The General Basic of Regulating International Stock Markets

The necessity of state regulation of the security market is caused by the following reasons:

1.The states national interests are mostly realized at the Stock market the combination of macroeconomic and macro political priorities at the present day stage of the states economy development.

2.The interests of the stock market participants are constantly interconnected and sometimes contradict to each other. The participants of the Stock market are emitants, investors, depositors, investment funds, etc.

3.It is impossible to provide further development of the capital market without creating a firm system of investors rights and interests protection.

Thus regulation of the security market is a combination of methods and techniques which allow to monitor the activities of all the market participants. Moreover, the state should thereby set certain requirements and rules to hold the balance between mutual interests of all the participants of the market. As a rule, states government is responsible for controlling the stock market. The structure of the state bodies regulating the stock market depends on:

- the market model of the country;

- the extent of management centralization in the country;

- the extent of security committee independence;

- the organization of management.




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Managing Career of Enterprise Personnel in Great Britain and Sweden

In Great Britain (GB) and in other European countries the personnels career starts with education. The institutions of higher education in GB are state subsided. That is why, there few universities in this country, however, Oxford and Cambridge Universities are known all over the words.

Another positive feature of British education system is the fact that children who did bad at school, refuse to enter the universities. Besides, British education system has few negative features:

1)different rules of the university entrance;

2)getting higher education is considered to be a privilege, but not a right;

3)short-term studies at the university which can negatively affect the students knowledge;

4)independent choice of subjects which students are willing to learn.

Having graduated from the Universities people start working at the enterprises. There are a lot of trade unions at British enterprises. However. They avoid solving the problems concerning the improvement of work conditions.

Another characteristic feature of British personnels management is a huge amount of programs promoting personnel training.





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The Support of Small Enterprises in Ukraine

The peculiarities of small enterpreneurship are: the competition; quick response to the market changes; the counteraction to potential and real growth of unemployment; innovation processes. However, the most important feature of small enterpreneurship is its considerable support by the state.

The state support refers to the complex of prior decisions which stipulate the basic types of legal economic and organisational promotion of small enterprises. The complexity of the state support system lies in its being multileveled. The scientists differentiate three levels of the state support: federal, regional and local. The state support of small enterpreneurship is realized in the following directions:

- forming the support structure of small enterprises;

- organizing the state preparation, repreparation and improvement small enterprises staff;

- establishing the system of discounts for the participants of small enterpreneurship and introducing a simple taxation system;

- financial and credit support of the small enterprises;

- involving the participants of small enterpreneurship in scientific, technical, social and economic programs;

- delivering goods and services which would satisfy state and regional needs.


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