Choose the correct alternative.

Example: If I miss / Ill miss the bus his afternoon, Ill get a taxi instead.

If I miss the bus his afternoon, Ill get a taxi instead.

1. Well have to go without John if he doesnt arrive / he wont arrive soon.

2. They wont refund / didnt refund your money if you havent kept your receipt.

3. Will you send me a postcard when you reach / youll reach Mexico?

4. If I make some coffee, do you cut / will you cut the cake?

5. Did you work / would you work harder if you were better paid?

6. If you dont complain / didnt complain so much, you might be more popular.

7. Werent my friends / wouldnt my friends be envious if they could see me now.


Complete the questions.

Example: A. I dont know whats happened to my dictionary.

Ive looked everywhere for it.

B. What will you do if you dont find it?

A. I suppose Ill have to buy a new one.

1. A. Im thinking of applying for the managers job.

B. Really? How _________ if you get it?

A. Oh, about ₤2.000 a year more than now, I suppose.

2. A. I dont know what Im going to do about money. I havent even got enough for my rent this week.

B. _________ if I lent you some?

A. Well, it would help, of course. But I cant borrow from you.

B. Dont be silly. How much do you want?

3. A. I hope the weathers OK when Im on holiday next week.

B. What ________ if it rains?

A. Ive no idea. Ive never been to Malta before.

4. A. I wish I could afford a new car.

B. What ________ if you could afford one?

A. Oh, I wouldnt mind what make it was, as long as it didnt keep breaking down.

5. A. I dont think Im going to pass my driving test next week.

B. What _______ if you dont?

A. I wont be able to get the job I want. They said I must be able to drive.


Put the verbs into the correct form.

Example: If I had more money, would you marry (you/marry) me?


1. He wouldnt help you if ________ (he/not/like)you.

2. ________ (you/find) the machine is quite simple to operate if you look at the manual.

3. _______ (your parents/not/be) proud if they could see you now?

4. If _______ (I/not/revise) thoroughly, I may fail my test.

5. If you wanted to buy someone a really good present, what sort of thing _______


6. Sally would have a lot more friends if ________ (she/not/be) so mean.

7. How ________ (you/feel) if you were in my situation?

8. Would you change your job if ________ (you/can)?


Lisa is talking to her friend about what she might do when she leaves university. Write sentences using the given words.

Example: Trish: Do you have any plans for next year?

Lisa: Well, I dont have any money.

But 1. I/travel/if I/afford it.

Id travel if I could afford it.

Trish: 2. If you/find/a job abroad /you/take it?

Lisa: 3. If it/be/somewhere I want to go/I/certainly/consider it carefully.

Trish: What about working as an au pair, looking after children in a family in the USA?

Lisa: 4. I/only/consider/that if I/be/sure about the family. 5. If they/not/treat/me well/I be very miserable.

Trish: Yes, 6. You/have to/be/sure to use a good agency. Theres a website Ive seen. 7. I find/you the address of it if you/be interested.

Lisa: Yes, I am. 8. If I/decide/to apply to an agency,/you/help me write a letter?

Trish: Of course. Well, I hope you succeed, whatever you decide to do.

Lisa: Thanks very much. Ill let you know.

Trish: Thats OK.


5. Write questions using if for the following answers.

Example: What would you do if you won a lottery prize? Id share it with my friends.

1. _____________________ ? Id call the police.

2. _____________________ ? Id travel to the USA.

3. _____________________ ? Id ask my teachers advice about it.

4. _____________________ ? Id be late for work.

5. _____________________ ? Wed sail around the world.

6. _____________________ ? Id stay at home all day.

7. _____________________ ? Thered be no more wars.

8. _____________________ ? Wed be extremely angry.

9. _____________________ ? Id probably give it to my mother.

10. _____________________ ? Wed get out as fast as we could.

Match the beginning of each sentence with the most suitable ending.

Example: If you had been promoted, would you have made any changes? (e)

1. If you had been promoted, a) youd be able to change the system.

2. If you were rude to the boss b) would you have left the firm?

3. If you were promoted c) you wouldnt be sacked.

4. If you hadnt been promoted d) you wouldnt get a reference.

5. If you had lost your job e) would you have made any changes?

6. If you apologised f) youd probably regret it later.

7. If you were fired g) youd have been very upset.


Complete the conversations.

Example: A. Why didnt you go to the party last night?

B. I wasnt invited.

A. So would you have gone, if youd been invited.


1. A. Janes got a university degree, hasnt she?

B. Yeah. I dont know how she can work here. I _______ a job doing something exciting if I ________ her qualification.

A. What kind of job would you want?

B. Oh! I dont know exactly. But if ______ Jane, I ________ to meet interesting people and visit interesting places.

2. A. Why did you ask Veronica about her boyfriend? It really upset her.

B. Well, I didnt realize they split up.

A. You didnt know, then?

B. Of course not. If I _______ , I _______ her about him?

3. A. Hey, look at that motorbike. What a beauty!

B. Look out! Mind that litter bin.

A. Ouch! Ive hurt my leg.

B. Well, you _______ it if you _______ where you were going.

4. A. Do you love me?

B. You know I do.

A. Would you _______ if I _______ poor?

B. Probably. But fortunately youre rich.

A. Well, yes, I am. But if I ________ all my money, what _______ ?

B. Id say good bye.

A. Now youre joking.

B. Oh no, Im not!


Use your own ideas to complete the sentences.

