II. Say if it is true or false.

1) Her mother gives her enough dollars now and then.

2) Tracy hates having to ask her folks for money.

3) Tracy wasn't fired four months ago.

4) She wants to live alone in a strange place.

5) Tracy finished school four years ago.

6) Her father started working in the steel mill when he was 16.

7) Her father just doesn't understand Tracy.

8) Tracy was interested in becoming a receptionist for a doctor.

9) She wants to move to California as soon as possible.

10) Now she would take any job that came along.

III. Read the text and fill in the chart below the text. Use it to speak about the changes in Victoria's and her father's routines when they changed places for a day.


To raise money for charity (to build an extension to the children's hospital), David Evans, a well-known British writer, decided to change places with his daughter Victoria. He went to school and sat through a full day of lessons. At first he was nervous as he is 44 and it's a long time since he was at school. But the teachers and students made him very welcome. That day Victoria's father had 9 different classes. On geography lesson David even got an excellent mark for his knowledge of the map of Australia. He did worse in science and mathematics as he didn't remember much from his school days. His answer in English literature was brilliant, but he failed in physical training class as he is out of practice. Mr. Evans said, "School is very different now, but ten times better. The children have more freedom and they are more independent. It was lucky my daughter wears trousers at school, so when we changed places I didn't have to wear a skirt."

While her father was at school, Victoria, aged 17, stayed at home and did her father's jobs in the house. Victoria's mother is an archeologist and she is in Egypt now, so the father has to do much about the house. In the morning Victoria did the rooms and typed on the computer one chapter of her father's latest book. In the afternoon she worked in the garden. At four o'clock her father came home and told her about his day at school. Victoria had to make the dinner but, fortunately, she didn't have to do the washing up. Mr. Evans did it. After dinner he had to do his homework while Victoria read the paper and watched TV. She said, "I think I prefer my own normal day but just for once it was good to have a change!"


Time of the day Victoria Victoria's father
morning 1. did the rooms 1. went to school
afternoon 2. 2.


Unit Five

My Day Off

On weekdays I usually go to the University, but on my days off I prefer to rest. I think it is important for us to rest after hard work. That's why our weekends are more attractive than weekdays. At our leisure time we go in for sports, read the books, and go to the library, cinema, theatre, park, museum, or exhibition. Sometimes we go to the zoo or the circus and enjoy ourselves watching animals. As a rule, we try to spend most of the time outdoors. Some people prefer to go to the country to see their relatives and friends. In winter we like to go to the winter forest to ski and skate. After having such a pleasant rest in the open air, you are always happy to return home and have a rest sitting near the TV-set and watching an interesting TV programmer. In summer and spring picnics are popular with students. They are fond of picnics chiefly because they have an excellent opportunity to admire the beauty of nature, to run on the grass and to play interesting games, to have a bite without observing table manners. But the most exciting event is making a fire. They are fond of collecting wood in the forest and sitting round the fire. And again, they like to return home after a picnic. And now they think that "there is no place like home" as the saying goes.

Many people like to go to the cinema and theatre on weekends and holidays and enjoy seeing an interesting film or performance.

As for me, my days off are normally like this. I hate getting up early and on weekends I can afford to wake up later than usual. As a rule, I get up at 8 o'clock.

Then I do my morning exercises, wash my face and hands and brush my teeth. After having breakfast I relax a little: listen to a lovely music and try to forget about all my problems. Then I can visit my friends and have a chat with them about our life. Sometimes my friends and I go to the museum or an exhibition. As a rule, my activities on weekends depend on my plans, but in any case I manage to do a lot of things and to have a rest. I always try to do my best to have a really good time. But unfortunately time flies quickly on weekends, and the next Monday morning comes, and I am looking forward to my next day off.

I. Read the texts below and define which personality types the people in them belong to.


an outdoor type a home lover

a sociable type (people's person) a culture-vulture

a workaholic a loner

John: I wake up at half past five and study company reports in bed. I go to work at half past seven. I never leave the office before nine o'clock at night. I don't go out in the week because I'm too tired. Im a manager and I read management books in my free time. I usually work at home at the weekend.

Dave: I usually get up at 7.30 on Saturdays and run in the park before breakfast. I'm always bac home by 8.30. My brother Steve is still asleep at the time; he never gets up before ten. He usually ha coffee and toast for breakfast. I never drink coffee so I have orange juice and cereal. My brother calls m a health freak. Most Saturdays I go shopping with my parents. My brother hates shopping, he doesn't like crowds. He is always at home on Saturday. He sometimes plays the guitar in his room or listens to his CDs.

Daisy: My husband is a very rich man so I don't have to work. I think that the best way to spend you time is to travel and see all the "musts" in different countries. The next three years of my life are already; planned. I'm going to Sri Lanka and Nepal, China and Mongolia. As you see I'm not interested in dear old Europe any longer. I've been all around it several times. It has nothing new for me. I'm looking; forward t6 new impressions and experiences. Besides all my friends have already visited most of these places of interest and all the time boast of being there and seeing this and that. It's a shame that I don't have as many souvenirs from all those places as they do. And now, if you excuse me, I must hurry It's the presentation of Tony Foticelli's exhibition tonight. I don't know anything about him but everybody who is somebody will be there.

Unit Six

My Flat

We have a nice flat in a new block of flats. Our flat is on the second floor of a five-storeyed building. It has all modem conveniences: central heating, running hot and cold water, electricity, gas.

We have a three-roomed flat which consists of a living-room, a bedroom, a study (which is also my room), a kitchen, a bath-room and a toilet. Our flat has two balconies.

The living-room is the largest and most comfortable one in the flat. In the middle of the room we have a square dinner-table with six chairs round it. To the left of the dinner-table there is a wall-unit which has several sections: a sideboard, a wardrobe and some shelves. At the opposite wall there is a piano and a piano stool. To the right there is a low table with color TV-set on it. Opposite the TV-set there are two cozy armchairs. A divan-bed and a standard lamp are in the left-hand corner. In front of the armchairs there is a small round table for newspapers and magazines. There is a thick carpet on the floor. Two pictures hang on the wall above the divan-bed. In the evening we usually draw the curtains across the windows, and a red lampshade gives a warm color to the room.

The bedroom is smaller than the living-room and not so light as there is only one window in it. In this room there are two beds, two dressing-tables and a wardrobe. In the corner of the bedroom there is a small color TV-set. On the dressing table there is an alarm-clock and a small lamp with green lamp-shade.

Our study is the smallest room in the flat, but in spite of it, it is very comfortable. There isn't much furniture in it, but there are a lot of shelves full of books. It has a writing table, an armchair and a bookcase too. A small round table with a cassette-recorder is standing in the right-hand comer of the study. There is a small sofa near the wall opposite the bookcase. This room was my father's study, but as I grew older, it has become my room. And in my opinion it is the best room in our flat. My friends used to come to my place to have a chat or to play chess in the evening, and they say my room is very comfortable. I share their opinion.

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