Other Possibilities for Sections

Choose your headings based on your background and the qualifications you believe will be important or of interest to the employer. Be descriptive in your selection of a heading. Sample headings include the following:

Computer Skills

Lab Skills


Leadership or Teamwork Activities

Honors and Awards

Professional Affiliations

Community Service

Outstanding Accomplishments

Qualifications Summary






Be prepared to rewrite your résumé on the basis of information you gain from your first few interviews or contacts. Pay attention to the questions you are asked and any comments about your experience. Use this information to improve your résumé. Remember, your résumé is you.


Sample Chronological Résumé


Janet Campbell P.O. Box 2738 Winter Park, FL 32789 407.646.1000 janet@rollins.edu Education 2004 Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida Crummer Graduate School of Business Master of Business Administration, Marketing, May GMAT 720, GPA 3.7/4.0   2001 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Bachelor of Arts, Economics, May 2001 GPA 3.9/4.0, Presidents List (all terms) Honors: Presidential Scholar, Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Honor Society Experience June 2004 Present The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH Product Manager Hired, trained, and supervised staff. Established and maintained clients' files. Increased sales by 10%. Summer 2003 United States Trade Council, Washington, DC Research Assistant, Internship Researched Latin American trading blocs. Analyzed trade patterns and produced summary briefs on trade developments. Maintained database using FileMaker. 1999 2001 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Resident Assistant, Madera House, Worked with a staff of four resident assistants in an 88-student dorm. Created, planned, and organized activities for the students. Encouraged and facilitated social, political, and ethical student discussions. Coordinator for Madera Makes Music, a weekly educational program. Scheduled performances, developed and monitored budget, and created publicity. Skills Proficient in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and FileMaker Pro. Knowledge of Adobe PageMaker and Photoshop. Fluent in Spanish, working knowledge of French. Trained in making presentations, conducting research, writing, and editing. Personal: Health: excellent; single.   Interests: swimming, tennis, reading.


Sample Functional Résumé


Terry Q. Chan P.O. Box 1234 1444 Walnut Drive Winter Park, FL 32789 407.646.1000 terryq@rollins.edu OBJECTIVESeeking a position with an advertising agency in the area of graphic art/photography. EDUCATION May 2004Crummer Graduate School of Business, Winter Park, FL Rollins College Master of Business Administration, Marketing Emphasis SKILLS Conceptualizing Conceived designs for various publications including newsletters, brochures, booklets, and university publiciations. Initiating Assisted with educational costs through self-initiated moneymaking projects. Designed and printed silk-screen T-shirts for University residence halls; machine-engraved name plaques and key chains, which were displayed and sold at the student bookstore; made framed photographs that were sold at University craft fairs. Studio art portfolio containing 40 slides of recent work completed. Printing Coursework in publications production. Experience in preparing layouts, using copy camera, making plates, and running printing press. Familiar with typesetting, running various machines, and collating. Photography Coursework and self-acquired knowledge in black and white and color photography. Shoot both indoor and outdoor candids, groups, nature, and sports pictures. Strong interest in darkroom work, especially darkroom graphics. Familiar with drymounting and matting. Knowledge of photo silk-screen techniques. Computer Proficient with Macintosh. Familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PageMaker.   EXPERIENCE 9/XX present Rollins College, Winter Park, FL Library Assistant, Olin Library Summer 19XX Franklin Frame Shop, Sunnyvale, CA Sales Associate 9/XX 6/XX William Carpenter & Associates (Architectural Firm), Palo Alto, CA Clerical Assistant   ADDITIONALFluent in Italian, working knowledge of Spanish. Hobbies include calligraphy and ceramics.



Sample Combination Résumé


Dana Jackson PO Box 12345 Winter Park, FL 94309 407.646.9999 SUMMARY -Excellent written communication skills and ability to work with a team. -Proficient with CricketGraph, MSWord, Excel, FileMaker, and PageMaker. -Experienced lab technician executing DNA sequencing and gene analysis. EDUCATION June 19XXCrummer Graduate School of Business, Winter Park, FL Rollins College Master of Business Administration, Finance Emphasis TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE 6/XX 9/XXUniversity of Illinois, Chicago, IL Research Assistant, Chicago Cancer Center Quickly learned complicated laboratory procedures. Conducted experiments involving DNA sequencing and gene analysis. Learned gel electrophoresis techniques. Maintained detailed records for procedural and statistical purposes. Gained significant independent research and writing experience. WRITING EXPERIENCE 9/XX presentStanford University, Stanford, CA Public Relations Intern, Hoover Institute Public Affairs Office Compiled articles from an array of journals, magazines, and newspapers. Used PageMaker to create mastheads and produce opinion editorials. Developed efficient proofreading methods and innovative talent for pasting up difficult articles. 9/XX 6/XXRollins College, Winter Park, FL Feature writer, The Sandspur Developed journalistic writing style and interviewing skills. Successfully met all deadlines and consistently published front-page articles. LEADERSHIP and TEACHING EXPERIENCE 10/XX present Self-employed, Winter Park, FL Math and English Tutor Tutor two seventh grade students. Employ the Socratic method to develop their analytical skills and help them with their homework. Design tests to chart their ability. Create interactive games to increase their understanding of math and grammar and to develop their communication skills. 9/XX 6/XX Rollins College, Winter Park, FL Officers Core, Black Student Union Worked with a team to plan, organize, and publicize a range of activities and programs designed to bond, motivate, and educate Rollins African-American community. Established alumni contacts via newsletter to secure financial and mentoring support.

