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Укладач: к.п.н., ст. викладач кафедри іноземних мов Петльована Л.Л.

Даний збірник призначається для студентів IV курсу при вивченні дисципліни «Ділова англійська мова». У збірнику зібрані ділові листи на англійській та українській мовах для перекладу. Збірник буде також корисним для самостійної роботи студентів.



There are certain accepted ways of beginning, and ending, a letter, of setting it out, and of addressing the envelope, the more usual, of which are given here.


It is usual to put the address of the writer at the top right-hand corner of the letter; if the house has a name as well as a number this is written above the road number. The telephone number is placed on the left-hand side. The Date should always be included just below the address, e.g.


4 Mews Way,

Telephone: Hatfield 000. Hatfield.

June 1st, 20_ _.

Dear sir,


Sometimes the name of the house is put in inverted commas, "Mayfield", but the above example is now more usual. The date can be written in various ways; it is best to include the day, the month and the year (this is essential in business letters), but to friends one can write

Tuesday, the 12th of June.

or Tuesday, the 12th.

or even Tuesday.

In letters of an official or business nature the name of the person to whom one is writting should be placed just above the Dear sir on the top left-hand corner of the letter, or, rather less formally, at the bottom left-hand corner of the letter, to the left of the signature.


Dear sir, dear madam is the usual form in business letters, or in letters to strangers. Dear madam includes both married and single women, dear miss, on its own, is never used. Sir, madam is more formal than dear sir, dear madam, and usually employed only with a particularly formal letter. Never use the phrase dear sir/or madam;

if the sex of the person to whom one is writing is unknown, dear sir, irrespective of sex, is the correct form, except for a circular business letter.

In writing to acquaintances the surname and title are used, e.g. dear Mr. Smith, dear Mrs Smith, dear Miss Smith. For close friends the Christian name will be used: dear John. It is usually safe to use the Christian name if it would be used normally by the writer in conversation. In the past it was common for men friends to address each other by their surnames; this is still sometimes done, particularly by colleagues in business, and especially by older men to younger (but not vice versa):

dear Smith.

NOTE: In correspondence with strangers, it is usual to change from dear sir to dear Mr. — after the first one or two letters have been exchanged. In writing a social letter to a stranger of one's own age and position the name and little are generally used (if known) in preference to dear sir.


Yours faithfully, yours truly are the usual endings for all business letters or letters of a non-social nature. Yours truly is also used for acquaintances, colleagues and friends.


NOTE: Your obedient servant is never used now in general correspondence except to people of certain ranks on very formal occasions and by certain Government departments. All that is necessary in most cases in business letters (including letters making application for jobs) is yours faithfully, and in social letters, yours sincerely.

(See the end of the book forFORMS OF ADDRESS FOR PERSONS OF RANK).

Yours sincerely is the usual ending for letters to friends and acquaintances. A letter can be made rather more formal by the addition of "I am", or "I remain":

I am (or I remain),

yours faithfully,

John Smith.

Or more cordial by "very":

Very faithfully yours ( or Yours very truly),

John Smith.

"With best wishes" or "With kind regards" can be added to social letters:

With kind regards,

yours sincerely (or yours truly),

John Smith.

A more intimate greeting than yours sincerely is ever yours or yours ever. Yours is sometimes used between men friends and between men and women, and With love from between girl friends. Such letters are generally signed with the Christian name only:

Yours ever,


The signature: Women should indicate their title either before or after their signature is necessary (as it usually is in business letters):

Margaret Smith (Miss)

Margaret Smith (Mrs.)


Men have their names written thus:

Henry Smith Esq., or Mr. H. Smith,

If they have another title this excludes the esquire or the mister:


Sir Henry Smith, &c.

Distinctions follow after the name:

Henry Smith Esq., B.A.

Married women usually take their husbands' initials:

Mrs. H. Smith.

Single women are addressed thus: Miss Margaret Smith, unless they are the sole, or eldest, daughter or a family, when the surname only is used: Miss Smith.

Firms take the collective title Messrs, provided a surname is included in the title but not otherwise, compare:

The All Light Electric Co. Ltd. with Messrs. Smith & Co. Ltd.




The importance to the men or women employed in business of being able to write a clear, suitable letter that fulfils exactly the object for which it is written and leaves a favourable impression on the recipient cannot be overestimated. Business cannot be conducted without letters, but poor and unsuitable letters hinder business and cause confusion and loss, while well-conducted correspondence stamps a concern at once with the mark of efficiency that is so strong a factor in success. It is a subject which is worth a little study, and it is proposed to give here a little consideration, not only to the art of letter-writing, but to the general handling of correspondence.


In the first place the choice of stationery should be carefully made. Letter paper should always be good, but not thick and expensive-looking, which gives an impress­ion of waste and pretentiousness. The heading should be printed, and it is a mistake to try to get this done too cheaply. A good, plain, appropriate heading, which gives your correspondents all the information about yourself they need — such as full address, telephone number, telegraphic address, &c. — and perhaps some information about your business which you would like them to have, is a good investment, and the task of designing it is not easy. Let a good printer, who specialises in this kind of work, do it for you.

