Franchising form of Higher Education Institution Promotion of Innovations

Today the progress of any Higher Education Institution (HEI) depends on the market tendencies, where there always exists a great need for qualified experts. The basic tendency of the Ukrainian labour market is insufficient attention to the problem of education service production. That is why, franchising may be considered as a prospective direction of innovative activity in higher education.

Franchising in education may be presented as a joint activity of HEI with the purpose of creating supply, production, educational services at the market. Besides, there services should meet the requirements of HEI as to their right for providing educational activity and educational franchise. Franchise is a combination of exclusive rights for offering educational services under some brand name and franchisers trade mark on certain conditions.

The essence of educational franchising lies in signing an agreement between the HEIs (franchiser and franchisee), which describes all the basic conditions of cooperation and financial peculiarities of innovative educational activity.

An active development of educational franchising abroad affects not only the form and the volume of higher education service at the market, but also its quality and geography.


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Anti-crises Management of Enterprise: Essence, Stages and Basic Anti-crises Measures

The problem of economic survival under the conditions of the global crises are very important for all enterprises. Crises situations become more frequent and their consequences assume global proportions. Taking into account the growth of globalization processes, the countries of the third words are most vulnerable during the crises caused by economic, financial, technological and other factors. That is why organizations and enterprises have to adapt themselves to such conditions and to determine the steps of anti-crises activities and adaptation.

Provision of a long-term anti-crises activity gives an opportunity to create an effective subsystem of managing the enterprise in crises situations. Many scientists have different views upon the problem of crises. Some of them consider the anti-crises management from the point of view of financial problems on the level of the enterprise. Others view the problems which are closely connected not only with the crises itself but also with unfavourable financial conditions in the countrys economy on the whole.

Anti-crises management of the enterprise is a type of management aiming at figuring out the features of crises phenomena and working out the measures for their immediate prevention.



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The Notion of Enterprise Crises and the Necessity of Identifying its Reasons as a Basic Factor of Entrepreneurship Success

Crises phenomena in economic systems have always caused a great interest among the scientists of different countries. Nevertheless, they are mostly considered on a macro level. On the level of a separate enterprise this issue has never been investigated sufficiently, and this lack of attention didnt give a possibility to effectively influence the development of crises phenomena and to manage the crises.

The category of crises and enterprise crises are not completely defined because of its complexity. That is why, it is necessary to focus attention on the notion of enterprise crises, its reasons and basic peculiarities which describe the stages of crises situation and help manage the enterprise under such conditions.

The notion of crises has many interpretations and characteristics. The enterprise crises refers to various problematic factors in the activities of an enterprise, ranging from simple difficulties in enterprise functioning to a complete demolition of an enterprise.

On the whole, the analyses of existing definitions of crises testifies about some notional ambiguity of the term.



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