Read these dialogues and act them out.

a) At the Ticket- Office.

A.Can I book a ticket to Madrid here?

B.Yes, sure. Which flight?

A.I think eight two one will do, it`s a through plane,isn`t it?

B.Yes, but it`s all booked up.I can offer you only flight eighty two five with a stop-over inParis.

A.What time does it get in?

B.At 5.45 p.m.



b) At the Check-In Desk.

A.Can I have your ticket, please?

B.Yes, of course. Here you are.

A.Do you have just one suitcase?

B.Yes. This bag is hand luggage.

A.That`s fine. Smoking or non-smoking?

B. Non-smoking, please. Oh and I want a window seat.

A.Yes, that`s OK. Here`s your boarding card. Your flightwill board at gate 14 in about an hour`s time. Have a nice flight!

B.Thanks. Bye.

Make up your own dialogues.

C. At the Customs

Topical words

customs officer



Where do they examine the luggage? ?

Here`s my (, ).



health certificate

certificate of vaccination


Have you anything to declare?/ ,

Is there anything liable to duty? ?

I have nothing to declare. / ,

There is nothing liable to duty. .

Are you carrying any currency? ?

I have only used things and gifts , .

Will I submit for inspection ? ?


Read these dialogues and act them out.


a) At the Customs

- Where is your luggage, sir?

- Here it is. A suitcase and a bag. Which do you want me to open?

- Open the suitcase, please. Have you anything to declare?

- I don`t think so. I have only articles for personal use and wear. By the way, shall I submit for inspection those PC diskettes?

- No need, sir, thank you.

b) Declaration

- Have you got anything to declare? Any spirits, wine, tobacco in excess of the duty-free allowance?

- No, I only have these cigarettes.

- Have you got any presents which you intend to leave in Spain?

- Yes, I`ve got this camera. I bought it this week.

- Have you got the receipt for this camera?

- Yes, here it is.

- If you wait a minute I`ll tell you how much duty you must pay.

- Thanks.

c) At the Passport Control

- Passport control officer:Could I have your passport, please?

- Traveller: Here it is

- How long are you going to stay here?

- 5 days.

- What`s the purpose of your visit?

- I travel on business.

- Could you produce your visa and declaration?

- Here they are.

- Your passport and visa are in order. Have a pleasant stay, sir.

- Thank you.

Make up your own dialogues.




Pre-reading Activities

Think of three things related to the topic The USA. Name them and give the reasons for your answers.

Share with your group mates three facts, you know, about the USA.

What is the USA famous for?

4. Read and learn the new words:

to occupy [ )΄k u p a ı] ,

to stretch [΄s t r e t ∫] ,

to include [ı n΄k l u:d] ,

to border [΄b ):d ə]

lowland(s) [΄l ə u l ə n d] , ,

to vary [΄v e ə r ı ]

copper [΄k )p ə ]

ore [ ) : ]

weapon [΄w e p ə n ]

origin)r i d ʒ i n ]

the executive [ı g ΄z e k j u t ı v]

the legislative [΄l e d z i s l ə t ı v]

the judiciary [d z u: ΄d ı ∫ ı e r ı ]



Reading Activities

Read the text paying attention to the words in bold:

The U S A

The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada and China). It occupies the central part of North America and stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. It also includes Alaska in the north and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The total area of the country is about nine and a half million square kilometres. The USA borders on Canada in the north and on Mexico in the south. It also has a seaboarder with Russia.

The USA is made up of 50 states and the District of Columbia where the capital of the country, Washington, is situated. The population of the country is about 250 million.

If we look at the map of the USA, we can see lowlands and mountains. The highest mountains are the Rocky Mountains, the Cordillera and the Sierra Nevada. The highest peak is Mount McKinley, which is located in Alaska.

Americas largest rivers are the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Rio Grande, and the Columbia. The Great Lakes on the border with Canada are the largest and deepest in the USA.

The climate of the country varies greatly. The coldest regions are in the north. The climate of Alaska is arctic. The climate of the Central Part of the country is continental. The south has subtropical climate. Hot winds blowing from the Gulf of Mexico often bring typhoons. The climate along the Pacific coast is much warmer than that of the Atlantic coast.

The USA is a highly developed industrial country. It is the leading producer of copper and oil and the worlds second producer of iron ore and coal. In the industrial enterprises of the country they produce aircrafts, cars, textiles, radio and television sets, weapon, furniture and paper.

Though mainly European and African in origin, the Americans are made up from nearly all races and nations, including the Chinese and the native Americans Indians.

The largest cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco and others.