A good heading is always a good advertisment, but it is a bad, although common, practice to make it look like an advertisment. Never disfigure your stationery by blatant assertions about yourself or your business which will make your correspondents regard you as on the level of a market square cheap-jack. A tradesman and business man will use a larger and bolder note-heading than a banker or a solicitor, but there is no reason why it should not be just as dignified.

Every heading should contain: the full style of the firm, the full postal address, telephone number, telegra­phic address, and a short description of the firm, such as Wholesale Ironmongers, Art and Commercial Printers, &c. A heading may also contain such information as the names of the partners, the addresses of branch offices, the date of the establishment of the firm (if it is an old one), and a list of any notable specialities in which the firm deals. In the old-style copperplate heading, illus­trations of the firm's works, &c., are often given, but, if this done, they should always be small and neat, and nicely worked into scheme of the heading.


It is a mistake to think that a business letter must be written in a jargon that would not be used for any other purpose. Most of the stereotyped phrases which constitute the stock-in-trade of some business correspondents can be wisely dispensed with Plain, simple, everyday English is much better.

There are two points which are all-important — lucidity and conciseness. Be sure that you say what you mean to say beyond all possibility of mistake, and say it in as few words as possible. Do not add a lot of unnecessary information or explanations. Use short, direct sentences, with plenty of full points.

On the other hand, do not be abrupt, and care must always be taken to avoid giving your correspondent the impression that you haven't got the time or do not think him of sufficient importance to take trouble with your letter to him. For the same reason the excessive use of contractions should be avoided. It has the appearance of saving yourself trouble at your correspondent's expense. Always sit down to write a letter with the intention in your mind of pleasing the recipient of it.

For instance, a would-be smart correspondent might think the following letter a good specimen:


Yr favor of the 11th to hand, and same has our best attentn. We beg to state however that price quoted was rock-bottom, and no disct. from this can be given. Our invoices for this class of goods are rendered strictly nett -- please note for future guidance.

Assuring you that your favours shall always have our best attentn.,

We beg to remain, Yrs. faithfully,

It contains nearly every possible mistake. The con­tractions scattered about it save very little time, and their use is a form of discourtesy to the recipient. The point of the letter — that discount cannot be allowed — is stated with a brusqueness which might easily give offence. Yet the writer adds at great length a wholly unnecessary complimentary sentence, which, after the curtness of the preceding note, is bound to appear insincere. Worst of all, its language cannot be called English at all. "Favour", "to hand", "same", "we beg to state", "rock-bottom" — all hackneyed phrases which are merely disfigurements.

Compare it with a similar letter written in simple Eng­lish:


We have received your letter of the 11th inst. and will give it our best attention. We regret however that we are not able to allow discount from the price quoted, and our invoices for this class of goods are rendered strictly nett. 'We shall be obliged if you will make a note of this for your guidance in future transactions.

YDurs faithfully,

It contains 64 words as against 66 words in the first example. It is clear, concise, adequate, and gives the impression of courtesy and consideration, instead of hurry and abruptness.


There are one or two points to be observed in addressing the envelope. The accepted form in addressing a firm is:

Messrs. E. Talbot and Co., Ltd.,

128 Whitefriars Street,

Fleet Street, E.C.4.

If it is desired that the letter should go to a particular member of the staff, his name can be added in the bottom left-hand corner — Mr. Robinson.

The word Messrs, is not used when addressing a com­pany which does not contain the names of the partners in its title, thus — The Thames Ironworks Co., Ltd.

A business letter to an individual can either be addressed: Mr. J.Robinson or John Robinson Esq. if it is sent to his firm, but if to his home, although a business letter, Esq. should be used.

Married Women usually take their husbands' initials.

Note: Cheques should not be made payable to women in their husbands' initials, as trouble in endorsing often arises. Cheques should be made payable to Mrs. Alice Brown — not Mrs. T.H.Brown, as the letter form involves the long endorsement — Alice Brown, wife of T.H.Brown.


These letters should be studied in conjunction with Business Correspondence, particularly those sections on Lay-out, Forms of Address and Conclusion, and The Business Envelope.

Taking up a Reference


Private and Confidential. September 4th.

Dears Sirs,

Mr. J. L. Cotterell, of ___, tells me he was employed by you for four years as a ledger clerk. He has applied to me for similar employment, and I should be very much obliged if you would let me know if you found him com­petent and trustworthy, and also the reason for his leaving your employ. Needless to say, your letter will be treated as strictly confidential, and I hope you will write me frankly. A stamped addressed envelope is enclosed for reply.

Yours truly,

P.L. Howard.

Giving favourable Reference

Confidential September 6th.

Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of the 4th inst., making inquiries about Mr. J. L. Cotterell, I may say that I am sure you will find him satisfactory as a ledger clerk in every way. He is a careful and conscientious worker, and I know nothing against his character. The reason he left our employ was that our ledgers are now kept at our head office in Manchester, and Mr. Cotterell did not wish to leave London.

Yours faithfully,

V. 5. Pelton.

Giving qualified Reference

Private and Confidential September 5th,

Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of the 4th inst., making inquiries about Mr. J. L. Cotterell, I may say that I always found him a competent ledger clerk. He thoroughly understands his work and is quick and accurate. The reason I dismissed him is because he has lately given way to intemperance. However, losing this post has been a sever lesson to him, and I think, if you are able to keep a firm hand over him, you might not be troubled with this failing. Otherwise he is of excellent character.

