Translate and explain the meaning of the following words.

1) lawyer; 2) investigator; 3) operative; 4)detective.


Make up questions to the text as a plan.

Make your own report about militia activity using the expressions below.

- detective activity

- to solve crimes

- criminal law

- special means

- to fight against criminality.


7. Act your mini-dialogues, just like this one:

- Will you work as an operative?

- Yes, I wont.

- No, I wont.

- Will you work at the Criminal Investigation Department?


Give English equivalents for the following proverbs.

A lawyer never goes to law himself.

Necessity knows no law.


9. Insert the right word into the sentence:

a) mean, b)main, c)mine, d)meant, e)meaning f)means

1)-What is theof the sign No parking

-It:Dont park your car here

2) -Which of you has taken my cap by mistake?

Oh, excuse me, yours is the same colour and shape as

3) -Do you often take a walk in such weather? I rainy weather.- Oh no! Surely not.

What do you by such weather?

4) -What are thetheatres of Saint-Peterburg?

-The Gorky theatre, the Pushkin theatre and others.

5) -Dont be cross, Bob! Cant you take a joke? I didnt want to hurt you. I justa little laugh, you know. Thats all right.

6) -Its so difficult to change habits.

-To change habitsto be young.


Narrate the text.



Unit 5

Key words

- independence

- to regulate

- armed agency

- encroachments

- warden

- voluntary

- to vest in

- society


Read the text.


Militia of Ukraine was created in March-April 1917 at the time of the Ukrainian People's Republic by the Central Rada. With the proclamation of independence of Ukraine and disintegration of the Soviet Union the militia of Ukraine became a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The activity of militia in Ukraine is regulated by the law of Ukraine of 20 December 1990 "On Militia", the law of Ukraine of 18 February 1992 "On operative investigative activity". Militia is the state armed agency of the executive power, which guards life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens, property, interests of the society and the state against criminal encroachments.

Militia performs administrative, preventive, investigative, criminal procedural, executive and guarding functions. Militia is composed of:

Criminal militia,

Militia of public safety,

Transport militia,

State traffic militia,

Militia wardens,

The closed units service.

The staff of militia is composed of personal, serving in militia who has special militia ranks. Recruitment to militia is done on voluntary basis and includes persons over 18 years who by their personal qualities, education and the state of health are able to perform duties, vested in them.


Find in the text English equivalents for the following words.







- ii





- i-.


4. Explain the meanings of the following words. Make up sentences with them.

1) to serve

2) safety

3) property

4) voluntary.

Translate into English.

1) ij , , , .

2) ̳ , .

3) .

4) .


Answer the questions.

1) When was militia of Ukraine created?

2) What laws are regulated the activity of militia?

3) What is militia?

4) What functions does Militia perform?

5) What is it composed of?

6) Who serves in militia?


7. Work in groups. Discuss:1) The activity of different militia departments.


Translate the words .Insert the right word into the sentence.

a. Union [ju:njen]

b. Unite [ju:naite]

c. Unit [ju:nit]

d. Unity [ju:nity]

1) What country are you from?

- Im from the former.

2) The festivals of songs and filmsyouth.

3) Is pound still used asof weight in Britain?

4) Sometimes theof opinion is not the best thing/


Narrate the text.

Unit 6


Key words

- militarized detachment of population

- close ties

- for the benefit of

- to stress the difference

- Ukrainian state ward

- workers- peasants soviet militia

- Peoples Commissionary of Internal Affairs

- criminal investigation

- traffic militia

- economic crime fighting


Read the text.

The History of Ukrainian Militia

Militia of Ukraine was created in March- April 1917. The term "militia" (militarized detachment of population) was used to distinguish its close ties with the people and its functioning for the benefit of the people and also to stress the difference between militia and police of the tzarist Russia.

In August 1918 within the period of hetmanship, hetman P. Skoropadsky introduced "the Ukrainian state ward" instead of militia. But in 1919 the Directoria (S. Petlyura) restored the militia, which existed till November 1920.

Simultaneously on the territory , where the Soviet power was being established by the Decree of the Ukrainian Soviet Government of November 9, 1919 there was created the workers- peasants Soviet militia within the Secretariate of Internal Affairs.

When the People's Commissionary of the Internal Affairs (NKVS) of Ukraine was created in March 1920 the Central Department of Militia was established within its structure.

From 1930 till l934 the Central Department of Militia and Criminal Investigation existed independently within the Government of Ukraine, but in July 1934 the NKVS was established and Militia was made part of it.

During the thirties the specialized agencies were created in Militia : criminal investigation, traffic militia, economic crime fighting.

During the post war period the Militia of Ukraine was within the NKVS - Ministry of Internal Affairs and nearly all the time was subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, Except 1960-1966, when it was disband by M.S. Khrushchev and militia was subordinated to the republican ministry.

In l991 with the liquidation of the USSR Internal Affairs Ministry, the Militia of Ukraine structurally became a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.


Choose the right meaning for the following verbs.

to create - 1) ; 2) ;

to use - 1) ; 2) ;

to distinguish- 1) ; 2) 3) ;

to stress - 1) ; 2) ;

to introduse - 1) ; 2) ; 3) ; 4) ();

to restore - 1) ; 2) ; 3) ;

4) ;

to exist - 1) ; 2) ;3) ;

to establish- 1) ;2) ;3) ();

to subordinate 1) ; 2) ;

to disband - 1) ; 2) .


Translate and write transcription of the words below.

Functioning, tzarist, simultaneously, within, independently, thirties, specialized, agencies, post, nearly, except, liquidation, structurally.


Find in the text English equivalents for the word combinations below.




- -












- ̳ .


Give the synonyms for the following verbs.

1) to distinguish; 2) to restore; 3) to exist; 4) to disband; 5) to create; 6) to use; 7) to establish; 8) to liquidate.


Answer the questions.

1) When was militia of Ukraine created?

2) What does the term militia mean?

3) What was this term used to?

4) Who introduced The Ukrainian state ward?

5) When was militia restored?

6) When was the workers-peasants soviet militia created?

7) What can you tell about Peoples Commissioners of Internal Affairs?

8) When were special agencies created?

9) When was militia of Ukraine subordinated to the republican Ministry?

10) When did Militia of Ukraine become a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine?


Make up the plan to the text.

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