Curriculum Vitae

CV stands for the Latin words Curriculum Vitae, which mean: the course of one's life. Your CV is a summary of your professional/academic life until now, and it usually concentrates on your personal details, education and work experience. A CV is also called a résumé, resumé or resume (especially in American English).

European CV's have varying formats. Each European country has different recruitment practices, but all use CV's instead of résumés. The UK CV comes closest to the American résumé.


The UK CV should be presented preferably on a single sheet of A4 paper in such a way that a prospective employer can quickly and easily assess your quality and suitability. It should be typed and structured under relevant headings, and, though the example below gives you some guidelines, you must be prepared to insert additional sections if you think they are necessary, and omit any which are not relevant to your own background and experience.


A CV usually contains information about the following:

Personal details: name, address, email and telephone number (and sometimes nationality, age/date of birth and marital status)

Objective: a headline that summarises the job opportunity you are seeking

Work experience:your previous employment in reverse chronological order with most detail for your present or most recent job name of company, position

Education:details of secondary and university education including the establishments and qualifications

Personal interests:demonstrating that you are a balanced, responsible member of society with an interesting life outside work anything that might help you get the job

References: name and position of people who recommend you (teacher, former employer, etc). You may also state: references upon request


Sometimes, you may need to give additional information for a particular job or because you have special qualifications.

Other possible sections for inclusion in a CV could be:

Professional Qualifications

Conferences Attended

Short Courses

Specialist Training Courses

Other Experience (e.g. Youth Leader, Social Work, Expeditions), Membership of Professional Bodies.


The aim of any application is to get an interview. Your CV may get as little as 30-60 seconds of consideration by a potential employer. So, an effective vita must be able to attract (positive) attention, stimulate the reader's interest, create a desire to get to know you better, and generate action. To maximize effectiveness, it should be:

Clear this means well-organized, logical, readable, and easily understandable.

Concisepresent everything that is relevant and necessary, but keep it brief.

Complete be sure you have included all of the important and relevant information that the reader needs in order to make an informed decision about your application.

Consistent don't use an extensive mix of styles (such as an array of different fonts), and be sure to use the same order in presenting information that is, if you present your work experiences from most recent to least recent, use the same order of presentation for any other data

Current remember to include dates with all information; in addition, with a CV, it is particularly critical to continually update the information; ideally, the CV should be revised at least once a year.


Here are some other tips for preparing CVs:

Present a positive image emphasize things you have done and competences you have demonstrated.

Include information on team or group activities, situations where you have demonstrated initiative, relevant academic, vocational or professional training.

Exclude comments on your physical appearance, politics, religion or other possibly contentious subjects.

Your CV should be word-processed. Use white A4 paper.

Choose an easy-to-read typeface. Typefaces are designed for specific purposes. The standard typefaces Times New Roman or Arial are perfect for your CV. Not too small, not too large! A size of 10 or 12 point would be appropriate. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITALS LIKE THIS! CAPITALS ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO READ AND MAY BE CONSIDERED IMPOLITE IN THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING WORLD.

Limit your CV to a maximum of 2 pages.

If you want people to read your CV, your language must be simple and clear: Use short words and short sentences. Do not use technical vocabulary, unless you are sure that the reader will understand it.

Talk about concrete facts ("I increased sales by 50%"), not abstract ideas ("I was responsible for a considerable improvement in our market position").

Use verbs in the active voice ("I organised this exhibition"), not passive voice ("This exhibition was organised by me").

Avoid pronoun I. Use action* words which vividly bring your CV to life.

Do not submit a CV which contains any errors. Make sure all spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct.

Dont sign or date the CV.

Always send an original of your CV, dont send a copy.

Fold it carefully, a minimum number of times. Don't use a very small envelope.

Keep copies of CVs on file for future reference. Once you have a job, update your CV on a regular basis.


* Here is a list of typical action verbs categorised by skills:

Communication skills: address, arbitrate, correspond, draft, edit, lecture, mediate, motivate, negotiate, persuade, present, publicise, reconcile, speak, write

Management skills: assign, attain, chair, co- ordinate, delegate, direct, execute, organise, oversee, plan, recommend, review, strengthen, supervise, train

Research skills: collect, critique, define, detect, diagnose, evaluate, examine, explore, extract, identify, inspect, interpret, investigate, summarise, survey

Technical skills: assemble, build, calculate, devise, engineer, fabricate, maintain, operate, overhaul, program, remodel, repair, solve, upgrade

Creative skills: conceptualise, create, design, fashion, form, illustrate, institute, integrate, invent, originate, perform, revitalise, shape

Financial skills: administer, allocate, analyse, appraise, audit, balance, budget, calculate, control, compute, develop, forecast, project

Sales skills: sell, convert, close, deal, persuade, highlight, satisfy, win over, sign

Teaching skills: advise, clarify, coach, elicit, enable, encourage, explain, facilitate, guide, inform, instruct, persuade, stimulate, train,



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