B. positron emission tomography

C. urinalysis

D. x-ray

E. endoscopy

192. Cucumbers are .

A. cereals

B. vegetables

C. sweets

D. fats

E. legumes

193. The foundation of the healthy diet is .

A. fats

B. fish

C. sweets

D. cereal grains

E. vegetables

194. is not a dairy product.

A. Milk

B. Yoghurt

C. Butter

D. Nut

E. Cheese

195. Antibiotic is a .

A. disease

B. organ

C. occupation

D. drug

E. operation

196. The ability of an organism to resist disease is known as .

A. allergy

B. necrosis

C. immunity

D. inflammation

E. pregnancy

197. Flu is a .

A. medication

B. disease

C. education

D. culture

E. treatment

198. A specialist who distributes drugs is called a .

B. pharmacist

C. surgeon

D. teacher

E. dentist

F. engineer

199. The science about poisons is .

A. biology

B. toxicology

C. neurology

D. mycology

E. virology

200. We use antihypertensive drugs to prevent .

A. vomiting

B. itching

C. increased blood pressure

D. sweating

E. salivation

201. Bad functioning of an organ is known as .

A. development

B. production

C. poisoning

D. dysfunction

E. secretion

202. High blood pressure is .

A. rhinitis

B. diabetes

C. influenza

D. vomiting

E. hypertension

203. Diseases are treated with .

A. drugs

B. ears

C. tumors

D. tests

E. lungs

204. is not a viral infection.

A. flu

B. alcoholism

C. hepatitis

D. smallpox

E. measles

205. Chickenpox is a .

A. effect

B. tube

C. medication

D. coma

E. disease

206. Encephalitis is

A. Inflammation of the pharynx

B. Inflammation of the larynx

C. Inflammation of the brain

D. Inflammation of the heart

E. Inflammation of the skin

207. Radiogram is a made with x-rays.

A. instrument

B. drug

C. percussion

D. picture

E. mask

208. Treatment of a disease with chemical agents is .

A. biography

B. bibliography

C. geography

D. toxicology

E. chemotherapy

209. Ultrasonography is a .

A. technique

B. specialist

C. entertainment

D. immunization

E. science

210. Urinalysis is the analysis of the .

A. stomach

B. urine

C. cell

D. mouth

E. eye

211. Pharynx means the .

A. hand

B. fever

C. throat

D. headache

E. face

212. One of the respiratory system disorders is .

A. toothache

B. bleeding

C. headache

D. bronchitis

E. earache

213. SARS is a .

A. cancer

B. respiratory illness

C. symptom

D. organ

E. question

214. A suspected fracture requires .

A. electrocardiogram

B. urinalysis

C. blood test

D. liver ultrasonography

E. x-ray

215. Cereal grains are the foundation of the -promoting diet

A. disease

B. flu

C. cancer

D. meningitis

E. health

216. Chicken should be eaten without .

A. eyes

B. skin

C. stomach

D. tendons

E. wings

217. Sodium should be restricted to not more than 3 g/d.

A. production

B. manufacture

C. intake

D. advantage

E. urination

218. You should more to be healthy.

A. read

B. write

C. exercise

D. listen

E. watch

219. Nuts are good for health but they contain a lot of .

A. viruses

B. bacteria

C. vesicles

D. calories

E. metastases

220. Abnormal sensitivity to any substance is .

A. cold

B. allergy

C. medication

D. pus

E. fever

221. An ability to resist infectious diseases is .

A. swelling

B. immunity

C. fever

D. meningitis

E. sensitivity

222. There are two main types of immunization: active and .

A. passive

B. anaphylactic

C. pneumococcal

D. short-term

E. ready-made

223. With passive immunization antibodies are injected into the body.

A. ready-made

B. toxic

C. spasmodic

D. intestinal

E. coughing

224. effects from vaccination are usually redness and swelling.

A. Febrile

B. Pneumococcal

C. Parasitic

D. Voluntary

E. Side

225. Most vaccinations are given during .

A. adulthood

B. diphtheria

C. typhoid

D. hepatitis

E. childhood

226. are chemicals that affect living tissues.

A. bacteria

B. viruses

C. rays

D. drugs

E. mosquitoes

227. Brand are used to identify the drugs manufactured by various drug companies.

A. words

B. vaccinations

C. side-effects

D. names

E. bacteria

228. Alcohol consumption should be .

A. rich

B. fat

C. hard

D. modest

E. difficult

F. various

229. plays an important role in protecting people from serious diseases.

A. culture

B. music

C. vaccination

D. education

E. dehydration

230. . studies origin and effects of drugs on the body.

A. Gynecology

B. Pharmacology

C. Hematology

D. Urology

E. Cytology

231. name gives the atomic and molecular structure of the drug.

A. first

B. chemical

C. middle

D. last

E. family

232. is washing out of a body cavity.

A. lavage

B. operation

C. vomiting

D. sneezing

E. cough

233. of acyclovir include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

A. side-effects

B. signs

C. syndromes

D. diagnosis

E. prognosis

234. is the ejection of matter from the stomach through the esophagus and mouth.