Yours truly,

V. S. Pelton.

19. Refusing Reference

Confidential. September 5th. Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of the 4th inst., making inquiries about Mr. J. L. Cotterell, I am sorry I am not able to recommend him, and I told Mr. Cotterell so when he left us. In the circumstances I prefer to say nothing more.

Yours faithfully,

V. S. Pelton.



Moors Hotel,


December 7th.

Dear Mr. Powell,

I am' sorry you should have cause to complain of a decrease in my orders. It has been worrying me very much, and I assure you it is not through 'any want of trying on my part. I have done all I can to keep my turnover up to its usual level, and to increase it, if possible, but traders simply will not buy. I think if you examine my sheets you will find 1 have booked as many orders as usual, but they are much smaller.

As to the causes, I think it is that, owing to the pro­longed strike last year, traders are very short of money, and, as there is a talk of a renewal of the trouble, they are afraid to take risks and will only buy for their immediate requirements. There is a widespread feeling of nervousness about the future. I have received complaints about our stock being "novel” enough, and about prices, but one expects these, and they have not been more numberous than usual. There is of course very keen competition, and Messrs.____. of Edinburgh, in particular, are showing a very attractive range of samples at low prices. There is also a great deal of Japanese stuff being offered and the low prices of these goods are very tempting to traders in their present mood.

I think possibly the orders are only postponed and not lost, and, if nothing unsettling happens, I may make up a lot of the lost ground on my next round. I am going to York next week, usually a very good centre, and I will write you again fully from there.

Yours faithfully,

H. Walters.

Reguesting Payment of A/c

November 9th

A/c dated __ for $ ___

Dear Sir,

I beg to call your attention to my A/c rendered in July last for $84. 8c., which is now considerably overdue. No doubt the matter has escaped your attention, and I should be glad to have cheque at your early convenience.

Yours faithfully.

H. S. Smith.

Disputing an A/c

October 8th,

Dear Sir,

We have received your statement for September, but are returning it herewith, as it does not agree with our books.

You have charged us 211-a dozen for silk stockings on three dates. Your quotation (Ref. — LM/842J) was 20/3 a dozen.

On the 10th you have charged 10 dozen suede gloves. We only ordered and received 6 dozen.

The item for woollen vests (gents.) appears to be char­ged to us in error. We have no trace of them.

We shall be obliged if you will look into these matters and let us have a corrected statement in due course.

Yours faithfully,

For L. Jones & Son,

B. H. White.


Disallowing Discount

September 15th.

Dear Sir,

We have pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of your cheque for $___ in settlement of your A/c to June 30th last, but note that you have deducted 21/2% as discount. We regret we cannot allow this. Our terms are 31/2% for prompt cash and 2 1/2 % on monthly A/cs, and these terms were stated when acknowledging your order, and are printed on our invoices. This account is ten weeks old, and therefore is not subject to cash discount. We shall be obliged if you will let us kindly have a cheque for the balance, viz., $___. when we will send you receipt for the full amount.

Yours faithfully,

For C. Morgan & Co.,

C. T. B.

Requesting payment not due


March 18th.

Dear Sirs,

We find that your A/c with us, due for settlement at the end of April, is $___. As we are rather pressed just now, we are willing to allow you a special discount of 5 % on this for settlement this week. We should be glad to hear by return if this proposal is acceptable to you.

Yours truly,

p.p. C. Morgan & Son,

C. T. Bones.



Opening a new Account

March 6th.

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your letter of the 1st of March, and have pleasure in enclosing our catalogues. We shall be happy to execute your orders on our usual terms — 2 111 % at one month, or 3 1/2 % for prompt cash, and trust this may be the beginning of a long and mutually profitable connection between us.

Our Mr. Alien hopes to call upon you on the 12th of this month, and your orders, passed to him or sent to us direct, will always have our immediate attention. Mr. Alien will also be pleased to discuss with you various suggestions in which we could help you in the way of window display, circularising, etc. We like to help our customers in every way possible and hope you will not hesitate to write to us whenever we can be of use.

Yours faithfully,



March 10th.


Dear Sirs,

In reply to your letter of the 8th, I may say that I have known Mr.____ for many years and have a high a opinion of his character, business ability and integrity. I do not know what capital he has, but he is starting business under very favourable conditions, and I should certainly regard him as safe for reasonable credit.

Without responsibility and in confidence,

We are,

Yours faithfully,

P. T. Malcolm.

Asking for Quotation

June 17th.

Dear Sirs,

We shall be glad to have your lowest price for supplying 5,000 booklets similar to the enclosed, twelve half-tone blocks, 4 in. by 3 in., to be made from sketches supplied by us. We shall want delivery certain by July 10th.

Yours faithfully,

For H. Arnold & Sons,

P. L. S.

Insuring Goods Shipped

June 15th.

Dear Sirs,

Please arrange immediate insurance cover and let us have an insurance policy in due course against all risks for $ ____ on 20 crates shipped per S. S. Orlando from Southampton to Cape Town, consigned to Messrs. A. L. White & Co. of that port. We append particulars.

