Make up a dialogue based on the following situation and act it out.

A couple arrives at a hotel.

They dont have a reservation. The clerk explains the hotel services available. The guests have to choose the type (kind) of room, and if they want breakfast included. The clerk asks them to fill out the registration form; if the couple needs any assistance with the luggage and gives the key. The woman is superstitious and doesnt want the room Number 13. So, the clerk gives them another room.


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Jokes and Funny Stories

Four in a German Castle

During an evening stay in a castle in Germany, a young woman said to the guide that she had been afraid she might encounter a ghost. Madame, he said, in all my years here I have never seen a ghost. Noticeably relieved, she asked him how long he had been there. The guide solemnly replied,Three hundred years.

A mistake

Two men had put up at a country inn, and they found their bed room so hot in the night that one of them got up to open the door.

As he got back into bed, his friend asked him what kind of night it was. I dont think its raining, he replied, but its pitch-dark, and there is a strong odour of cheese. In the morning he discovered that he had not opened the bedroom door, but the door of a cupboard.

Sight Unseen

While telephoning a resort to reserve accommodation for a long weekend I asked about the rates. I was told that they varied, depending on whether I wanted a view of the mountains or a view of the lake.

How much of a difference is there between the two? I asked. The voice at the other end replied, Well, ones hills and the others water.

to encounter ()

to relieve

solemnly ,


odour ,

a cupboard ,

a rate

to vary


At a restaurant


Read and learn the following words and word-combinations

an order ( ),

salmon ,

a steak

rare, medium, well done , ,

baked potatoes

mashed potatoes

a roll

a BLT bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich ,

a T-bone steak

corn on the cob

a pea ,

a carrot

a meringue [mə'ræŋ] ( )

Enjoy your meal .


Read the given expressions and responses, paying attention to their pronunciation


Expressions Responses

a waitera customer

May I take your order? Could I have a few minutes, please?


Are you ready to order? Yes, Ill have the salmon.


How would you like ( your Well done, please.

steak: rare, medium, well done)?


You have a choice of ( baked Ill have the mashed potatoes.

or mashed potatoes).


Would you care ( for something Yes, Ill have an iced tea.

to drink)?


May I get you anything else? No, Im fine, thanks.


a customera waiter

Could I get another ( roll, Certainly, I will bring it right away.



Could I see the menu? One moment, please.


This steak is ( still bloody. Right away, sir.

Could you ask the chief to cook

it a little more)?


This isnt what I ordered Im so sorry, sir. Its my first day and

(I wanted a BLT and you gave Im still a little confused.

me a meat loaf)

Can I get the bill, please? Certainly, sir.



Before ordering the meal describe the food you want to have to your dining companion, you can also want to know how something may taste. There are a number of words that can be used to describe food. Look at these examples


Words used to describe food

bland , spicy , ,

sweet bitter

rich , salty

sour hot , ,


Ways to prepare food

to pickle

to grill / broil ,

to bake

to fry

to boil

to sauté ['səuteì]


Words to describe the taste of food




yummy (.) ,

yucky (.)



Read the following dialogue in pairs, paying attention to the underlined words.


Waiter: Welcome to Kaseys Kitchen. Do you have a reservation?

Customer: Yes, the name is Johnson, Paul.

Waiter: Oh, yes, here you are. That was a party for one, correct?

Customer: Yes, thats right.

Waiter: This way, please. Heres the menu, sir. Ill return in a minute to take your order.

Waiter: (a few minutes later). Are you ready to order, sir?

Customer: Yes, Ill have the T-bone steak.

Waiter: How would you like it cooked?

Customer: Well-done, please.

Waiter: We have a choice of potatoes: French fried, mashed or baked.

Customer: Ill have baked potatoes.

Waiter: Would you like them with butter or sour cream, or both?

Customer: Im on a diet, so only butter.

Waiter: The vegetables today are corn on the cob, peas and carrots or broccoli.

Customer: Ill take corn on the cob.

Waiter: And what would you like for dessert?

Customer: What do you have?

Waiter: We have an apple, cherry and lemon meringue pie, a chocolate and vanilla cake and chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice-cream.

