Give synonyms for the words below.

1) community; 2) to guarantee; 3) to outline; 4) heritage; 5) to adopt; 6) organ.


6. Explain the meanings of the following word combinations. Make up your own sentences with them.

- right to the free expression of views and beliefs

- right to live

- right to personal inviolability

- right to private property.


Translate into English.









Imagine youre Peoples Deputy.

Make up your own report, using the word combinations above.


Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right.

1) activity a. musical composition

2) term b. thing (to be)done; occupation

3) anthem c. surroundings, circumstances ,influences

4) inviolable d. not to be violated or dishonored

5) environment e. fixed or limited period of time.


Narrate the text.

Unit 2

Key words

junior and senior complement

- to subordinate

- to provide

- scientific

- secondary

- experience


Read the text.

Our Institute

Odessa Law Institute attached to Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is the leading educational and scientific center of law enforcement tendency in the South of Ukraine.

It was founded in 1995 by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of the 12-th of December, 1994, 818 and by the Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of the 20-th of February, 1995, 108.

Our Institute has its nearly 80 years history and a rich experience of training of specialists for Internal Affairs .Its history can be divided into following stages:

The 1st stage-the foundation of the Internal Affairs Militia School on the 27th of February, 1922. The main aim of militia school was to train junior and senior complement of militia. It 1945 the Militia School was restored. In 1952 the government of the USSR promulgated an edict on reformation of the Militia School into the Militia special high school within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR.

In 1991 it was subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The 2nd stage-the foundation of the Militia college. It was created according to the Law of Ukraine On education on the 11th of March, 1992.

The 3rd stage- Odessa Institute of Internal Affairs was established in February, 1995 on the basis of Militia College.

Nowadays there are 15 Chairs providing the education.

Every year more than 200 militiamen take part in the improvement of professional skill courses.

8 scientific circles? club, musical group, 10 sport sections regularly work in institute.


Find in the text the English equivalents for the following words and word combinations.










- .


Make up all types of questions to the text.

Translate into Ukrainian paying attention to the meanings of underlined words.

1) Is your passport in order? Is it valid?

2) It is in order to interrupt?

3) The phone is out of order.

4) The rose and the bean families belong to the same order.

5) Militiamen must obey orders.

6) The engine has been tuned and is now in perfect order.

7) A prime ministers kept busy with affairs of state.

8) The plane crash was a terrible affair.

9) Thats my affair, not yours.

10) Take careful aim at the target.

11) He has only one aim and abject in live-to make a fortune before he is fifty.

12) Has he had much experience in work of this sort?

13) We all learn from experience.

14) At last his anger experienced.

15) There is a shortage of trained nurses.

16) Im training to be a policeman.

17) Train a gun on the enemy.

18) She tries to train roses against a wall.


Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right.

1. to restore a. ability to do something

2. order b. command given with authority

3. to promulgate c. cause something to exist

4. to create d. business of any kind

5. skill e. bring back into use

6. affairs f. make public, announce officially (a decree, a new law)

7. decree g. order given by a ruler or authority

and having the force of a law


Narrate the text.


Unit 3

1. Key words

-citizens rights


-to maintain

-public order


-abide by


-to prevent


2. Read the text.

My future specialty is a lawyer

The rights and duties of our citizens are written in the Constitution of Ukraine adopted in 1996. Our people are obliged to safeguard the interests of our state, to defend our Motherland, to respect the rights and lawful interests of other persons, to be uncompromising toward anti-social behaviour. The people of our speciality are to maintain public order and observe protection of the rights, freedoms and property of citizens, their life and health. The law obliges the lawyer to ensure that all citizens' rights are abided by.

With militia, experienced science and technology, computers and a cooperative public, it is not so difficult to catch a criminal. But it is far more difficult to prevent a crime and to prevent a person who stumbled from falling.

Our main task is to prevent crime. We must show concern for first offenders before they begin to slide down.

So I think that lawyer is a very noble profession and a very useful one.


3. Give English equivalents for the following expressions.






- i





Give synonyms for the words below ;use them in your own sentences.

1) citizen; 2) person; 3) an order 4) a criminal; 5) task.


Answer the questions.

1. What is your work exactly?

2. How many hours a day do you work?

3. What do you enjoy most in your job?

4. What do you hate most in your job?

5. What are the difficulties in crime prevention?


Finish the dialogue, make up your own dialogues using the model.

A: What are your plans for some nearest years when you get a job?

B: Well, first Im going to

A: Youre lucky. While youre working as aIll be

B: Well, someone has to do it ,I suppose.


7. Work in pairs. Discuss the following:

Attitude of the society 1) to the militia (to the people, serving in militia)

2) to the criminals.

Use the following expressions:

- I am sure that.

- I am certain that .

- There is no doubt it.

- I cant say for sure.

- To my mind.

- I think that


Match each word on the left with the appropriate definition on the right.

1. science a. having showing, impressive character and qualities

2. offender b. branch of such knowledge

3. to stumble c. person who offends ,esp. by breaking a law

4. noble d. find it unexpectedly or by accident

5. duty e. what one is obliged to do by morality, law, a trade conscience ,etc.


Narrate the text.


Unit 4


1. Key words

-higher legal education

-Criminal Investigation department

-operative investigative activity


-crime prevention


Read the text .

My study

In .. I entered Odessa Law Institute. Now I'm a year cadet. Our Institute is situated in Odessa. It is a law educational establishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our Institute trains future lawyers for the organs of Ukrainian militia. I shall get a higher legal education. I'll become a lawyer by speciality. I shall work at a Criminal Investigation Department (CID). I can work as an operative or investigator. We study many subjects. The main subjects we study at the Institute are: Civil and Criminal law, Criminalistics and Criminology, Operative investigative activity, Inquiry , Administrative law, International law and English. The course of study lasts 4 years. Our main task as future policemen is to fight against criminality, to prevent and solve crimes. Crime prevention is the main aim of our detective activity. The detective activity, of the operative is also quite necessary for the solution of many serious cases. That's why we should study law and master special means? methods and forms of fighting crime.

Find in the text the English equivalents for the following expressions.

- ̳



- i









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