Yours faithfully,

For Mervyn Brothers,

A. Palmer.

Particulars as above.

Opening a second A/c

The Manager, December 9th.

_____ Bank.

Dear Sir,

I enclose cheque for $250 and shall be obliged if you will credit the amount to a new Ale, to be known as the "T. H. Green, No. 2 A/c". Please send me pass book and book of 50 cheques to order, crossed.

Yours faithfully,

T. H. Green

Stopping Payment of Cheque

The Manager, May 14th. __ Bank.

Dear Sir,

Will you please stop payment of cheque No. A 04816, dated ____. drawn by me for $560 in favour of Messrs. P. Loomis & Co.?

Yours faithfully,

T. H. Green.

Asking for Overdraft


The Manager,„ , May 21st. _____ Bank.

Dear Sir,

I enclose list of orders in hand, all from firms of good repute, including one for over $3,000 from the War Office. To meet immediate requirements I write to inquire if the Bank will grant overdraft facilities up to $2,000 for a period of six months on the usual terms? I should be obliged if you would let me know if this can be arranged, I shall be pleased to discuss the matter with you, if you so desire it.

Yours faithfully,

T. M. S. Morion.

Letter of Credit


The __ Bank, March 1st Hong Kong.

Dear Sirs,

This letter will be presented to you by our Mr. S. S. Jenkins, and we shall be obliged if you will honour his drafts up to $1,000 and debit our account.

Yours faithfully,

For T. Moore & Sons,

P. L. Moore.


Advising Letter of Credit

The __ Bank, March 1st Hong Kong.

Dear Sirs,

We have to-day given our Mr. S. S. Jenkins a Letter of Credit authorising him to draw upon you up to $1,000. Please honour his drafts up to this amount and debit our Ale. We enclose a copy of the Letter of Credit given to Mr. Jenkins, and his signature is appended. We also enclose photograph of Mr. Jenkins for purposes of identification if required.

Yours faithfully,

For T. Moore & Sons,

P. L. Moore.


3 specimens of Mr. S. S. Jenkins' signature: ……………..

Enclosing new Price List

November 19th.

Sir or Madam,

We would like to call attention to the enclosed revised Price List. We are happy to announce that, owing to careful buying on a large scale, we have been able to effect a further reduction in many lines, and we are convinced that no more favourable terms are obtainable. We especially direct your attention to Section V (china and glassware), in which we are able to offer many striking novelties at remarkably low prices.

We hope you will shortly pay us a visit, or, if this is not possible, that you will avail yourself of our «Shopping by Post» system, full details of which will be found in the enclosed Price List.

Your orders will always receive our careful attention.

Yours faithfully,

Morgan & White

On Opening new Premises


June 1st.

Mr. H. L. Purvis is pleased to announce that he is shortly opening new and commodious premises at 44—46 High Street, _____, as a Poulterer's and Fishmonger's. The best qualify goods will be supplied at moderate prices, and no effort will be spared to give customers the utmost satisfaction. The building has been fitted up on the most modern hygienic principles, thus securing perfect cleanliness and freshness.

The premises will be open on June 16th, when Mr. Purvis will be pleased to answer any inquiries concerning his new shop, and will be ready to receive orders.


On Extension of Premises


October 2nd.

Sir or Madam,

I beg to call your attention to the opening of the ex­tension of these Premises at 48 High Street, ______, where I am starting a Fruit and Flower Department.

I thank you for past favours, and I venture to hope for the continuance of your custom and its extension to the new department. Best quality goods will be supplied at moderate prices, and every effort will be made to give my customers complete satisfaction.

Assuring you that your orders shall always have my careful attention,

I am,

Yours faithfully,

H. L Purvis.

Announcing Sale


March 1st

Dear Madam,

We beg to advise you that our Spring Sale will open on March 15th, and enclose catalogue showing a few of the great bargains that will be offered.

Prices have been reduced in some cases by over 50 %, and in all departments exceptional opportunities are offered of obtaining high-class goods at prices far below cost. These are all goods bought for our general stock, and therefore are in every way up to the high standard of quality on which our reputation is based.

We hope you will be able to pay us a visit and make your own selections. If you are unable to do so, however, we .shall be happy to reserve for you any goods up to the amount of our stocks ordered from the enclosed catalogue, to be dispatched on March 15th. Order by post cannot be received after that date.

As all prices have been so greatly reduced, we can only sell these goods on a cash basis, and remittance in full must accompany orders. We pay carriage on all orders over $1 in value.

Assuring you always of our best attention, and awaiting your commands,

We are. Madam,

Yours faithfully,

Watson & Peel.

Offering Special Goods

November 20th.

Dear Sirs,

We have received advices on a consignment of dolls from our agents in Stuttgart. These are very fine models, superior to anything on the market at present, and, as-we have secured the entire consignment at exceptional prices, we are able to offer them to our customers at a very attractive figure.

We enclose list, giving sizes and prices. If you would like to avail yourself of this offer, please let us hear from you by return, as our supply is limited and the models cannot be repeated this year.

The consignment is now at the docks, so that immediate delivery can be made.

Yours faithfully.