The United States is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, each of which has its own government. The seat of the central (federal) government is Washington, D.C. According to the Constitution of the USA, the powers of the government are divided into 3 branches: the executive, headed by the President, the legislative, exercised by the Congress, and the judiciary. The Congress consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. There are two main political parties in the USA: the Republican and the Democratic.


Post-reading Activities


1. Choose one of the words to make the sentences complete (use the correct form of the word):


1. The United States of America the central part of North America.

2. The country from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

3. America Alaska in the north and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.

4. The USA on Canada in the north and on Mexico in the south.

5. There are and mountains in the USA.

6. The fourth largest country is the leading producer of and oil.

7. Coal and are mined in the south of the country.

8. Industrial enterprises produce aircrafts, cars, textiles, radio and TV sets, , and furniture.

9. The President is the head of branch.

10. branch consists of the Congress that is divided into two houses: The Senate and the House of Representatives.

2. Match the word and its definition:


1. ore a) a starting point, parents and conditions of early life;

2. origin b) a soft reddish metal which can be beaten into shape easily and which conducts heat and electricity well;

3. weapon c) to be, make or become different;

4. lowland d) a tool for harming or killing in attack or defence;

5. copper e) the branch of the government that carries out the laws;

6. to occupy f) rock, earth or sand from which metal may be extracted, as iron ore;

7. to include g) an area of land lower than the land surrounding it;

8. to stretch h) to be in (a place), to fill (a certain position, space or time);

9. to vary i) to have as a part; to contain in addition to other parts; to put in with something else;

10. the executive j) the branch of government that administers justice;

11. the legislative k) to spread out;

12. the judiciary l) to be next to, to have a common border with;

13. to border m) the branch of the government that makes laws.


Choose the right answer.

1. The USA is situated in the central part of

a) the South American continent;

b) the North American continent;

c) the South-West American continent;

d) the North-East American continent.


2. It is washed by in the East, and by in the West.

a) the Pacific Ocean; the Arctic Ocean;

b) the Atlantic Ocean; the Indian Ocean;

c) the Atlantic Ocean; the Pacific Ocean;

d) the Pacific Ocean; the Indian Ocean.


3. are the only countries bordering on the USA.

a) Mexico to the North and Canada to the South;

b) UK to the West and Canada to the South;

c) Canada to the North and Mexico to the South;

d) Mexico to the East and Canada to the West.


4. Hawaii, which became the 50th state in 1959, is situated in .

a) The Atlantic Ocean ;

b) The Arctic Ocean;

c) The Pacific Ocean;

d) The Indian Ocean.

5. The climate of the USA is in different regions of the country:

a) the same;

b) continental;

c) not homogeneous;

d) subtropical.

6. The USA is federation of states .

a) fifteen;

b) fifty;

c) five hundred;

d) fiftyfive.


7. The seat of the central government is .

a) Washington;

b) New York;

c) Los Angeles;

d) Chicago.


8. The legislative branch is represented by .

a) the Senate;

b) the House of Representatives;

c) the Congress;

d) the President.


9. The executive branch of the power is headed by .

a) the Congress;

b) the President;

c) the Democratic Party;

d) the Republican Party.


10. American Congress includes two houses .

a) the House of Lords and the House of Commons;

b) the House of Representatives and the Senate;

c) the House of Lords and the House of Representatives;

d) the Senate and the House of Commons.


4.Translate the sentences into English:

1. , 50 , ᒺ .

2. ϳ .

3. .

4. .

5. , .

6. .

13. .

8. , , .

9. , , , , .

10. : , , , , .


5. Explain


- why the climate of the USA varies greatly in different regions of the country;

- why the population of the USA is not homogeneous.

6. It is interesting to know

1. Christopher Columbus never knew that hed discovered a new continent. He reached a chain of islands in the Caribbean which he called the West Indies because he thought he had discovered a west passage to India.

2. The first known European settlement in the New World was established in Greenland about 985 by the descendants from a line of Viking chieftains.

3. The distance that Columbus covered on his way from Spain to Bahamas was about 6,275 kilometres (3,900 miles).

4. Hunting deer or bucks was a big business in the colonies. Indians and colonies often counted a persons wealth in buckskins or bucks.

5. George Washington set a precedent refusing to run for the third term.

The unwritten rule was broken only by Franklin Roosevelt who was elected President four times.

6. The simple obelisk built in honour of G. Washington is often called the pencil.

7. The Potomac means the river of the meeting of the tribes.

8. America is the motherland of jazz, rock and roll, nylon and Coca-Cola.

9. The famous ship Mayflower set sail to Virginia but was blown off its course and reached land on the shores of Cape Cod in present day Massachusetts.

10. Alexander Graham Bell first displayed his electric telephone in 1876 at the Exhibition in Philadelphia.


Make a report on the USA.

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