Conditions of providing services

2.1."Firm" informs by telex or by fax "Fregat" about date of arrival, number of tourists and other useful information not later three days before the arrival of the group to the first point.

2.2. Every group of tourists (more than 20 people) is escorted by the tour leader of "Firm", whose accommodation is at the "Fregat"'s expense.

2.3. "Firm" must provide every tourist with medical insurance and general insurance.




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2.4. "Fregat" must secure personal securi
of tourists and their property.

2.5. "Fregat" must provide "Firm" wi
indicated services in full amount. In ca
the above services are not provided <
were substituted by the lower catego]
ones "Fregat" is obliged to make refund
the cost of non- provided services.

2.6. All claims of "Firm" for the quality < services must be done in a written for] with compulsory participation of the repr< sentative of "Fregat".

2.7. All claims for non- provided servic or the service of worse quality must tpresented by "Firm" within five days sine the end of the last service and must be re garded by "Fregat" within the term of more than 10 days since the indicated se] vice has been provided.

3. Cancellation3.1.Cancellation is done within the term mentioned in the program. Cancellatio being done within the right terms does nc involve compensation charge.

Procedure of payment

4.1. Payment for the services provided b "Fregat" is done in accordance with th prices mentioned in the appendixes. Th appendixes are considered to be the in separable part of this agreement. All price are indicated in US dollars and the pay ment is done by transfer of necessar amounts to the account of the "Fregat" h accordance with the current legislation Ukraine.

4.2. For the services provided for group and individuals 100 % of the amount is t( be remitted by the "Firm" to the account

"Fregat"_____ days prior to the arrival





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5.3. "" 䳿 , "Գ".

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4.3. In some cases each tourist separately in USD or DM can make payment for accommodation and parking in cash in case it is allowed by the legislation of the receiving part.

4.4. The part sending the tourists pays bank charges.

4.5. In case the prices for the services are changed "Fregat" is to inform "Firm" about it within the terms not less then ten days before new prices are being fixed. In case state price regulations are changed as agreed by parties in accordance with the law in force.

4.6. After terminations of the service representatives of the parties indicate the service provided and not provided on 3 copies of the voucher, they also indicate the number of tourists in the group. One copy of the voucher is being returned to "Firm".

Compensation of damages

5.1. The tourists of "Firm" compensate themselves damage caused by them to "Fregat". Both partied sign the corresponding statement. In case of tourists' refusal the damage done is compensated by "Firm".

5.2. Damage caused to the tourists on the fault of "Fregat" is compensated by "Fregat".

5.3. In case of tourist's death "Fregat" takes all the necessary measures and covers all the expenses. The expenses are compensated by "Firm".

5.4. The parts do not carry any responsibility for the cases, which happened as a result of illegal behavior of tourists as well as for such cases which were caused by the transport organizations, luggage, money or



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6.1. - , ' , , ' , . - .

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6.3. , - , "Գ", .

7.1. ̳ - (. ) .

7.2. , .

7.3. 䳺 31 2002 .

7.4. 쳭 .

7.5. ' .

any tourist's property loss. But the parties are obliged to undertake all necessary measures to resolve the conflicts.

Force major

6.1. Force major circumstances as well as the adoption of legal laws due to which mutual obligations were not fulfilled release the parts from paying of the reimbursement charge. The parts have to inform each other about force major circumstances within the shortest terms.

6.2. In case of providing by "Fregat" due to the force major circumstances additional service or the increase of the cost of services provided such additional service or the higher price of them is covered by the tourists themselves.

6.3. The refund is given to "Firm" if the service paid in advance were not provided because of force major circumstances.

General conditions

7.1. All the disputes and discrepancies concerning the agreement are regarded by the International Commerce Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce of Ukraine (Kyiv city) in Accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

7.2. Changes and supplements to the agreement are valid if written and signed.

7.3. This agreement acquires legal force since the date of its signing and it is valid till December 31, 2002.

7.4. Prolongation of agreement is done by exchanging of official letters.

7.5. The two parties are not supposed to entitle with their rights to the third part without other than by mutual decision.



7.6. . 7.7. .


7.6. Agreement can be cancelled by one of the parts by means of written application in 30 days prior to the date of cancellation.

7.7. The terms and subject matter in two copies in Ukrainian and English both hav-ing equal legal force._______________________

. Post-reading stage:

3. Consult a dictionary, read and translate the following words:


a binding obligations terms and conditions
a transfer of real estate to sign a contract
the basis of a transaction a binding obligations
a prospective buyer a transfer of real estate
to come to an agreement the basis of a transaction

4. Answer the following questions:

1. What do the two parties sign after coming to an agreement about terms and conditions of the transactions?

2. What is contract?

3. What types of contracts do you know?

4. What items are necessary in any contract?

5. What elements should a contract contain to be a legally binding agreement?

5. Sum up what the text says about:

1) the preparatory work before the contract is signed;

2) the usual information the contract specifies;

3) the types of contracts.


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