Customer: Ill take a cherry pie, please.

Waiter: Would you like something to drink?

Customer: Ill take a large iced tea with my meal and a cup of black coffee with dessert.

Waiter: Very good, sir. Enjoy your meal.

Customer: Thanks.

Pair work. Role-play

The situation: At a Restaurant.

Working with a partner, role play the situation, using the information below. Use the menu to order a meal.

The roles: a waiter, a customer.


Kaseys Kitchen menu



Oysters (each) £ 2.40

Ham and cheese £ 3.99

Whole crab and mayonnaise £ 10.80

BLT £ 4.59

Brown crab meat on toast £ 8.50

Bacon and Eggs £ 4.95


Main courses

Pigs head and potato pie £ 22.70

Shepherds Pie £ 19.20

Whole baked fish on green and white vegetables £ 15.70

Turnips and bacon £ 19.20

T-bone steak £ 17.30

(rare, medium, well-done)

Side Orders

Potatoes £ 4.50

(fried, baked, mashed)

Corn on the cob £ 3.40

Peas, carrots and broccoli £ 5.10

Green salad £ 4.50

Cheese £ 9.00


Apple, cherry, lemon meringue pie £ 6.80

Apple cake £ 5.30

Chocolate, vanilla cake £ 5.70

Almond cake £ 7.80

Baked cheese cake £ 7.00

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice-cream £ 3.40


Iced tea £ 1.20

Tea £ 1.20

Coffee £ 2.10

(black, white)

Coke 60 p.

Juice £ 1.80

(orange, tomato, apple)

Mineral water 80 p.

Beer £ 2.50

Wine (glass) £ 3.50


Recipe Page


Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie is a very popular English dish. It originated in the north of England, but its now eaten all over the country.

1. Slice the onions, carrots and mushrooms.

2. Fry them in a pan with the minced beef for about 810 minutes, stirring all the time.

3. Add the flour and stir for one more minute.

4. Add the beef stock and some salt and pepper and stir again until the mixture becomes thicker.

5. Transfer to a casserole dish and put into the oven at 190oC for 25 minutes.

6. Then drain and mash together with the butter and milk.

7. Put the potato on top of the mince mixture, grate the cheese and put it on top.

8. Return the dish to the oven at 200 oC for 15 minutes.

Serve hot with green vegetables


Apple Cake

1. Peel and chop the apples.

2. Mix together the apples, raisins, milk and sugar.

3. Mix together the flour and butter (softened) in another bowl.

4. Add the fruit mixture and the egg and mix very well.

5. Put into a buttered 20-centimetre square cake tin. Put a little white sugar on the top.

6. Cook in the oven at 170 oC for 1 hour 45 minutes.

Serve hot or cold with fresh cream.


Make up a dialogue based on the following situation and act it out.

A couple goes to a restaurant.

A couple arrives at a restaurant and the waiter makes them sit. The waiter should ask if they prefer smoking or non-smoking table, by the window or in the centre. He brings the menu. The couple discusses the prices. They order. The waiter brings the food but the woman says that its cold. The waiter brings a new plate. They have their meal and ask for the bill. The guests pay and leave happily because it was not very expensive.


Read the English proverbs.

Give Ukrainian equivalents to the following proverbs. Learn them by heart and use them in your own situations or dialogues:

1. Tastes differ.

2. As like as two peas.

3. As hungry as a wolf (hunter).

4. His eyes are bigger than his stomach.

5. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

6. Hunger is the best sauce.

7. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad dinner.

8. After dinner sleep a while, after supper walk a mile.


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Jokes and Funny Stories

He didnt notice it.

Mother: I left two pieces of cake in the cupboard this morning, Johnny, and now there is only one piece left. Can you explain that?

Johnny: Well, I suppose it was so dark that I didnt notice the other.


Father doesnt eat hay.

Boy: I want a bundle of hay.

Farmer: For your father?

Boy: No, for the horse. Father doesnt eat hay.


The same fish.

Here, waiter. It seems to me that this fish is not as fresh today as the fish you served us last Sunday.

Pardon, sir, it is the very same.


very same


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