The Pokrovsky Cathedral is the oldest city building. It was built in 1689. It is located close to the Constitution Square and is a valuable monument of the Ukrainian architecture of the second half of the 17th century. This is a typical Ukrainian three-domed church. The cathedral was damaged in the years of the Second World War. The restoration of the cathedral began in early 1990s and it is an acting orthodox temple.

The Uspensky Cathedral is situated at the central part of the University Hills. It was built in 17711777 in the style of Russian Baroque. To commemorate the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon, the architect Y.Vasilyev designed a new bell tower built in 18211844. This is one of the highest buildings in Kharkiv rising 89.5 metres tall. The gold-domed bell tower has a chiming clock, which melodious signal is heard hourly over the city.

An organ has been installed in the cathedral and now it is also known as an Organ Music Hall, hosting prominent Kharkiv and guest performers of chamber and organ music.


8. Match the following words with their Ukrainian equivalents:


1. a theatre a)

2. a bar b)

3. location c)

4. recreation d)

5. facility e) ,

6. cable f) ,

7. a spring g)

8. picturesque h)

9. to commemorate i)

10. aerial j)

11. leisure k) ;


Read and translate the following text.



The Mirror Stream Fountain was built in 1947 to commemorate the victory in the Second World War. It is located at Sumska Street, just opposite the Opera and Ballet House. It is situated in a small but a very picturesque garden good for sitting on a bench and looking at people passing by.

You can take an aerial cable car to get from Otakara Yarosha Street near the spring to the Sumska Street near the Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after O.M.Gorky. The Gorky Park is a very popular location for recreation of Kharkivites. The park is about a hundred years old. It has all the facilities for recreation and leisure: an open-air theatre, a movie theatre under the name Park, a library, a reading room, concert arenas and dance pavilions, tennis courts, attractions, cafes, bars, snack bars and much more.


10. Translate the given words and phrases into English:


, , , , , , , , , .


11. Match the following words with their Ukrainian equivalents:

1. an enthusiast a)

2. to drive b) 璺

3. an adult c)

4. a carriage d)

5. a guest e) ,

6. a switchman f)

7. annually g)

8. spacious h)

9. a train attendant i)

10. operational j)

11. to celebrate k)

12. to connect l)

13. anniversary m)

14. former n)


Fill in the gaps with the prepositions.



The Small Southern Childrens Railroad is 3.6 kilometers long and connects the Gorky Park ____ the Forest Park.

There were ____ 40 childrens railroads in the former USSR. Few of them are still operational.

Carriages ____ the childrens railroad are relatively spacious and there is enough space inside both for children and adults.

The Small Southern Childrens Railroad is one ____ the oldest; it celebrated its 60th anniversary ___ November 2000. From May through November, young railroad enthusiasts and students of Kharkiv schools come here to acquire knowledge and practical skills ____ this industry. They drive locomotives, work as train attendants, switchmen, and yard masters. The Small Southern rolling stock consists ____ Diesel locomotives, ____ fifteen passenger carriages, and two steam locomotives in honorary retirement. The childrens railroad is very popular ___ the Kharkivites and guests and has _____ 20,000 to 30,000 visitors annually.


13. Translate the given words and phrases into English:


, , , , , , , , , , , , , .


14. Try to guess the meaning of the following English words by their definitions:

1. a railroad a) a self-propelled engine driven by steam,

electricity, or diesel power and used

for drawing trains along railway tracks;

2. a carriage b) a person employed to assist, guide,

or provide a service for others, especially for

the general public;

3. to drive c) a railway coach for passengers

4. a locomotive to control and guide the movement of

a vehicle;

5. an attendant d) a permanent track composed of a line of

parallel metal rails fixed to sleepers for

transporting passengers and goods in trains


Make a report on the topic Kharkiv.


Focus on Grammar


1. Fill in there is, there are, is there or are there.

Example: There are many gardens and parks in Kharkiv.

1) . the biggest square of Europe in Kharkiv.

2) any state museums in the city?

3) How many theatres .. in Kharkiv?

4) .. a Philharmonic Society in the city?

5) many libraries in our city.

6) any institutions of higher education in Kharkiv?

7) How many state museums in our city?

8) . a circus in the city?

9) . over 15 cinemas in Kharkiv.

10) . any concert halls in the city?


2. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of to be going to.

Example: He is going to Moscow next week.

1) We .. to the Historical Museum tomorrow.

2) He to the library in the afternoon.

3) .. you to my place tonight?

4) She .. to enter Kharkiv G.S.Skovoroda National Pedagogical University.

5) Where. they . to meet?

6) We (not) . to the Gorky Park.

7) The tourists to visit the Museum of Art.

8) We to meet at the Pokrovsky Cathedral tomorrow.

9) I . to take my children to the Small Southern Childrens Railroad.