Hallam & Co., Ltd.



January 5th.

Dear Sir,

We write to advise you that Mr. James Noakes has now been admitted as a partner in this firm, which will in future be known as White, Alien, and Noakes.

Yours faithfully,

L. f. White.

B. Alien.

On Taking over a Business


October 19th.

Sir or Madam,

I write to inform you that, on the retirement of Mr. J. Brown, I have taken over the business conducted by him under the style of J. & T. Brown.

I propose to trade under the same title and hope to maintain the firm's high tradition for quality, moderate prices, and prompt and courteous attention.

As I have worked with Mr. Brown for many years, I fully understand your requirements, and I assure you that your orders will always have my best attention.

Yours faithfully,

W. W. Thyme.

(Manager for Messrs. J. & T. Brown for 18 years).

Notifying Change of Agent


November 1st.

Dear Sirs,

We beg to notify you that we have appointed Mr. K. L. Read, of _____, our sole representative in London, in place of Mr. L. P. Stone. Mr. Read hopes to have the pleasure of calling upon you shortly, and we trust you will favour him with a continuance of your inquiries and orders.

Yours faithfully,

Arnold & Cook.




Kronde Village,


South Africa,

The Secretary, January 1st, The British Council,

______________ .

Dear Sir,

A few of the young men of this village are hoping to seek jobs in the larger towns and want to gain a knowledge of business letter-writing, book-keeping, &c. They would also like to improve their English. Could you suggest a few suitable books? For English, I think a few easily written novels might be helpful and it would also be nice to have some books about your country.

If you can help us, we should be glad.

Yours faithfully,

Namib Suikra,

To bank, sending Remittance

481 Tyre Lane,


The Manager, February 24th.

______ Bank.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of the 22nd. I enclose herewith a cheque for $92, and shall be glad if you will open a current Account in my name with this, and send me a book of 50 Bearer cheques.

Yours faithfully,

(Mrs.) Susan Bates.

To Bank, about Overdraft


92 Watton Street,


The Manager, May 8th.

______ Bank.

Dear Sir,

Iwas surprised to receive your note this morning and I regret very much that I should have overdrawn my Account. Ihope you mil oblige me by allowing the overdraft to stand till the end of the month, when I shall be paying in my usual monthly allowance.

Yours faithfully,

H. Mortimer.


Note: Whole of Life Policy is a contract on a person whose life is assured, under which policy money is paid at death.

Endowment Policy is one in which money is paid at maturity or death, whichever occurs first.

Joint Life Policy is on the lives of two persons, and money is usually payable to the survivor on the death of the other.

Surrender Value is the amount paid by the insurers in consideration for the cancellation of a policy.



4 Whitewing Lane,


February 28th.

Dear Sirs,

I wish to take out an Endowment Policy which will ensure my receiving about $100 a year for four years during my son's school years. He is now three years of age, and I should like the endowment to become payable when he is twelve. I shall be glad if you will send me full particulars of these policies, with application form, etc.

Yours faithfully,

P. L. Haynes.

29. To a Fire Insurance Company, regarding Fire Insurance, &c., of a House


5 West Road,


June 4th

Dear Sirs,

I am desirous of covering my house and effect against fire, &c. I believe you have a policy which covers practically all risks, including Fire, Explosion, Burst Water Pipes, Burglary, Accident to Third Parties, &c. I should be glad to have details.

I wish to insure the building for $4,000 and the Contents for $1,500.

Yours truly

Tom Smith.

30. Making a Claim under a Burglary Policy

99 Friar's Avenue,


November 19th.

Claim. Burglary Policy No. ____ .

Dear Sirs,

This house was entered by burglars last night who carried off a number of silver articles and jewellery. I have made out a list of the missing articles, as far as I have been able to ascertain them at present, end enclose it herewith.

As I am insured with you against loss by burglary and larceny, I write to claim for the value of the articles stolen.

I have informed the police, who have inspected the premises and pursuing inquiries.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Dane.



Note: References should always be headed Private and Confidential, so that the writer is, in some measure, cove­red legally in what he writes.

Inquiring for References

4 Thurle Park,


Private and Confidential. October 9th.

Col. W. James.

Dear Sir,

Mr. B. Loam has applied to me for a post as chauf-feurgardener and has given your name as a reference. He tells me he was employed by you in a similar capacity for four years.

I shall be very much obliged if you will let me know if this is true and if you were satisfied with him. Is he a good and trustworthy worker? Is he a careful driver and able to do small repairs? I shall be grateful for any information you can give me, and enclose stamped ad­dressed envelope.

Yours faithfully,

M. S. Beale.

Giving favourable Reference



Private and Confidential. October 10th. M. S. Beale esq.

Dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of the 9th inst., Benjamin Loam was with me as chauffeur-gardener for four years and gave complete satisfaction. He is trustworthy, hardworking, and thoroughly understands his work. He kept my car in good order all the time and never had an accident He left me of his own accord, and I was sorry to lose him.

Yours faithfully,

William James.

Refusing a Reference

Masterton Lodge,


Private and Confidential. June 10th,

Dear Jones,

Bearing in mind the circumstances which led to your dismissal, I shall certainly decline to give a reference.