A. sneezing

B. coughing

C. sleeping

D. chewing

E. vomiting

235. is imaging of blood vessels.

A. cardiography

B. radiography

C. enecephalography

D. rhinoscopy

E. angiography

236. Electrocardiography is the recording of electrical activity of the

A. brain

B. heart

C. stomach

D. eye

E. liver

237. The use of to produce images of structures in the human body is ultrasonography.

A. colour

B. ultrasound

C. picture

D. bone

E. hair

238. is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes.

A. Meningitis

B. Hepatitis

C. Carditis

D. Bronchitis

E. Rhinitis

239. Sinusitis is of the lining membrane of any sinus.

A. hardening

B. softening

C. swelling

D. inflammation

E. tiredness

240. Pulmonology is a science about .

A. heart

B. eyes

C. lungs

D. nose

E. bowels

241. Bronchoscope is an instrument for visual examination of the .

A. lungs

B. mouth

C. bronchus

D. nose

E. bones

242. is inflammation of the nose.

A. Rhinitis

B. Meningitis

C. Gastritis

D. Stomatitis

E. Dermatitis

243. Elevation of the body temperature is .

A. fever

B. hepatitis

C. depression

D. swelling

E. malaria

244. - means the process of recording.

A. Onco

B. Graphy

C. Gyneco

D. Gastro

E. Pharyngo

245. Graphy- means

A. Visual examination

B. Recording

C. Surgical cutting

D. Surgical removal

E. Spitting

246. Suffix gram- means

A. Attraction

B. Fear

C. Record

D. Breaking

E. Against

247. Suffix -graph means

A. Instrument for cutting

B. Bone cell

C. Instrument for recording

D. Ray

E. Joint

248. Radio- means

A. Absence of smth.

B. Above

C. Below

D. Rays

E. Between

249. Sono- means

A. Temperature

B. Sleep

C. Record

D. Sound

E. Electricity

250. Thermo- is the combining form for

A. Love

B. Behind

C. Bone

D. Elbow

E. Temperature

251. -scope is the suffix for

A. Instrument for surgical cutting

B. Instrument for bone cutting

C. Rays

D. Radius

E. Instrument for visual examination

252. Rhino- is the combining form for

A. Nose

B. Lips

C. Tooth

D. Larynx

E. Lungs

253. Naso means

A. Nose

B. Heart

C. Stomach

D. Brain

E. Head

254. Pharyngo- means

A. Head

B. Brain

C. Throat

D. Larynx

E. Study

255. Conio- means

A. Lung

B. Blood

C. Dust

D. Red

E. White

256. Pneumo- is the combining form for

A. Intestine

B. Lung

C. Head

D. Urine]

E. Growth

257. Pneumono- means

A. Brain

B. Lung

C. Bone

D. Cartilage

E. Cell

258. Pulmono- means

A. Head

B. Lung

C. Finger

D. Skin

E. Mucus

259. Pyo- means

A. Blood

B. Urine

C. Feces

D. Pus

E. Tendon

260. Hemo- is the combing form for

A. Thigh

B. Fear]

C. Attraction

D. Blood

E. Development

261. Suffix phonia means

A. Light

B. Smell

C. Sound

D. Feeling

E. Pain

262. Suffix ptysis means

A. Spitting

B. Looking

C. Analysisng

D. Breaking

E. Treatment

263. Suffixpnea means

A. Breathing

B. Walking

C. Eating

D. Sleeping

E. Spitting

264. Suffix-thorax means

A. Breast

B. Throat

C. Larynx

D. Bone

E. Chest

265. Prefix dys- means

A. Good

B. Normal

C. Regular

D. Best

E. Bad

266. Prefix a- means

A. High

B. Enough

C. No

D. Normal

E. Light

267. Prefix muta- means

A. Attraction

B. Inside

C. Change

D. Outside

E. Central

268. Carcino- is the combining form for

A. Flu

B. Study

C. Cancer

D. Specialist

E. Knowledge

269. Prefix contra- means

A. Inside

B. Tail

C. Bottom

D. Against

E. Increased amount

270. Combining form terato- means

A. Doctor

B. Treatment

C. Diseased

D. Monster

E. Condition

271. Prefix inter- means

A. Tooth

B. Gums

C. Tongue

D. Between

E. Pain

272. Prefix anti- means

A. Origin

B. Rays

C. Against

D. Tumor

E. Visual examination

273. The combining form for monster is

A. Thermo-

B. Naso

C. Terato-

D. Rhino

E. Conio-

274. You should not . much alcohol.

A. sleep

B. consume

C. smoke

D. dry

E. live

275. His . is to become a good doctor.

A. goal

B. fruit

C. health

D. sodium

E. campus

276. Exercise and proper eating habits can make your . better.

A. health

B. nuts

C. abundance

D. products

E. disease

277. Sodium . should be restricted to about 3 grams per day.

A. department

B. pyramid

C. goal

D. advantage

E. intake

278. Are your eating . healthy?

A. changes

B. beans

C. vegetables

D. giving

E. habits

279. ... plays an important role in protecting people from diseases.

