Grandmas Going to the Grocery Store

(listen to your teacher, say and clap the rhythm)


Grandmas going to the grocery store

One, two, three, four. (twice)



Grandmas going. (twice)


Wheres she going?

To the grocery store

One, two, three, four.


Whens she going?

At a quarter past four

One, two, three, four.

Whats she going to buy at the grocery store?

One, two, three, four. (twice)


A loaf of bread,

A bottle of milk,

A big bag of biscuits (twice)

And a little tin of peas.


Grandmas going to the grocery store

One, two, three, four (twice)


What, where, why, when, who, how, whose?

I think I(ha)ve got the questions blues!

How many, which, how much, how long?

It helps if you sing this little song.


My House. Englishmans Home


Warming up:

This is the Key of the Kingdom

This is the key of the kingdom.

In that kingdom there is a city.

In that city there is a street.

In that street there is a yard.

In that yard there is a house.

In that house there is a room.

In that room there is a table.

On that table there is a vase.

In that vase there are flowers.

( )


kingdom a city

In/on that city there is/are a street

street a yard

house a room

room a table

table a vase

vase flowers

( )



My Flat

This is my house

And this is my flat.

I live there with my Mother,

My brother and Dad.

Come into my flat, please

And you all will see

The kitchen, the bathroom,

The living-room, the bedroom,

The childrens room and the Lavatory.

And here in the corner

Youll see our broom

It helps me and Mother

To clean every room.

S. Fedorak


My Yellow House

1. Ive got a little yellow house

Its got a yellow door,

And yellow windows in each room

And a yellow floor.

2. So please walk up the yellow steps

Into the yellow hall

And look at all the yellow pictures

On the yellow wall.

3. Upstairs Ive got a yellow bath

Its beautiful and new

Look! Yellow toothbrush, yellow soap,

And yellow toothpaste, too.

4. Come and see my yellow garden

Smell the yellow flowers

Lie on the lovely yellow grass

And sleep for hours and hours.

5. Oh! Must you really go now?

Oh dear! That is shame.

Well, come and visit me again

My name? Oh, Yellow is my name.


1. Where, oh where,

Is my teddy bear?

Is he in the living room?

Is he in the pink bathroom?

2. Where, oh where,

Is my teddy bear?

In the kitchen, on the chair?

In my favourite blue armchair?

3. Where are you,

My little Ted?

Here you are

Under my bed!



Meet me in the Morning

Meet me in the morning, Meet me in the summer,

Meet me at noon, Meet me in the fall (autumn),

Meet me in September, Meet me in the evening,

or the middle of June. Meet me at eight,

Meet me at midnight, Ill meet you any time You want,

Meet me in the hall, but please dont be late.

( , me you, him, her, us, them)



Before -






, ,




Opposite words

When the teacher says Hello,

I say goodbye.

When the teacher says laugh!

I start to cry.

When the teacher says you are stupid!

I say Im clever!

When the teacher says always!

I say never!

When the teacher says Stand!

I always sit.

Whatever the teacher says,

I do the opposite.


Say more opposites:


Im hot Im yellow She is happy

Im (cold) Im (green) He is (sad)

Im small This is short This is good

Im (tall) This is (long) This is(bad).

Im dirty This is right

Im (clean) This is (wrong)


Around the City

Warming up:

Stop, look, listen before you cross the street.

Use your eyes, use your ears and then use your feet.

( 䳺 :

use your eyes = look

use your ears = listen

use your feet = go.

Look, listen and then go!


Stop says the red light,

Go says the green.

Wait says the yellow one

Winking in between.

* * *

The yellow says Wait!

The red says Stop!

The green says Go!

Now do so!



The city yawns

And rubs its eyes,

Like baking bread

Begins to rise

Frank Asch

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