Yours faithfully,

James Smith.

Asking for a Reference


84 Baldrey Lane,


S. W. 4.

November 9th,

Dear Sir,

I have applied to Mr. James, of ___ and have taken the liberty of giving your name as a reference. Apart from the incident that led to my leaving you, I think you were always satisfied with my work while I was with you, and have nothing against my character. I hope therefore you will say all you can in my favour.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Henry.



Form of Cheque to " Bearer "


London, December 8th, 20 ___.

To the ___ Bank,

Chancery Lane Branch.

Pay to ________________ or bearer. 2d.

One Hundred dollars.


________________________T. Robinson.

Form of Cheque to " Order "


London, December 8th, 20 ___.

To the _____ Bank,

Chancery Lane Branch.

Pay to or _____________________ order.

One Hundred dollars. —-$100.

T. Robinson.

This cheque requires endorsement only when paid into the a/c of a third party.

Form of Cheque to " Order " and crossed


London, December 8th, 20 __.

To the _____ Bank,

Chancery Lane Branch.

Pay to _____________________ or order.

One Hundred dollars. $100/-/-.

T. Robinson.

As this is a crossed cheque it must be paid into a Banking a/c. It requires endorsement only when paid into the a/c of a thirdparty.


_________Not Negotiable_____

*) To make a negotiable document, it has to be endorsed by being signed across the back by the party to whom it is made payable

Form of a Promissory Note

London, July 1st, 20 __.


Three Months after date, I promise to pay to Mr. Henry Jones, or order, One Hundred dollars, for value received.

Payable at The _____ Bank, T. Robinson. Chancery Lane Branch.

*) _____________


Payable Ac

The _______________ Bank

Henry Janco.

*) To make this a negotiable document, it has to be endorsed by being signed across the back by the party to whom it is made payable.


Payable in London.

The naming of the payee admits to the same variations as are exhibited in an ordinary Bill of Exchange. The time of payment may be, in like manner, variously expressed. The term " usance M is sometimes employed to express the period of running in foreign bills. It means a certain time fixed by custom as between any two places, and the period covered by a usance will therefore depend on the places of drawing and payment.________________________________________

Form of Ordinary Receipt


London, May 2nd, 20 ____.

Received of Mr. John Frost, Twenty-nine dollars twelve cents.

$29. 12c. C. Cuthbert.

N. B. — All receipts for sums of Two dollars and upwards require to have a 2c. stamp affixed to them, which stamp should be cancelled by being written across.

Form of Receipt for Rent


London, August 18th, 20 ___.

Received of A. Wigram Esq. Fifteen dollars, being one-quarter's rent due on Midsummer Day last, for the premises occupied by him at No. 14 South Rupert Street, W. C.


T. Phillips.

Form of Transfer of Shares


I Alfred John Jones of 999 Fenchurch Street in the City of London Woollen Manufacturer in consideration of the sum of Four hundred and twenty dollars paid by Jeremian Porker of 482 Coleman Street in the City of London Furniture Dealer ( hereinafter called " the said Transferee " ) Do hereby bargain, sell, assign and transfer to the said Transferee Four hundred Six per cent Preference Shares of One dollar each numbered 501 to 900 both inclusive of and in the Undertaking called Bootblack Limited To Hold unto the said Transferee his Executors, Administrators and Assigns, subject to the several conditions on which I held the same immediately before the execution hereof. And I said Transferee do hereby agree to accept and take the said Preference Shares subject to the conditions aforesaid.

As Witness our hands and seals this 10th day of January 20 __ .

Signed Sealed and Delivered

by the above-named Alfred Alfred J. Jones

John Jones in the presence of

Samuel Simpson,

682 Bow Lane, E. C. 2 SEAL


Signed Sealed and Delivered

by the above-named Jeremian Jeremian Parker

Parker in the presence of

Percy Smith, SEAL

784 Duncannon Street, oc-at

Strand, W. C. 2. SEAL

Commercial Traveller.


A/c — Account current

Ad. lib. — At pleasure

C. O. — Carried over

C. O. D. — Cash on delivery

Cr — Credit or Creditor

C/R — Company s risk

D — in Roman numerals, 500

Ditto or Do. — The same

Dr. — Doctor or Debtor

F. A. Q. — Free at Quay

F. O. B. — Free on board

F. O. R. — Free on rail

Ibid — In the someplace

Id. or idem — The same

I.e. — That is

L — In Roman numerals, 50

M — In Roman numerals, 1000

MS. — Manuscript

Ob. or obit — Died

O. P. — Out of print

O./R. — Owners risk

Oxon — Oxford

Oz — Ounce

P.p. or

Prox. — Proximo, Next month

P. T. O. — Please turn over

Q. V. — which see

Rev — Reverend

Rt Hon. — Right Honourable

Uet — Uetimo ( last month )

Viz — Namely

&c — And so forth

Etc — And so forth

Прості комерційні листи

1.Шановні пані та панове!

Ми одержали Ваш лист від 8 серпня цього року і дякуємо Вам за нього.

Щиро Ваші,


2. Шановні пані та панове!

Дякуємо Вам за інформацію, що міститься у Вашому листі, датованому від 18 вересня цього року, а також за доданий до листа каталог.

