At the Ready-Made Clothes Department

Shop-assistant: - What can I do for you?

Customer: - Im looking for skirt. Id like something in green.

Sh.-as.: - What size are you?

C.: - Im not sure but I think 14.

Sh.-as.: - Here is an excellent skirt in green silk. Will you try it on?

C.: - Yes. Where is the fitting-room?

Sh.-as.: - Come this way.

(Some minutes later)

C.: - How does it look?

Sh.-as.: - It looks great. Its exactly your size.

C.: - How much is it?

Sh.-as.: - Its only 15 dollars.

C.: - All right. Ill take it. Thank you.

Sh.-as.: - Thank you. Come again.

In a shop

Customer: - Good morning.

Assistant: - Yes, madam.

C.: - Show me the brown suitcase.

A.: - This one?

C.: - Yes, that one. Tell me how much does it cost?

A.: - $50.

C.: - It is very expensive. I would like one for about $35.

A.: - Look at this one. It costs $40. A very good suitcase.

C.: - Ill take it. Pay at the cashier, please.

A.: - Thank you.

C.: - Come again.

At the supermarket

A.: - Lets go to the meat counter.

B.: - O.k. I think we need some veal, ham and a chicken.

A.: - and a turkey. Dont forget about the Christmas holiday.

B.: - We also need half a pound of butter, a packet of sour cream and a dozen of eggs. Dairy products are in aisle 3.

A.: - How about fruit and vegetables? There are no apples in our fridge and not many vegetables. Lets find this counter.

B.: - Oh, fruit is in aisle 8, and vegetables are next.

A.: - I wonder what apples and tangerines cost now.

B.: - They are cheap because its the height of the season.

A.: - Well take three pounds of apples and two pounds of tangerines. And I want to buy half a pound of berries. Im going to make a pie. O.k. Our cart is full. Lets go to the cash register.

3. , :

a) - What is the price of the pair?

- They are 3.50. They wear very well.

(trousers 20; frock 25; jacket 30; shirt 10; shoes 25)

b) - Can you show me a brown purse to match the gloves?

- Here is a nice one.

(a silk tie the skirt; a blouse the skirt; a scarf the coat; a shirt the suit)

c) - I like that purse. Why dont you buy it?

- All right.

(bag, shirt, skirt, shoes, dress, jacket)

d) - May I help you?

- Im looking for a grey suit.

(a brown bag, a leather jacket, a winter coat, a suit for everyday wear, jeans)

4. .

Situation I

You are at a mens ready-made clothes department. You want a suit for everyday wear, some shirts and a tie to match the suit. The shop assistant is ready to help you.

Situation II

You are at a shoe department. You want a pair of good summer walking shoes. The shop assistant is very helpful.

Situation III

Tomorrow is your mothers birthday. Youve come to the grocers. You want to buy a lot of food. The grocer is eager to help you.

1. .

2. .

3. .

4. ( ).

5. .

6. .



1. . .

1. to stay in a hotel

2. in advance

3. to reserve (book) a room ()

4. to experience certain difficulties

5. at the height of the season

6. no vacancies

7. receptionist

8. to hand ,

9. arrival card

10. guest ,


11. permanent

12. accommodation

13. key

14. single room

15. double room

16. complete suite or de luxe

17. to remind

18. to leave at the desk

19. key rack

20. lobby ,

21. newspaper stall

22. souvenir

23. porter

24. to run a laundry service

25. maid

26. to notify ,


2. :


Nowdays people have an excellent chance to travel all over the world. It is not surprising, because we are living in a world of growing international trade and technical cooperation.

When traveling, it is convenient to stay in a hotel. The best way is to reserve a room in advance by phone or by Internet. Those who travel much know that sometimes tourists experience certain difficulties with booking a room at a suitable hotel. At the height of the season a sign No vacancies can be often seen at the desk-clerk.

But if you are lucky with booking a room you will enjoy your rest. In this case you must first go through some formalities. The receptionist will hand you an arrival card which all guests are required to fill in.

After having filled in the arrival card you must pay for accommodation. The receptionist will answer all your questions and give you any information you need. The price depends on the duration of your staying at the hotel and the number of hotel stars. The hotel may have from two to five stars. When all the formalities are over the receptionist hands you the key and you may go upstairs to occupy the room. At the hotel you will find rooms with or without bath, air conditioner, single rooms, double rooms, complete suites consisting of two or more rooms, de luxe or top class rooms. In the rooms you can find some modern conveniences such as TV, DVD, telephone, and a safe.

Once you decide to stay in the hotel you are referred to as a guest. You will find notices everywhere reminding guests to leave their keys at the desk when going out. All the keys are hung on a special key rack.

In the lobby you will usually find a newspaper stall and stalls where cigarettes and souvenirs are sold. Guests are given Internet, telephone services as well: you may book or reserve railway and airline tickets from your room telephone.

Most of hotels have bars and restaurants. If you want to have a bite or a dinner you can go there or order it in your room.

All hotels run a special laundry service for their guests. The maid does your room every morning so you needn't even make your bed.

Guests are required to notify the clerk in advance about leaving so that he could have the bill ready for them in time.


