IV. Match the sentence halves

1. Consumers have a) considerable interest in the venture.
2. Foreign investors have shown b) a highly competitive marketplace.
3. Japan is c) if there is no financial benefit.
4. Most regions are enjoying d) individuals with economic security.
5. Only 70 state enterprises exceeded e) one other useful impact on the culture.
6. Political integration will fall apart f) productivity by 30 percent.
7. Savings provide g) rapid economic expansion.
8. The changing marketplace has h) the biggest producer of stereo equipment.
9. This programme should help i) their planned profit target in the year.
10. Workers have boosted j) to slow down the yearly fall in production.

V. Fill in prepositions, where necessary


1. An economy based free enterprise is generally characterized private ownership and initiative.

2. conventional measures, U.S. productivity and standard living remain the highest the industrial world.

3. Clear evidence the American people's pragmatism is demonstrated their actions.

4. Ever colonial times, the government has been involved, some extent, economic decision-making.

5. a myriad ways and many decades, it has supported and promoted the development agriculture.

6. New laws were passed regulating many economic activities sales stock the right workers to form unions.

7. The export American commodities made possible the import capital and machines expansion.

8. The federal government, example, has made huge investments infrastructure canals and post roads the 19th century, interstate highways and orbiting Earth satellites the 20th century.

9. The government began to provide workers a measure economic security their old age.

10. The United States became the world's manufacturing powerhouse leading the world the production steel, automobiles and other products.


VI. Fill in articles where necessary


1. Americans accept important role for government to help create environment with widest possible opportunities for individual opportunity.

2. economy based on free enterprise is generally characterized by private ownership and initiative, with relative absence of government involvement.

3. Another recurrent theme has been transformation of U.S. economy by emerging technologies.

4. Clear evidence of American people's pragmatism is demonstrated by their actions.

5. In myriad of ways and over many decades, government has supported and promoted development of agriculture.

6. New service-based and information-processing industries gradually replace some of old stalwarts of traditional industrial base.

7. export of American commodities made possible import of capital and machines for expansion.

8. government has provided social welfare programmes that private sector was unable or unwilling to provide.

9. US economy is changing continuously, as citizens freely express their economic preferences directly in marketplace and indirectly in voting booth.

10. U.S. productivity and standard of living remain among highest in industrial world.


VII. Complete the following sentences filling in appropriate words from the box


commodities; dampen inflation; economic security; evolving out; expansion; free enterprise; integration; intervention; investments; involvement; issues; marketplace; persisted; productive resources; productivity; standard of living; trade policy.


1. Although the American economy has transformed itself over the years, certain have since the early days of the republic.

2. An economy based on is generally characterized by private ownership and initiative, with a relative absence of government .

3. Government has been found necessary to prevent flagrant abuses, to and to stimulate growth.

4. The American economy is constantly of the choices and decisions made by millions of citizens.

5. The export of American made possible the import of capital and machines for .

6. The federal government has made huge in infrastructure.

7. The government began to provide workers with a measure of in their old age.

8. They had the continuous debate over international .. and, thus, over the degree of of the United States into the world economy.

9. Though the great majority of are privately owned, the federal government does play an important part in the .

10. U.S. and remain among the highest in the industrial world

VIII. Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian paying attention to the translation of the italicized words

1. A conventional war is one that does not involve the use of nuclear weapons.

2. Jason was a regular customer in the shop.

3. Not even defeat could dampen the enthusiasm of his supporters.

4. Politeness is usually more productive than confrontation.

5. Profits have doubled under his dynamic leadership.

6. The government seems unable or unwilling to make further concessions.

7. The proposals must be acceptable to the shareholders.

8. The successful candidates will be given extensive training.

9. Their goal was to make adult education more accessible.

10. They try to address social problems such as unemployment and poor health.

IX. Translate into English

1. , 250 , .

2. .

3. , .

4. .

5. - , '.

6. , ' , .

7. 㳿 .

8. .

9. , .

10. .


I. Make up situations of your own using the given words and word combinations


1. The American economy has always been immensely successful (conventional measures; evolve out of; federal government; free-market system; in the marketplace; industrial world; investors and voters; mixed economy; overlapping roles as consumers; productive resources; rates of growth; standard of living).

2. Continuing debate over the proper role for government (absence of government involvement; accessible to the people; dampen inflation; economic opportunities; flagrant abuses; government intervention; marketplace economy; on free enterprise; private ownership and initiative; role for government; stimulate growth).

3. Government involvement in economic decision-making (development of agriculture; Earth satellites; federal government; huge investments in infrastructure; interstate highways; measure of economic security; meet their medical costs; new laws; private sector; regular income; retired people; social welfare programmes).

4. The transformation of the U.S. economy by emerging technologies (agricultural sector; electronics and biotechnology; food and fiber; goods and services; information-processing industries; new farming technology; old stalwarts; private sector; production of steel; semiconductor circuits; world's manufacturing powerhouse).

5. International trade policy (advocate; capital; colonial; commodities; competition; conducted; degree; expansion; export; import; industries; integration; international trade; linchpin; manufacturing; pro-free trade; protectionist; shield; support; system; tariffs; trade).


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