Choose the correct item.

1) in time to the appointed place for an interview is important for every job applicant.

a) to come; b) come; c) have come ;

2) Hubert began his responsibilities and duties at his previous job.

a) describe; b) has described; c) to describe;

3) Investors were the first our business plan.

a) read; b) to have read; c) reading

4) We want you the experience of employees with a long service term.

a) to apply; b) have applied; c) apply

5) The manager watched the car .

a) to unload; b) to be unloaded; c) be unloaded

6) The executive director ordered these documents at once .

a) to be sent off; b) to sent off; c) sent off

7. The management demanded the Executive Summary more clearly.

a) be written; b) writing; c) to be written

8) You seem a good experience in this field.

a) to have; b) have; c) had

9) Arthur is said a business plan.

a) write; b) have written; c) to write

10) This article is expected .

a) to be republished; b) to republish; c) have republished

11) The manager wanted the two clerks to a mutual understanding as soon as possible.

a) to have come; b) come; c) to come

12) The partners heard Mr. Newman the rules.

a) have violated; b) violates; c) to violate

13) My friend saw them the office an hour ago.

a) enter; b) to enter; c) have entered

14) Our President is sure already from Washington.

a) to have returned; b) have returned; c) has returned

15) All the articles were ordered within a month .

a) have been returned; b) to be returned; c) to return

Choose the right form of the verb.

1) The person the business plan is my friend.

a) write; b) have written; c) writing

2) Theory with practice plays a valuable role in economic life.

a) to connect; b) to have connected; c) connected

3) Denis encountered a lot of factors his work so difficult.

a) to make; b) make; c) making

4) The cars at our plant now are very good.

a) producing; b) have produced; c) being produced

5) There are two factors the wage rate.

a) affecting; b) have affected; c) affect

6) Mr. Root took part in our business from the very beginning.

a) starting ; b) having start; c) started

7) Would you mind in advance?

a) pay; b) paying; c) paid

8) It was a new method of data.

a) having read; b) reading; c) the reading

9) She denied the money.

a) have stolen; b) steeling; c) having stolen

10) He gave up the idea of work.

a) finding; b) having found; c) have found

11) The price for the use of labour is called wages.

a) paying; b) paid; c) having paid

12) She said that she remembered seeing the documents once.

a) seeing; b) being seen; c) to see

13) We insist on your this maximum amount of capital in our join affair.

a) spend; b) having spent; c) spending

14) We spoke of new instructions

a) have read; b) being read; c) reading

15) He denied in the crime.

a) participating; b) participate c) having participated.


Choose the correct item.

1) The judge said that henever such an awful mistake.

a) had faced; b) has faced; c) faces.

2) The student said the professor the legal system of Great Britain properly.

a) explains; b) has explained; c) explained.

3) Mary said that she Criminology at the University.

a) studies; b) studied; c) will study.

4) Frank asked if legal decisions always based on firm cases.

a) was based; b) is based; c) has been based.

5) He decided that he to Berlin as soon as possible.

a) will go; b) go; c) would go.

6) They wondered if he back.

a) had come; b) came; c) will come.

7) He told me he on the island for fifteen years.

a) was; b) is; c) had been.

8) Bill asked how many cases by a judge monthly.

a) are tried; b) were tried; c) have tried.

9) Charlie said that Tom an accident last Monday.

a) had; b) has; c) had had.

10) The detective said that he that case by the end of the week.

a) will investigate; b) would investigate; c) investigate.


Choose the right form of the verb.

1) We should send them our price-lists if they .

a) ask; b) will ask; c) asked.

2) The officer could identify the offender if he him.

a) would see; b) saw; c) will see.

3) I wish I the Criminal Law.

a) will know; b) know; c) knew.

4) If he the rules, he will be fund.

a) breaks; b) break; c) broke.

5) The police him if they catch him.

a) arrests; b) will arrest; c) arrest.

6) It wouldnt be surprised if they with us.

a) dont agree; b) didnt agree; c) wouldnt agree.

7) If I were rich, I around the world.

a) travel; b) would travel; c) traveled.

8) I shares in that company if I had same money.

a) will buy; b) would buy; c) buy.

9) I should have called you up yesterday if I in town.

a) was; b) were; c) had been.

10) If she hadnt changed so much, I her.

a) recognize; b) would have recognized; c) would recognize.

Choose the correct form of the verb.

1) If I had time, I French.

a) should study; b) shall study; c) study.

2) If they hard, they wont lose any customs.

a) work; b) will work; c) have worked.

3) If I were you, I a new job.

a) shall find; b) find; c) would find.

4) If I harder, I would pass the exams easily.

a) work; b) had worked; c) worked.

5) If he , I would have helped him.

a) has asked; b) asks; c) had asked.

6) I should let you know if I any news.

a) received; b) receive; c) shall receive.

7) If you ... a policeman, you would be arrested.

a) had kicked; b) has kicked; c) kicked.

8) Your car can be stolen if you ... the keys in.

a) will leave; b) leave; c) would leave.

9) If the policeman ... the criminal, he could have found a gun.

a) searches; b) would search; c) had searched.

10) If he ... his money on gambling he would be a rich man.

a) doesnt spend; b) wont spend; c) didnt spend


Choose the correct form of the verb.

1) Many people would be out of work if that factory down.

a) closes; b) closed; c) would close

2) If you had told me that he never paid his debts, I him the money.

a) didnt lend; b) wouldnt lend; c) wouldnt have lent

3) We would have enough if everybody ₤ 1.

a) did give; b) gave; c) had given

4) I things on the installment system if I were you.

a) didnt buy; b) wouldnt bought; c) wouldnt buy

5) If you asked him for ₤ 1.000, what ?

a) would he say; b) he would say; c) he said

6) The countries their independence if monetary policy becomes the function of the European Central Bank.

a) will lose; b) would lose; c) would have lost

7) If I more shares, I would have become rich!

a) have bought; b) bought; c) had bought

8) It they the brand better, they will gain market share.

a) promote; b) will promote; c) promoted

9) If I more time, I would be able to come up with a solution.

a) had had; b) had; c) have had

10) The transport costs much lower if we sent the goods by sea.

a) will be; b) were; c) would be


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