Rewrite the sentences in the active, as in the example.

Example: A new cinema is being built in the city centre.

They are building a new cinema in the city centre.

1. Breakfast will be served at eight in the morning.


2. A lot of food was eaten at the party.


3. An old shipwreck has been discovered by divers.


4. She is going to be sent to England on business.


5. The exam had been taken by all the students.


6. The experiment was being done by the scientists.


7. The exhibition will be opened by the artist.


8. Designer clothes are sold in this shop.


9. The bands latest video was made in Cardiff.


10. Every English monarch has been crowned in Westminster Abbey.



12. Complete the sentences, as in the example.

Example: It is expected that he will win the race tomorrow.

He is expected to win the race tomorrow.


1. It is thought that the school has good teachers.

The school _________ .

2. It is said that she speaks seven languages.

She ______________ .

3. It is believed that the missing jewellery has been found.

The missing jewellery ___________ .

4. It is thought that she is a talented pianist.

She ___________ .

5. It is said that the athletes train for eight hours every day.

The athletes _____________ .

6. It is expected that the Cambridge team will break the world record.

The Cambridge team __________ .

7. It is known that she is writing the best funny stories.

She _______________ .

8. It is reported that the world leaders have reached an agreement.

The world leaders ______________ .

9. It is reported that our University has won Olympiad.

Our University ____________ .

10. It is expected that they will give her the prize.

She _____________________ .


There are seven unnecessary words in the text below. Cross them out.

1. St. Patricks Hospital, which was been completed

2. last week, is to be opened this afternoon by the Minister

3. of Health. The hospital it was built on the site of the old

4. Opera House and is then the largest hospital in the

5. country. The wards they are modern and spacious, and

6. the building is filled by with the most up-to-date

7. equipment. The money for the hospital was been

8. raised by charity organizations and the Minister did

9. congratulated them on their hard work.



English in Use


A. Catching a Train

Travel words.

to travel

by train

by bus

by plane, air

on business

booking office

waiting room

inquiry office

car, carriage, van


to get on the train

to get off the train

arrive in\ at, get in

to catch the train

to miss the train

fare ,

What`s the fare to Rome?

left- luggage office\ cheek room

Where can I leave my luggage? ?

the train leaves\ departs

When is our train due? ?

Useful words and expressions.

- Single to Madrid, please. (= a ticket to Madrid)

- Returnto Paris, please. (= a ticket to Paris and back)

- I`d like to book\ reserve a seat\ ticketin advance. (= to buy a ticket beforehand)

- Does this train go (= take me to) Barcelona?

- Is it a fast train or a stopping train?

- Is it a through train (=without need to change trains) or do I have to change? (= change to another train)

- Is there a buffet/restaurant car on this train? (= a place to eat on a train)


- A. Which platform for Rome?

- B. Number two.

- C. And when is the train due to arrive?


How do we call these?

1. A place where we can buy train tickets.

2. Bags and suitcases you take when you travel.

3. What you must pay when you travel.

4. A ticket from A to B only.

5. A place where you stand when you are waiting for a train.

6. A train from beginning to end and when there is no need to change trains.

7. A part of a train that carries passengers from place to place.

8. A place where you can leave your luggage at a railway station.


Complete these sentences with a suitable word.

1. The Edinburgh train .. from platform six.

2. I think the next train is .. to arrive in about ten minutes.

3. He prefers to .. a ticket in advance.

4. I`ll get a couple of coffees from the .. car.

5. They`ve just apologized for the late .. of our train.

6. The journey to Bigtown takes half an hour and you .. the train at the second stop.

7. If you travel by train you find your .., enter the corridor and find your ..

8. They left a bit later and .. the train.


Read these dialogues and act them out.

a) At the Railway Ticket Office.