1. :

1. Why do people travel so much nowadays?

2. Do tourists experience difficulties with booking a room?

3. Is it easy to reserve a room at the hotels in your city?

4. What are the duties of a receptionist?

5. What kinds of rooms are available at the hotels?

6. What is usually located downstairs at the hotels?

7. What services do hotels usually run?

8.What are guests required to?

2. :

1. If you have a chance to put up at a hotel you are lucky.

2. We'd like a room for two with bath for the night.

3. When travelling it is better to reserve a room in advance.

4. At the newsstand one can buy newspapers, cigarettes and souvenirs.

5. When staying at the hotel we had our breakfast in the refreshment room downstairs.

6. Guests must tell the clerk in advance about leaving.

7.Very often at our hotels tourists can see a notice All reserved.

3. , , .

1. The best way is to reserve rooms ( ).

2. When you stay in the hotel you ( ).

3. At the hotel guests will find ( , , ).

1. When going out guests ( ).

4. ( ) you can find a lot of guests buying newspapers, cigarettes and souvenirs.

5. At the hotel the following services are available: ( , , , ).

6.The duties of the receptionist are ( , , ).

4. :

1) the formalities when reserving a room at a hotel;

2) the duties of a receptionist;

3) special services which all hotels run.


1) to go through some formalities;

to take an arrival card from the receptionist;

to fill in the arrival card;

to pay for all accommodation;

2) to hand an arrival card to the guest;

to give the key to the room;

to answer the questions and to give all the information one needs;

to book tickets for the theatre;

to order railway and airline tickets;

4) to run a laundry service;

to iron clothes;

to call a porter;

the maid ... to do the room;

the doorman ... to help with a taxi;

5. , . ,

1. (the floor manager):

to call a taxi for you;

to wake you up at 7 o'clock;

to give you your room key;

to book a ticket for a concert

Model:Please, do this, madam.

2. (the maid):

to wash and iron your shirt;

to bring you another blanket ();

to change the sheets ();

to make the bed;

to clean the room;

to bring you a cup of coffee in the room;

Model:Could you do this, madam?

3. (the porter):

to take your luggage upstairs;

to see to () your suitcase;

to take your trunk () downstairs;

to take your suitcases to the taxi;

Model:Porter, will you do this?

6. :

1. . ?

2. ?

3. , .

4. . .

5. . .

6. ?

7. .

7. :

How you once stayed in a hotel.

1. One of the hotels of your city.


1. :

1. How much is it? ?

2. excluding services

3. not counting the service

4. Fair enough. .

5. overlooking the sea

6. Come this way. .

7. a twin-bedded room

8. a private bath (, )

9.a little cheaper

2. , .



A: I wonder whether you have any vacancies for tonight.

B: Yes, I can offer you room 24 on the first floor.

A: How much is it?

B: £ 29 a night excluding service.

A: Can I see it please?

B: Certainly. Would you take a seat for a moment?


A: Have you a single room for two nights?

B: Yes, but only on the top floor.

A: What price is it?

B: £ 45 with service and TV.

A: Fair enough. Can you show me the room, please?

B: Of course. Would you like to follow me?


A: Can I book a double room from now until Friday?

B: You can have room 33 overlooking the sea.

A: What's the price?

B: £43 not counting the service.

A: Can I look at it, please?

B: Yes, of course. Come this way.


A: Have you got a twin-bedded room for one night?

B: I can let you have a room at the back.

A: What does it cost?

B: With private bath £ 50, service included.

A: Can you show me something a little cheaper?

B: Yes, of course. I won't keep you a moment.

1. . :

1. to be in the habit of

2. an entrance hall

3. constantly

4. the boot boy ,

5.to state ,

2. .


When I travel, I always put up at a hotel. Im in the habit of booking rooms beforehand. Booking rooms beforehand is very convenient as rooms are expensive in England and cheap hotels are usually full up.

Youll find London hotels just the same as hotels in all large cities. As a rule you go into a large entrance-hall where visitors are constantly coming and going.

On arriving at a hotel you must first ask for the reception clerk and he or she will tell you, which is your room, which floor it is on, and will give you the key. Usually you dont get your keys without signing in at the hotel.

If stating at a hotel, you have to sign in at the desk, stating your name and address.

You give your luggage to the porter, who takes it up in the lift to your room.

After washing and changing in your room you can walk about the town. On returning before going to bed you can put your shoes outside the bedroom and the boot-boy will clean them.

3. , , .

(boot-boy, as a rule, put up, to sign in, luggage, very convenient, signing in, stating, outside, it, entrance-hall)

1. When I travel I always at a hotel.

2. Booking rooms beforehand is .

3. you go into a large

4. Usually you dont get your keys without at the hotel.

5. If staying at a hotel you have at the desk, your name and address.

6. You give your to the porter, who takes up to your room.

7.You can put your shoes the bedroom and the will clean them.

4. .

1. .

). , .

Model:Can Ibook a room for a week?

a single room - three nights

a double room - from now until Monday

a twin-bedded room - the weekend

two double rooms - a week

a single room - tonight

). .

Model:- How much is the room?


- What does the room cost?

- Forty pounds a night excluding service.

The price for the room is:

44 pounds a night with service and TV

52 pounds a night without service

25 pounds a night excluding service and TV

50 pounds a night including service

1. .

2. .

3. .

4. ( ).

5. .

6. .


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