Match the names of the following professions with their definitions.


A doctor A manager A librarian A driver A builder A book-keeper A nurse a person who looks after babies or sick people a person who keeps business accounts a person whose business is building homes a person who drives a car, bus or train a person in charge of a library a person who practises medicine a person who controls or directs a business


3. Pay attention to the following synonyms:


a) to like something / doing something / to do something =

to be fond of something / doing something =

to be keen on something / doing something;

b) to take part in something = to participate in something.

Translate the following sentences into English giving all possible variants:

Model. .

likes singing / to sing.

My sister is fond of singing.

is keen on singing.


1) .

2) ̳ .

3) ̳ .

4) .

5) .

6) .

7) ̳ .


4. Read and memorize the following words and word-combinations:


to introduce [ı n t r ə΄ d u : s]

to be born [b ) : n]

to consist of [k ə n΄ s ı s t]

grandparents [΄g r æ n ِ p ε ə r ə n t s]

to knit [n ı t]

to sew [s o u]

secondary [΄s e k ə n d ə r ı]

to pass entrance exams [΄e n t r ə n s]

first-year student [΄f ə : s t] (- )

early [ə : l ı]

usually [΄j u : u ə l ı]

double period [΄d b l ΄p ı ə r ı ə d] ( )

a break [b r e ı k]

a canteen [k æ n΄ t ı : n]

to have a snack [s n æ k] , ()

a notice board [΄n o u t ı s ΄b ) : d]

a time-table [΄t a ı m ِ t e ı b l]

etc. (et cetera) [ı t ΄s ə t r ə] (.)

to be over

to hurry [h r ı]

to stay behind [b ı΄ h a ı n d]

an enterprise [΄ e n t ə p r a ı z]

to spend time

to read up

to have a rest


Reading Activities

Read the following text and try to understand its general meaning. Make up and write down your own story about your family and studies. Make use of the words and word-combinations given in the brackets.




Let me introduce myself. My name is ______ . I am seventeen (eighteen, nineteen) years old. I was born in 1991 in the city of Kharkiv (in the town of , in the village of ).

My family is large (small, neither large nor small). It consists of seven persons: my father and mother, grandmother and grandfather, brother and sister. My father is forty-seven. He is a worker (a farmer, a businessman, a manager, an employee, a teacher, a builder, an officer, a driver). He works at the plant (at the office, at the research institute, on the farm). My mother is forty-five. She is a doctor (a nurse, a librarian, an economist, a book-keeper, a shop-assistant, a cook, a house-wife). She works at the hospital (at the shop, at the library, at the canteen, at school. She doesnt work. She takes care of children). My sister is eleven. She is a school-girl. My brother is nineteen. He serves in the Army. My grandparents are retired.

My family is very friendly. We often spend time together but every member of my family has a hobby of his own. My father is fond of fishing (hunting, driving, playing tennis). My mother likes knitting, sewing and gardening. As for me, I am keen on modern music (drawing, dancing, reading interesting books and magazines, watching TV, playing computer games, etc.).

At the age of six I went to school. After finishing secondary school I passed entrance exams to Kharkiv G.S. Skovoroda National Pedagogical University. Now I am a first-year student at the faculty of physics and mathematics (natural sciences, primary education).

We study six days a week. The students study in two shifts. My working day begins early: the first lecture starts at eight oclock in the morning. We usually have three or four double periods with breaks between them. During these breaks students can go to the canteen to have a snack or have a look at the notice board. There we can read various kinds of notices, our time-table, to learn what is going on at the University, etc.

When our daily programme is over, some students hurry home, but some stay behind to read up for the next classes in the reading hall or to participate in social and academic work. The students take exams three times a year: in December, April and June. The number of exams is never greater than five.

We have holidays in winter, spring and summer. In summer students have a rest and work at various enterprises. Some of them spend their holidays working with children in summer camps.

I try to study well and take an active part in the social life of the faculty and the University.


Post-reading Activities

1. Find in the text you have composed the answers to the following questions:

1) When and where were you born?

2) Is your family large or small?

3) How many persons does your family consist of?

4) How old are your parents?

5) What are your parents?

6) Do you have any brothers or sisters? If you have say a few words about them.

7) Do you have grandparents? How old are they?

8) What is your hobby?

9) Do your parents have any hobbies?

10) When did you go to school?

11) When did you finish secondary school?

12) Where do you study?

13) How many days a week do you study?

14) How many double periods do you have every day?

15) When does your first lecture begin?

16) When are your classes over?

17) What can you do during breaks?

18) What do students do after their classes?

19) When do students take exams?

20) How many times a year do they have holidays?

21) Where can students work in summer?

2. Practise the above questions with your group-mate. Work in pairs!

3. Translate the following words and phrases from Ukrainian into English. Make up ten sentences with the English equivalents of the following words:


4. Translate the following sentences from Ukrainian into English:

1) .

2) ̳ , .

3) , .

4) , .

5) ϳ , 쳿.

6) .

7) .

8) .

9) .

10) .

5. Read and translate the following dialogue about students life:

Jane: Hello, Mary!

Mary: Hi, Jane!

Jane: Havent seen you for ages. How are you?

Mary: Fine, thank you. And whats about you?

Jane: Im fine. You know, I finished secondary school in June, had a short rest and then

Mary:Sorry for interrupting, but Im sure you took your entrance exams to a university or academy, didnt you?

Jane: You are quite right. I have always dreamt of becoming a teacher. And my dreams have come true. I have passed entrance exams to Kharkiv G.S.Skovoroda National Pedagogical University. Now Im a first-year student.

Mary: My congratulation! What a surprise! Im a student of the same University too. Its strange I didnt meet you during entrance exams And what faculty do you study at?

Jane:I study at the faculty of Physics and Mathematics. My major is Informatics.

Mary: I see. Its but natural. As far as I know, youve always been crazy about computers. As for me, I hate sciences. Im fond of drawing and love small kids. So I chose the Faculty of Primary Education. Ill be a teacher of primary school. Besides, Ill specialize in arts and drawing.

Jane: Is it difficult to study at your faculty?

Mary: No. As for me, the first months at the University were a fun

Jane: Excuse me, I must be going. The second double period will begin in a few minutes.

Mary: Im in a hurry too. I hope well meet one of these days and discuss our students life in detail. Good-bye, Jane!

Jane: So long, Mary. It was a pleasure to see you.



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