Щиро Ваші,


3. Шановні пані та панове!

Стосовно т/х «Альметевськ»

У відповідь на ваш запит від 27.08.2010 повідомляємо Вам, що т/х «Альметевськ» буде в позиції в порту Крістобаль 04.09.2010

Щиро Ваші,


4. Шановні пані та панове!

Замовлення № 1225

Посилаючись на нашу сьогоднішню телефонну розмову зпаном А. П. Зверевим, ми з жалем повідомляємо Вам, що із-за помилки персоналу наш рахунок за товари, які були доставлені теплоходом «Муром», не був прикладений до нашго листа Вам від 18.02.2010.

При цьому висилаємо вам рахунок і просимо вибачити намза причинені незручності.

Щиро Ваші,

9. Шановні пані та панове!



15. Шановні пані та панове!

Ми зацікавлені в покупці ікри російського виробництва як для негайної доставки в нашу країну, так і для постачань через регулярні проміжки часу протягом року. Ми були б вдячні, якби Ви повідомили нам найменування і адресу організації, що займається експортом цього товару з Росії. Заздалегідь вдячні Вам.

З повагою,


16. Шановні пані та панове!

У журналі «Експорт» № 3 за цей рік ми побачили рекламу магнітофонів, що випускаються Вашою фірмою. Ми дуже зацікавлені в цих магнітофонах.

Тому ми просимо Вас вислати Ваші каталоги і прейскурантні ціни у трьох екземплярах, бажано англійською мовою, а також повідомити нас про знижки, що надаються Вами, і терміни постачань.

Для Вашої інформації ми можемо додати, що наша компанія має відділення по збуту у всіх головних містах нашої країни.

Чекаємо швидкої відповіді від Вас.

З повагою,


17. Шановні пані та панове!

Ми вдячні за повідомлення Вашої адреси Торгової палати в Шеффільді, яка повідомила нам, що Ви проводите спеціальні насоси для важких масел.

Просимо вислати нам пропозицію на два насоси відповідно до прикладених технічних умов, вказавши мінімальну ціну франко-вагон, Ваш завод, умови платежу і термін постачання. Просимо також вказати кількість ящиків,, необхідних для експортної упаковки насосів, розміри ящиків і їх вага. Ми хотіли б отримати три екземпляри Вашого каталога або інших друкарських видань, що містять докладний опис насосів, а також список фірм, яким Ви поставляли насоси, подібні тим, які потрібні нам.

З повагою,


18. Шановні пані та панове!

Ми скористалися «Довідником бізнесмена», для того, щоб отримати адресу Вашої фірми. Повідомляємо Вам про те, що ми є фірмою, що імпортує телекопіювальну техніку, зокрема телефакси, до Росії.

Ми були б дуже вдячні, якби Ви із зворотною поштою вислали нам ціни на різні типи телефаксів, а також повідомили нам про терміни постачання. Заздалегідь дякуємо за швидку відповідь.

З повагою,




30. Шановні пані та панове!

Просимо прийняти замовлення на 200мішків кави «Нескафе» За ціною 1000 доларів США за центнер, СІФ Гамбург. Стандартна форма замовлення додається. Просимо підтвердити ухвалення замовлення.

З повагою,


31. Шановні пані та панове!

Дякуємо Вам за Вашу пропозицію. Оскільки вона не містила фотографій запропонованих товарів, ми б хотіли зробити пробне замовлення. Даним ми замовляємо Вам:

100запальничок, за ціною 5 доларів кожна

100мундштуків за ціною 2 долари кожен.

Якщо ці товари нас задовольнять, то нами буде замовлено більшу їх кількість.

Відправка: якомога швидше, на нашу адресу в Чікаго. Вантаж повинен бути застрахований Вами.

Оплата: як тільки ми отримаємо Ваш рахунок (включаючий вартість товару і інші витрати, такі як страховка, фрахт і тому подібне), ми вишлемо Вам чек. Оскільки сума невелика, немає сенсу відкривати акредитив.

Ми б хотіли також на тих же умовах отримати від Вас зразки (по 5 штук кожного) артикулів 4 і 5.

Сподіваємося на швидку відповідь.

З повагою,


32. Шановні пані та панове!

При цьому посилаємо Вам замовлення № 4791, який дол-жен бути виконаний відповідно до прикладених Загальних умов.

З повагою


33. Шановні пані та панове!

Агентські послуги


35. Шановні пані та панове!

Мета даного листа до Вас - дізнатися, чи не хочете Ви призначити нас своїми агентами з продажу Ваших насосів і компресорів в Індії.

Протягом ряду років ми представляли широко відому англійську фірму «Сміт і К°», яка зараз відкрила в Делі свою власну філію. У нас великий досвід з продажу машин різних типів, і ми упевнені, що щорічно можемо продавати велику кількість Ваших машин.

Якщо Ви призначите нас Вашими агентами, ми хотіли б отримувати комісійні у розмірі 5% за повну суму рахунків на всі товари, продані через нас.

Ви можете дізнатися про нашу репутацію в Індійському національному банку. Там Вам нададуть всю інформацію, що стосується нас.

