: Yes, we have good weather year-round. Jean-Pierre: Not like in Belgium...

Susan: Mr. Bernard, may I call you Jean- Pierre? Jean-Pierre: Yes, of course. May I call you Susan?

Susan: Yes, Jean-Pierre. What brings you to the United States? Jean-Pierre: Well, Fm working with the International Division of San Francisco Software. And may I ask what kind of work you do?

Susan: Fm in advertising. I work downtown.

Jean-Pierre: Do you live in San Francisco?

Susan: No, actually I live in Sausalito. I commute to work. It only takes 30 mi

by car.

Jean-Pierre: That's good. Listen, it was very nice meeting you, but I see someone I

say hello to. Please excuse me.

Susan: Yes, of course. It was nice talking to you.


- I'd like you to meet Mr. Pospelov, our Director General.

- Glad to meet you Mr. Pospelov.

- Glad to meet you too. Have you ever been to Kyiv before, Mr Cartwright?

- No, it's my first visit to Kyiv.

- What are your first impressions of Kyiv?

- I like Kyiv, it's a very beautiful city and quite different from London.

- I'll hope you'll enjoy your visit Mr. Cartwright.

- Let me introduce my staff to you. This is my secretary Miss Kravchenko.

- Nice to meet you, Miss Kravchenko.

- Nice to meet you too. Call me Ann.

- I also want you to meet Victor Volgin, Our Sales Manager. You've already r Mr. Ivanov.

- What does Mr. Ivanov do?

- He is our export-import Manager... Do take a seat. Would you like a cigarette?

- Yes, thank you.

- Would you like something?

- Er... Yes. I'd like a cup of coffee.

- Ann, could you make coffee for us, please?

- Certainly, sir. How would you like your coffee, Mr. Cartwright, black or white?

- Black, please.

- With sugar?

- No, thanks.

- By the way Mr. Cartwright, what is your profession?

- I'm an engineer, but at Continental Equipment I work as a Sales Manager. Here's my card.

- Let's get down to business, Mr. Cartwright. We're extending our business and want to buy equipment for producing some goods in Ukraine, rather than importing them from western countries as we do now. We know that some companies, including yours, produce the sort of equipment we need. Your company provides advanced technology and efficient service, which small companies can't provide. That's why we're interested in your company.

- Yes, I see. You'll be pleased to here that the service life of our equipment has been increased, and also prices have been reduced.

- Would you mind speaking a bit slower, Mr. Cartwright? I am not very good at English.

- Sure. I said we had increased the useful life of our equipment.

- It's very interesting, but first I would like to know if it's possible to adapt your equipment to our needs.

- To answer your question Mr. Pospelov, I have to visit your factory and study your requirements.

- I'll show you our factory tomorrow.

- What time?

- Let me see... I have an appointment with my lawyer at 9 a.m. How about 10?

- That's fine.

- At the moment we are looking for a Commercial Director for this project so in the future you'll have to deal with him. If we decide to buy your equipment, he'll visit your company and you'll discuss the contract with him in detail.

- Fine. I've got some advertising leaflets so you'll be able to study the main characteristics of our equipment yourself.

- Thank you, Mr. Cartwright. Our driver is at your disposal during your visit. His name is Oleg.

- Thank you very much, Mr. Pospelov.

- Well. That's all... our driver's waiting for you. He'll take you to your hotel.

- Good bye, Mr. Pospelov.

- Goodbye, Mr. Cartwright. See you tomorrow.

. Post-reading stage:3. Reply to the following:

1. How are you?

2. What's happening?

3. Nice weather, isn't it?

4. How's it going?


5. I'd like you to meet David Black.

6. What's up?

7. Nice to meet you.

8. Later!

You have just been introduced to a business colleague and need to make him or her feel at home. What kinds of questions could you ask?

5.Complete the sentences with the following words: punctuality, rule, hesitate, name, courtesy, frequently.


1. The most important... for a businessman is to keep his word.

2. ... is very important.

3. When you are introduced, listen carefully to each ....

4. If you forget the name do not... to ask the person to repeat it.

5. In many English speaking countries handshaking is a social....

6. Women shake hands less ....

6. Write out the words with which people:

- greet each other________________________________________________

- meet_________________________________________________________


- introduce other people_____________________________________________

- leave__________________________________________________________

7. Make up your own dialogues using the schemes:


Typical small talk: Greetings Typical small talk with a foreign visitor: Greetings
Weather Weather
Sports (men) Nationality/ residence
Work Language/ customs

IV. Practice Drills:

1. , / , , .


1. , .

2. ³ ( ' , .

3. .

4. , .

5. .

6. , .

7. , , . .

2. , 䳿:

1. ³, .

2. , , , .

3. . , , , . , , .

4. .


( , , ,


: , , , , . . ' .


- , - ; - ;

, , , , .

. Pre-reading stage:

1) What seas is Great Britain washed by?

2) What is Great Britain separated from the continent by?

3) What hills separate England from Scotland?

4) What is the population of Great Britain?

5) What are the main industrial centres of Great Britain?

6) Where has gas been found in Great Britain?

7) What is the climate of the British Isles?

1. Study the following words and combinations:

1. a coast - 7. lead -

2. copper - 8. marble -

3. damp- 9. meadow-

4. to follow - 10. mild - '

5. an island - 11. a mouth -

6. an isle - 12. slate -

II. While-reading stage:

2. Read and translate the text.

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