10) She (not) .. to the Museum of Nature on Sunday.


3. In pairs ask and answer the following questions using I (dont) think/expect I will or I hope/m sure/m afraid I will/wont.

Example: Do you think you will pass your exams?

I hope I will/Im afraid I wont.

1. move/houses

2. take up/new hobby

3. make new/friends

4. start having/new hobby

5. have/party on/birthday

6. learn/drive

7. enter/the University


4.Underline the correct form of the verb.

Example: Tom isnt free on Sunday. He will work/is working.

1. I will go/am going to a party tomorrow night. Would you like to come with?

2. My uncle has bought bricks. He will build/is going to build a house

3. It will probably rain/is probably going to rain tomorrow.

4. Im sure Tom will get/is going to get the job. He has a lot of experience.

5. I cant meet you this evening. A friend of mine will come/is coming to see me.

6. A: Have you decided where to go for holidays yet?

B: Yes, we will go/are going to Italy.

7. Dont worry about the dog. It wont hurt/isnt hurting you.

8. Its Julias birthday today. Shes bought much food. She will cook/is going to cook a lot.


  1. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of will or to be going to and the verb in brackets.

Example A: Why are you buying flour and eggs?

B: Because Im going to make (make) a cake.

1. A: I have decided what to buy Mum for her birthday .

B: Really. What (you/buy) for her?

2. A: Did you invite Jackie to the party?

B: Oh no! I forgot! I (do) it tonight.

3. A: Could I speak to John, please?

B: Wait a minute. I . (get) him for you.

4. A: What are your plans for the weekend?

B: I (spend) some time with my family.

5. A: What are you doing on Saturday night?

B: Oh, I . (probably/stay) at home.

6. A: Have you cleaned your room yet?

B: No, but I promise I .. (do) it this afternoon.

7. A: Look at that boy!

B: Oh, yes! He . (climb) the tree.

8. A: Jason is very clever for his age.

B: Yes. He says he . (become) a doctor.

10 A: Im too tired to cut the grass.

B: Dont worry! I .. (cut) it for you.


  1. Fill in the blanks.

Example: short shorter the shortest

1. thin ..

2. heavy . .

3. famous .. .

4. old ..

5. long

6. small.

7. friendly.

8. interesting . ..

9. careful .. .

10. popular ..



  1. Complete the sentences.

Example: The red dress is the most expensive of all. (expensive)


1. The clown with the red nose is .. than the other clown. (funny)

2. John is than Jim. (tall)

3. A horse is .. than a dog. (big)

4. Tina is . than her brother. (short)

5. George is .than James. (fat)

6. Sally is girl in the class. (beautiful)

7. A mouse is .than a cat. (small)

8. Bert is . of all. (tall)

9. The red T-shirt is .. of all. (expensive)

10. David is than Tom . (young)


  1. Complete the sentences with a superlative.

Example: Its a very nice room. Its the nicest room in the hotel.

1. This cathedral is very old. Its .. in Kharkiv.

2. This square is very big. Its in Europe.

3. Its a very expensive restaurant. Its .. in the city.

4. This cinema is very popular. Its .. in Kharkiv.


In the following sentences use one of the + superlative.

Example: Its a very nice room. Its one of the nicest rooms in the hotel.


5. Kharkiv is a very big city. Its . in Ukraine.

6. Our city is an important administrative centre. Its in Ukraine.

7. Kharkiv G.S.Skovoroda National Pedagogical University is a very prestigious higher educational establishment. Its . in our city.

8. Its a very old castle. Its . in Ukraine.


  1. Write the questions using the words in brackets and answer them.

Example: (what/large/city/your country? )Whatis the largest city in your country?

1. (what/old/building/your city) Whatyour city?

2. (who/famous/singer/your country) Who ..your country?

3. (what/prestigious/higher/educational/establishment/Kharkiv) WhatKharkiv?

4. (what/popular sport/Ukraine) What .Ukraine?

5. (what/big square/Kharkiv) What Kharkiv?

6. (what/popular cinema/your city) What your city?

7. (what/beautiful parks/Kharkiv) What .Kharkiv?

8. (who/intelligent person/you know) Who .you know?

9. (what/expensive thing/you ever bought) What ..youve ever bought?

10. (what/happy day/your life) What .. in your life?


10. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of will or to be going to and the verb in brackets.

Example: I hope pollution levels will dropsoon. (drop)


1. Its late. I think I a taxi. (take)

2. ..Tom us tonight. (visit)

3. He .. fourteen next year. (be)

4. Look at the clouds! It..(rain)

5. The phone is ringing. I (answer)

6. He .. for his father when he leaves school. (work)

7. Im sure we his party. (enjoy)

8. Where you ? (meet)

9. There is a hole in the bottom of the boat. It (sink)

10. Who you to the party? (invite)



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