Ми із задоволенням дізнаємося, чи прийнятна для Вас наша пропозиція. Якщо «Так», то ми раді будемо дізнатися умови, на яких Ви готові співпрацювати з нами, а також отримати Ваші проспекти та ілюстрований каталог.

Щиро Ваші,


36. Шановні пані та панове!

Ми отримали відповіді з тих організацій, на які Ви посилалися у Вашому листі від 19 вересня, і, якщо Ми домовимося про умови, ми із задоволенням дамо Вам право бути нашими єдиними агентами протягом двох років, після чого договір повинен продовжуватися щорічно.

Комісійна винагорода дорівнюватиме 4% і буде виплачуватися за всі операції з продажу, здійснені Вами. Ми також готові сплатити інші витрати в розумних межах.

Додається наш експортний каталог з прейскурантом цін і бланками замовлень. Ми із задоволенням надамо Вам товари в кредит, розмір якого не повинен перевищувати 30000 доларів. Ми виставлятимемо на Ваше ім'я квартальні тратти з оплатою після пред'явлення. Чекаємо отримати Ваше перше замовлення.

Щиро Ваші,


37. Шановні пані та панове!

Ми одержали Ваш лист від 15 жовтня, в якому Ви пропонуєте бути нашими агентами в Україні.

Зараз ми маємо повне представництво у Вашій країні і не потребуємо додаткових агентських послуг. Якщо надалі положення справ зміниться, ми із задоволенням звернемося до Вас.

Щиро Ваші,

Банківська справа


44. Шановні пані та панове!

Наша компанія хотіла б .відкрити, у Вашому, банку поточний рахунок. Прикладаємо зразки підписів партнерів-співвласників, кожен з яких має право підписувати документи від імені компанії.

З повагою,


45. Шановні пані та панове!

Прошу Вас відкрити рахунок на моє ім'я., З цією метою мною дана вказівка моєму банку ..., перевести у Ваш банк суму еквівалентну ... американським доларам.

З повагою,


46. Шановні пані та панове!

Просимо Вас повідомити нам Вашу нинішню ставку по депозитах, а також те, яку приблизно суму від нас потрібно тримати на рахунку, щоб уникнути оплати банківських послуг.

З повагою,

47. Шановні пані та панове!

Просимо Вас здійснити від нашого імені наступні платежі: ...

З повагою,

48. Шановні пані та панове!

Як ми відзначили у вчорашній бесіді, ми просимо Вашого дозволу перевитрачати засоби на нашому рахунку на суму 10000 американських доларів за період з 1 січня по 1 серпня цього року.

Як було відмічено, наша компанія в першому півріччі ц.р. вимушена буде нести витрати, пов'язані з розширенням бізнесу, що принесе дохід не раніше кінця липня.

Як застава можемо запропонувати банку акції на суму 5000 американських доларів і ділянку землі на околиці Львова, балансовою вартістю 5000 доларів.

З повагою,


49. Шановні пані та панове!

Ми уважно розглянули Ваше прохання стосовно перевитрати сум на Вашому рахунку на 10 000 американських доларів за період до 1 серпня цього року.

Ухвалено рішення погодитися з Вашим проханням, і ми чекаємо отримання запропонованої Вами застави.

Кошти виділяються нами з розрахунку 22% річних, і ми чекаємо, що Ви зможете погасити заборгованість до 1 серпня. Бажаємо Вам успішного розширення бізнесу.

З повагою,


50. Шановні пані та панове!

Наш банк радий бути довготривалим партнером Вашої компанії. Ми високо цінуємо те, що в минулі роки мали можливість вести з Вами справи на взаимовигідній основі.

Що стосується Вашої останньої пропозиції, можемо повідомити Вам, що наш банк може самостійно надати Вам кредит в розмірі ... Розстрочка погашення - 8 років, ставка - 22% річних з щоквартальними виплатами. Та, більша, сума, про яку Ви говорите, також може бути організована з нашою допомогою, якщо, звичайно, Вас влаштують запропоновані вище умови кредиту.

З повагою,


51. Шановні пані та панове!

Згідно ст. 6 і 7 Кредитної угоди від 10 квітня 1998 р., а також відповідно до схеми погашення заборгованості, Вами повинні бути виплачені нам, не пізніше за 30 листопада ц. р., процентні платежі в сумі..., а також основний борг в сумі ...

Просимо підтвердити зняття цих грошей з Вашого поточного рахунку.

З повагою,


52. Шановні пані та панове!

Просимо Вас анулювати кредит, відкритий на ім'я ..., оскільки обставини змінилися і досягнута інша угода.

З повагою,


53. Шановні пані та панове!

Просимо Вас відмінити виплату депозиту у розмірі 1000 американських доларів на ім'я ..., оскільки покупка відповідного устаткування не відбудеться. Ми повідомимо Вам про будь-яку зміну ситуації, якщо таке відбудеться.

З повагою,

Валютні і фондові ринки


54. Шановні пані та панове!

Просимо Вас перерахувати доларовий еквівалент суми ... у гривнях на рахунок номер ... банка ... на ім'я ..... Дана сума є відшкодуванням витрат, понесених цією компанією від нашого імені, при виконанні дорученої нами роботи.

З пов

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