A. Recommendation

B. Vaccination

C. Community

D. Impact

E. Consumption

280. Inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord is

A. fever

B. flu

C. poliomyelitis

D. herpes

E. malaria

281. is transmitted by mosquitoes.

A. Nausea

B. Fever

C. Diarrhea

D. Vomiting

E. Malaria

282. are chemicals that affect living tissues.

A. Muscles

B. Reactions

C. Atoms

D. Worms

E. Drugs

283. ... is the process of becoming discolored.

A. Distribution

B. Vomiting

C. Discoloration

D. Destruction

E. Dispense.

284. ... names are used to identify the drugs produced by different companies.

A. Brand

B. Nick

C. Full

D. Short

E. Molecular

285. A condition when you want to rub your skin with your nail is called ...

B. itching

C. speaking

D. reading

E. sweating

F. paralyzing

286. When you have food poisoning is possible.

A. treating

B. vomiting

C. fighting

D. blood clotting

E. hormonal disorder

287. are undesirable results of drugs or any kind of therapy.

A. Positive effects

B. Effects

C. Side-effects

D. Desirable effects

E. Predictable effects

288. Another word for a wish is ...

A. flu

B. symptom

C. desire

D. infection

E. pain

289. A pharmacist is a specialist who can prepare and ... drugs.

A. watch

B. listen

C. disperse

D. write

E. deal

290. Various drugs may ... with one another.

A. speak

B. interact

C. read

D. use

E. do

291. .It is necessary to poverty in order to promote the social welfare

A. say

B. read

C. reduce

D. come

E. eat

292. .... is any special factor that reflects possible risks of using a remedy.

A. Concentration

B. Contradiction

C. Consumption

D. Contraindication

E. Contribution

293. There's every that the operation has been a success.

A. indication

B. protection

C. digestion

D. production

E. injection

294. .... is the ability to cause mutations.

A. Carcinogenicity

B. Community

C. Antigenicity

D. Ethnicity

E. Mutagenicity

295. If feel you cannot stand or sit normally, because your head goes round.

A. happy

B. angry

C. dizzy

D. good

E. guilty

296. Another word for urination is

A. creation

B. indication

C. interaction

D. micturition

E. dysfunction

297. Food ... can cause vomiting.

A. talking

B. smoking

C. drinking

D. protecting

E. poisoning

298. Carcinogenicity is the ability to cause ....

A. health

B. cancer

C. food

D. sleep

E. flu

299. .... is an increased urine secretion by the kidneys.

A. Dialysis

B. Prophylaxis

C. Diuresis

D. Urology

E. Urinatherapy

300. Another word for eating is ...

A. urination

B. concentration

C. ingestion

D. production

E. destruction

301. .... is the ability to cause fetal abnormalities.

A. Temperature

B. Fever

C. Allergy

D. Teratogenicity

E. Production

302. She will ... to her new role soon.

A. speak

B. read

C. write

D. adjust

E. go

303. If the drugs are not used properly ... develop.

A. promises

B. complications

C. eyes

D. power

E. product

304. You need to be ... to cold.

A. cool

B. resistant

C. lovely

D. happy

E. cruel

305. Giving up smoking may . the risk of heart disease.

A. do

B. reduce

C. cry

D. say

E. drink

306. She has had a ... pain in her ankle for the whole month.

A. recurrent

B. careful

C. oral

D. mental

E. positive

307. If you want to vomit you feel ...

A. nausea

B. sleepy

C. crazy

D. hungry

E. tired

308. Another word for chickenpox is .

A. flu

B. headache

C. nausea

D. stomachache

E. varicella

309. If a patient has severe migraine he suffers from...

A. gastritis

B. rash

C. time

D. injection

E. headaches

310. Neuralgia is a .

A. cheek pain

B. neck pain

C. chest pain

D. nerve pain

E. tongue pain

311. In Ukraine it is difficult to lower annual ... from cancer.

A. vitality

B. mortality

C. cruelty

D. faculty

E. specialty

312. He complained of an intense ... yesterday.

A. hair

B. bone

C. nausea

D. health

E. trade

313. Oral is ...

A. relating to heart

B. relating to leg

C. relating to mouth

D. relating to nail

E. relating to liver

314. He has got a slight ... on his face.

A. fever

B. malaria

C. chewing

D. rash

E. swallowing

315. .... is one of side-effects of this drug.

A. Appendicitis

B. Encephalitis

C. Pneumonia

D. Diarrhea

E. Stroke

316. An infected person can pass the ... to others.

A. book

B. pencil

C. dialogue

D. virus

E. development

317. Suffix -therapy means

A. inflammation

B. record

C. instrument to cut

D. treatment

E. visual examination

318. You should ... the evidence carefully.

A. breeze

B. evaluate

C. suffer

D. happen

E. wash

319. Radiography is ...

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