Some more facts about prominent scientists


1. G. Berg(1879-1946), German geologist, author of a great num
ber of books which give a chemical and geochemical interpretation of ore
deposits and mineral raw materials.

2. A.Y. Fersman(1883-1945), Russian mineralogist and geochemist,
one of the founders of the Russian geochemical school. Worked on problems
of lattice energy and pegmatites. Activated geochemical prospecting. Author
of a very great number of publications.

3. A. Howttt(1830-1902), Australian explorer, geologist, anthropolo
gist, naturalist. His publications are devoted to petrology, particularly
igneous and metamorphic rocks. He was the first geologist to visit many
of the areas he described.

4. A.A. Saukov(1902-1964), Russian mineralogist and geochemist.
Initiator of historical geochemistry. Encouraged geochemical prospecting.
Worked on regularities of migration and the geochemistry of individual

5. V.I. Vernadsky(1863-1943), Russian mineralogist and geochemist.
Founder of the Russian geochemical school. Initiator of biogeochemistry
and radiogeology (isotope geochemistry). Gave the clearest definition of
the position and framework of geochemistry. Underlined the dynamics of
geochemical processes (migration, cycles). Author of a great number of
papers and books.


, . ? , , 3.

1. His works are devoted to localization, liquidation and prevention of underground

2. Famous geologist who lectured at the Yekaterinoslav (Dnepropetrovsk) Mining
Institute in 1900-1922.

3. Outstanding Russian scientist who was the first to connect the study of minerals
with chemistry and physics.

4. Russian mineralogist and geochemist.

5. Founder of geochemistry, biochemistry and radiogeology.

6. Founder of a school for the study of rock pressure and its influence on mine

7. Prominent Russian scientist, famous as a specialist in oil extraction.

8. The academician who organized many scientific expeditions to different parts
of the USSR.

9. Australian geologist, specialist in petrology.


10. Prominent Russian scientist who contributed to the analytical method of de
signing new collieries.

11. One of the remarkable geologists who gave the definition of geology as a sci

12. This academician is famous in the field of opencast mining of minerals.

13. German geologist, author of numerous books on geochemistry of ore deposits.

14. The first elected president of the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

15. Academician, author of a great number of textbooks on mining.


UNIT 4The Earth's Crust

and Useful Minerals


. . 1. there + be. 2. some, any, no, every . . , Sedimentary Rocks. . . 1. , (Passive Voice). 2. many, much, a few, a little. . Weathering of Rocks. . . The Earth's Crust. (Crossword).

1. there + be


Present Simple There is/are Past Simple There was/were Future Simple There will be
There is a computer in the lab. () . There are many students at the lecture. . There was a computer in the lab. . There were many students at the lecture. . There will be two computers in the lab. . There will be many students at the lecture. .

there+ be, / /.

, . (. ).

tobe, will, there:

Are theremany people ?

in the square?


Will there bemany people

in the square on Sunday? ?

( ) not( , any, many, much, enough .. ):

There was no computer in
the lab. .

Was there any computer in
the lab? ?

No, there wasn't. ( ).

There were not (weren't)

many people in the square. .

there to be , : to exist'', to appear'', to live'' .:

There exist different types
of mining machines. .

2. some, any, no


  + thing + body + one + where
+ some , -, -, something -, -, -, -, somebody, someone -, -, -, -, somewhere -, -, -, -, -
? any - anything -, -, - anybody, anyone -, -, - anywhere -, -, -, -
- no (=not any) , nothing (" not ...anything) , nobody (-not.anybody) no one, none nowhere (=not... anywhere) ,


made some mistakes.


Give me somecoffee, ,

please. () .

There is somebodythere. - .

Have you got any books --
on geology? ?

Is there anybodyin -
the lab? ?

There aren't any students

in the lab. () .

Nobodytells me anything.


, (aren't + any, nobody + tells + anything).


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