Match the following English words with their Ukrainian equivalents.


1) a horn of plenty a) ,

2) a wand b)

3) an inheritance c)

4) a memorial flat d)

5) a deed e)

6) a higher educational establishment f)

7) a memorable board of honour g)

8) a league h)

9) a voluntary basis i)

10) a joint venture j)

11) a private enterprise k)

12) monumental architecture l)

13 )to carry out m)

14) to entwine n)

15) to hold o) -

16) to owe p) ,

17) to coordinate q) ,

18) to participate r)

19) to pay attention (to) s)


Reading Activities


Read and translate the text:


Kharkiv is situated in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. The area of the city is about 500 square kilometers and the population is about 2 million people. Main rivers of the city are the Kharkiv, the Lopan, the Udy, and the Nemyshlia.

Kharkiv is an important administrative centre that coordinates the activity of several region centres. It has its own city emblem the Horn of Plenty with fruit and flowers in it and the Mercury Wand entwined by silvery snakes.

The city is divided into 9 administrative districts: Dzerzhynsky, Kyivsky, Moskovsky, Frunzensky, Kominternivsky, Chervonozavodsky, Zhovtnevy, Ordzhonikydzevsky and Leninsky districts.

Kharkiv is one of historic cities of Ukraine. It was founded in 1654 as a fortress and now it is more than 350 years old. Its a member of the League of Historic Cities. The historical inheritance of the city contains a large number of monuments from different centuries. The city is especially rich in architectural places of interest of the 19th 20th centuries, but there are also outstanding buildings of an earlier period (Pokrovsky and Uspensky Cathedrals, the old building of the University etc). As for the monumental architecture, one of the best monuments is to T.G. Shevchenko.

Kharkiv is the city of science and students. There are over 30 institutions of higher education in the city. The most prestigious higher educational establishments are Kharkiv V.N.Karazin National University, Kharkiv G.S.Skovoroda National Pedagogical University, Kharkiv National Polytechnic University, Kharkiv Aviation University, Kharkiv University of Radio-Electronics and many others.

Life and activity of many remarkable Ukrainian and Russian scholars, scientists and artists (G. Skovoroda, P. Hulak-Artemovsky, Kh. Alchevska, A. Makarenko, D. Mechnikov, M. Ostrogradsky, V. Steklov, M. Beketov, D. Bagaly, O. Poteybnya) are connected with Kharkiv. There are memorial apartments, a lot of buildings have memorable boards in their honour.

Kharkiv is the city of art, literature and music. There are 6 theatres, over 15 cinemas, a circus, a Philharmonic Society, a lot of Palaces and Houses of Culture, concert halls, libraries and numerous art galleries. There are seven state museums in Kharkiv: the Historical Museum, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Nature, the Museum of Literature and others. Several museums were founded on the voluntary basis. Libraries, as well as other book and archive collections, are considered to be cultural inheritance of the city. The biggest libraries are V.G.Korolenko Fundamental Library and the Library of Kharkiv National University.

There are many gardens and parks in Kharkiv. The most popular ones are the University Botanical Gardens, Lesopark, the Gorky Park, the Shevchenko Gardens and the Memorial of Glory.

Taking into account the number of monuments and places of interest Kharkiv holds the second place in Ukraine after Kyiv.

Kharkiv has certain charm, which it owes to its people and their deeds.

A number of outstanding inventions were made here. The beginning of nuclear era took place here in 1932 with the splitting of the nucleus at Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology. The legendary T-34, the best tank of World War II, was designed in Kharkiv. The Kharkovites developed cryogenic medicine and carried out microbiology studies pioneered by the Nobel Prize winner I.Mechnikov who discovered the mechanism of immunity.

In the years of Ukraines independence the Kharkovites have given rise to the creation of private enterprises, small and medium businesses and joint ventures.

Kharkiv is the city which is open to the world. It became the sister city of Cincinnati, Nuremberg, Lil, Bologna, Poznan and other cities of the world.



Post-reading Activities


1. Answer the questions:

1. Where is Kharkiv situated?

2. What area does Kharkiv occupy?

3. What is its population?

4. Which are the main rivers of the city?

5. Has Kharkiv got its own emblem? Can you describe it?

6. How many administrative districts are there in Kharkiv?

7. Which are the most famous Kharkiv libraries?

8. Are there many higher educational establishments in the city?

9. What are the Kharkovites proud of?

10. What makes Kharkiv different from other cities?

11. Which places of interest in the city impress you most of all? Why?

13. Can you compare Kharkiv with the place where you live?

14. If you are a citizen of Kharkiv, speak about the things you like about your home city, what you dislike and would prefer to change.

15. Is Kharkiv more known as a research centre, as a cultural centre or as an industrial centre? Ground your opinion.


2. Decide whether the following statements are true or false:

1. Kharkiv region borders on Moldova.

2. Ukrainian Cossacks founded Kharkiv in 1654.

3. Kharkiv is located in the south-eastern part of Ukraine.

4. Our city is situated at the junction of 2 rivers.

5. Kharkiv is a centre of Ukrainian mining.

6. The first Kharkiv church was Pokrovsky Cathedral.

7. Kharkiv was finally liberated on 23 August 1943.

8. There are 6 theatres in Kharkiv.

9. Kharkiv was founded as a fortress.

10. Kharkiv celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2004.

11. Sumska Street is the main street of the city.


3. Translate the given words and phrases into English:

, , , , , , , , , , ', -.


4. Translate the given sentences into English:


1. .

2. .

3. , .

4. .

5. , , , .

6. .

7. - .

8. .


5. Fill in the gaps in the following text with a suitable word:


greenery guests leaders tourists

turns out tourism trips industrial

sights squares opportunities


The truth is that Kharkiv is not much of a ________ city and can not compete with such ________ of world ________ as Venice, Rome or Saint Petersburg. Kharkiv is one of the largest scientific, ________ and commercial centres of Ukraine. At the same time all ________ and visitors who come to our city on business _______ say they like it here. They admit that the city has beautiful parks, _______ and gardens and that it has a lot of _______ .

Moreover, it ________ that there are ________ worth looking at in Kharkiv. And in general we have a lot of sightseeing _________ .



6. Match the following words with their Ukrainian equivalents:


1. a cathedral a)

2. a church b)

3. a bell tower c)

4. valuable d)

5. to commemorate e)

6. architecture f)

7. a dome g)

8. a monument h)

9. to damage i)

10. restoration j)

11. a temple k) ,

12. troops l)

13. hourly m)

14. to install n)

15. outstanding o)

16. chamber p)

Read the following text and try to understand its general meaning.

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