Example: What will you do ifyou miss your plane?


1. Hed have more friends if he _______ .

2. If I hadnt mended the TV, we _______ .

3. You wouldnt have felt ill if you _______ .

4. If she didnt gossip about her friends, she _______ .

5. Will you forgive me if I _______ .

6. What would happen if I ________ .

7. If he had listened to my advice, he ______ .

8. She would have won the competition if she _______ .

9. They wouldnt have minded if we _______ .


9. For each situation, write a sentence beginning with if.

Example: We dont see you very often because you live so far away.

If you didnt live so far away, wed see you more often.

1. This book is too expensive, so Im not going to buy it. Id _______ if _______ .

2. We dont go out very often we cant afford it. We ______ .

3. I cant meet you tomorrow I have to work late. If ______ .

4. Its raining, so we cant have lunch outside. We _______ .

5. I dont want his advice, and thats why Im not going to ask for it. If _____ .


10. For each situation, write a sentence beginning with if.

Example: I wasnt hungry, so I didnt eat anything. If Id been hungry,

I would have eaten something.


1. The accident happened because the road was icy. If the road ______ .

2. I didnt know that Joe had to get up early, so I didnt wake him up.

3. I was able to buy the car only because Jane lent me the money. If _______ .

4. Karen wasnt injured in the crash because she was wearing a seat belt.

If _______ .

5. I didnt get a taxi because I didnt have any money. If _______ .

English in Use

At a Hotel

Read and learn the following words

reservation ()

cash ,

to check in

to check out

a single room ()

to fill out ()

to accept

currency ,


a towel

a blanket


Read the given expressions and responses, paying attention to their pronunciation.



Do you have a reservation? Yes, the Name is Smith, Robert.


How long will you be staying? Ill be checking out on Friday.


Do you prefer a smoking or non- Non-smoking if you please.

smoking room?


How many guests are there in your party? Two, my wife and I.


Will you be paying by cash or Credit card if you accept Visa.

credit card?


Fill out this registration form, Do you need to see my drivers

please. license or passport?


I would like to leave a wake up Certainly sir, whats your name and

call for 7:30. room number?


Read in pairs the following dialogues, paying attention to the underlined words.

Checking In

Clerk: Welcome to the Sheraton. May I help you?

Guest: Id like to check in. I have a reservation.

Clerk: Whats your name, please?

Guest: Phillip Marlow.

Clerk: Yes, Mr. Marlow. You requested a single room for three nights, is that correct?

Guest: Yes, could I have a room on the upper floors?

Clerk: No problem. Do you prefer a smoking or non-smoking floor?

Guest: Non-smoking, please.

Clerk: Could you feel outthe registration form, please. Thank you. And will you be paying by cash or credit card?

Guest: Cash. If you accept American dollars.

Clerk: Of course, sir. If you require local currency, we can also change money for you.

Guest: Thats great. I do need some cash.

Clerk: Your room number is 1109. Heres your key. Enjoy your stay at the Sheraton. If you require anything further, feel free to call the front desk. Would you like assistance with your bags?

Guest: No thanks, I only have one. I can manage.


Room Service

RS: Room service, may I help you?

Guest: Yes, this is Mr. Marlow in room 1109. Could you send up a tuna fish sandwich and a bag of potato chips?

RS: Certainly sir, that will be ready in about ten minutes.

Guest: Thank you.


Wake Up Call

Front desk: Front desk, may I help you?

Guest: This is Mr. Marlow in room 1109. I would like to leave a wake up call for 7:00 am.

Front desk: Certainly, sir.

Guest: Thanks.


House Keeping

HK: House keeping, may I help you?

Guest: This is Mr. Marlow in room 1109. Could I get a couple of more towels and another blanket?

HK: Yes, sir, we will get them to you right away.

Guest: Thank you.


Pair work. Role play


The situation: At a Hotel.

Working with a partner, role play the situation, using the information below.

The roles: the guest, the hotel employee.


A. Making reservation.

The clerk should get the The guest should ask about

following information: the following:

Name; ● price;

Kind of a room; ● service available;

Number of beds required; ● whether a shuttle bus is

Credit card number; available to / from airport

Length of stay;

Number of guests;

Date of arrival.


B. Checking in, with reservation

The clerk should: The guest should ask about

the following:

Have the guests complete ● request a non-smoking or

the registration form; a smoking floor;

Ask if the guest needs ● ask about check out

assistance with luggage; time;

Get credit card or cash; ● request a room with a

picturesque view;

Give a key to the guest.


C. Room service. Ordering Meals

The clerk should: The guest should:

Ask the name and the room ● place the order


Ask what the order is;

Ask when to deliver;

Say thank you.


D. Wake up call

The guest should: The clerk should:

Call to learn a wake up call; ● say hello;

Give name and room number. ● ask the time of the wake up



F. Check out

The guest should: The clerk should:

Inform the clerk he wants ● Inform the guest of additional

to check out; charges for the room service, mini-

bar, etc;

Give the clerk the key. ● get final payment;

● get the key from the guest;

● Ask the guest if he needs any help

with his luggage.

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