A. Please, I want to go to Leeds. When`s the next train?

B. Let me see. There is one at 10.42. You change at Metz. And there is another at 11 a.m.

A. Is that direct or do I have to change?

B. That`s direct.

A. When is the train due?

B. It gets in at 14.40.

A. How much is a single ticket there?

B. 30 pounds and a return ticket is 55 pounds.

A. Return, please and I`d like a corner seat, facing the engine,in anon-smoker.

B. Here you are.

A. Which platform does the train leave from?

B. Platform 5.

A. Thanks.

b) At the Station

A. Here you are at last! Here is your ticket.

B. Oh, thank you. It`s a through train at 10 a.m., isn`t it?

A. Yes, but it`s all booked up.I think at 9.30 will do.

B. Yes, I`m glad we shan`t have to change. When is it due in Paris?

A. We are due there at 9.15 p.m.

B. And when is it leaving, by the way?

A. Oh, in ten minutes. Come on or we`ll miss it.


Make up your own dialogues.

B. Air Travel

Topical words


When is the next flight to ? .?

departure, 䒿

check- in desk


to weight luggage

boarding card

departure lounge

duty free

to take off,

to land

landing card


From which gate does my flight leave? ?

overhead locker


cabin crew

to fasten a seat belt

baggage reclaim

to go through customs


Important Travel Information.

a) Departures

When you arrive at the airport, you can look at the departures board which shows the flight numbers ( e.g. BA 735), departure times and destinations (e.g. Paris).

At the check-in-desk they weigh your luggage. Usually you can take about 20 kilos. If it is more, you may have to pay excess baggage (= you pay extra). They also check your ticket and give you a boarding card for the plane.

Then you go through passport control where an official checks you passport, and

into the departure lounge.Here you can also buy things in the duty free (e.g. perfume).

About half an hour before take-off, you go to a gate number(e.g. gate 14), where you wait before you get on the plane.

When you board the plane, you find your seat. If you have hand luggage, you can put it under your seat or in the overhead locker.

If there are no delaysthe plane moves towards the runway.


b) The Flight.

The captain(= the pilot)or cabin crew may say these things :

- Please fasten your seat belt

- The cabin crew are now coming round with landing cards (= cards you have to fill in when you enter certain countries).

c) Arrival

When the plane lands,and the doors are open, you get offthe plane and walk through the terminal buildingand go to the baggage reclaim.You go through customs( GREEN= nothing to declare; RED =goods to declare)

Complete the word combinations using the words from the box

control number desk card baggage lounge luggage reclaim locker

1. boarding .. 4. flight . 7. baggage .

2. excess 5. overhead 8. passport ..

3. check-in .. 6. departure . 9. hand .



Complete these sentences with a suitable word.

1. Do you know your flight times?

Yes, the plane at 6 in the evening and just after 10 o`clock.

2. Ladies and gentlemen: would you please your seat belts.

3. I went through passport control and sat in the departure .

4. A woman at the check-in desk weighed my .

5. I looked for our flight number on the departures

6. There was a mechanical problem, and we took off with a two-hour ..

7. Usually when we arrive at the airport with our luggage we go to ..

The following sentences describe what you do when you go to an airport to catch a plane, but they are in the wrong order. Put them in the correct order.

- You go to the departure lounge.

- You arrive at the airport.

- You go to your gate.

- You go to the check-in desk

- You go to the duty- free shop.

- You get a boarding card.

- You board the plane

- You check in your luggage.

- You look at the departure board to see if your flight is boarding yet.

- The board tells you which gate to go to.

- You go through passport control.



Do the Crossword.

1. A _ _ _ _ _ _

. _ _ I _ _ _

3. _ _ _ _ _ R _

4. _ _ _ _ - _ _ _

5. _ _ _ _ T

6. _ _ R _

7. _ A _ _ _ _ _

8. _ V _ _ _ _ _ _

9. _ _ E _

10. _ L _ _ _

  1. an area of land where an aircraft can land and take off, be kept, repaired, etc.
  2. a trip by plane, especially carrying passengers on a regular service
  3. a member of the cabin staff who looks after the passengers` needs
  4. the act of leaving the ground by an airplane
  5. a person who flies an airplane; captain
  6. a big building in an airport serving as an important access point for passengers or freight
  7. the act of coming down onto the ground again from the air
  8. the science or practice of flying
  9. all the people working on an airplane
  10. other name for an aircraft


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