The Peculiarities of the Real estate market Functioning on a Regional Level

The Present day Ukrainian economy presents a combination of different, nevertheless, interrelated markets which form a complicated market structure. The peculiarities of functioning of certain segments of this structure (and the real estate market in particular) on both local and regional levels are an important aspect of market relations. Taking into account a constantly growing demand for real estate on a regional level and a low paying ability of the population, the problem of its functioning is very important.

The real estate market is a peculiar market type where real estate is the only object of selling, buying or receiving a credit. The interregional real estate market is a market of a separate territorial division having no distinct boundaries.

Like the local market, the regional real estate market presents a part of the regional circulation, it is a peculiar mechanism of selling or buying certain goods (real estate) relying on economic relations.

Analyzing the mechanism of the real estate market functioning, one can draw some similarity with the market of financial investments since they exist and function simultaneously. This fact can be explained by extreme attractiveness of the real estate for investments since it gives the opportunity not only to preserve the cost of the invested capital, but also to increase it which time and to receive considerable profits.


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The Concept of Integrated Market Communications

The creation of an effective communicative program supporting enterprise strategy, is possible on condition of their integrated usage and management. Only coordinated communicative influence is able to provide strategic development of a trademark.

Moste companies have always considered elements of communication as separate types of activity whereas modern concept of marketing insists on integration being absolutely necessary to achieve success.

Integrated marketing communications are a concept of planning marketing communications which arises out of assessing a strategic role of its every element (advertising, distribution, sales, etc.) in the strategy of a trademark promotion.

Planning the strategic of integrated marketing communications, it is necessary to keep to the following principles:

- the principle of sequence which requires the sequence of all measures and promotion methods;

- the principle of sophisticated approach which predetermines investigation of the market structure. The market structure changes, may be caused by the changes in consumers attitude to the brand and by the affect of the market medium;

- the principle of accounting expenses on a communication program which requires market budgeting specification and promotion.



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The Ways of Anti-Crisis Management Introduction in Ukrainian Commercial Banks

Today the banking system of Ukraine is in a state of recession. This can be the result of the world financial crises or the consequence of numerous internal factors which make the decay still worse.

A complicated economic and financial situation in the West European countries has led to a significant flow from the national banking system.

The decrease of industrial production construction tempo and consuming capability of the population have caused a drastic change in the amount of paid credits. Another factor which has increased the crises of banking institutions is a disproportion in monetary and financial policy pursed by the Ukrainian National Bank.

That is why, the application anti-crises management methods and technologies in banks is becoming of primary importance. Anti-crisis management is a combination of methods and techniques which let forecast the crisis, overcome its negative consequences, etc.

The methods of banking anti-crises management on the level of state regulation should include: - renewal of the normative base;

- review of the monetary and financial policies;

- introduction of the temporary administration into mast banks;

- financial treatment of banks;

- reorganization of economically unstable banks ;

- working out introducing the system of deposit insurance


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