Listen to the sentences on the cassette. For each one, write the word you hear.

1 They couldn't find the fox/forks

2 The pot/port was very old.

3 We saw the spot/sport.

4 The cod/cord isn't very good.

5 The cock/cork has been stolen.



1. Read aloud

put book sugar hook

butcher pull cook wood

rook full push cuckoo

wool bullet woman bull

good wolf cushion look

bush foot hood brook



2. Read and compare

[ɔ] [u]

pot put -

cock cook -

god good

lock look -

rock rook -

box books -

cod could -

3 Tongue twister

How many cookies could a good cook cook if a good cook could cook cookies?

A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies.



1. Read aloud


moon fool glue do
Lucy rule group Voodoo
two rouble spoon shoe
shampoo chew soup view true who you fruit too new move June



2. Read and compare


[u]   [u:]  
look   Luke - - ()
pull   pool - -
full   fool- ,
foot   boot - -
wood   wooed
put   boot -
hood mood
rook   root
cook   cool
good brood
bull   rule
look   loop
wool   school [sku:l]
took   tool

3. Tongue twister

A Tudor who tooted the flute tried to tutor two tooters to toot.

Said the two to the tutor, Is it harder to toot or to tutor two tooters to toot?



1. Read aloud

earn first murder work
nurse early skirt church
world service purse girl
word shirt blur turn
nerve worm sir curl
dirt learn surf Germany


2. Read and compare

[ɔ] [ə:]

four -4 fur -

torn turn -

warm worm -

ward word -

wall whirl -

fawn fern -

lawn learn -

morse mirth -

wars worse -

born burn -

form firm -

short shirt -

core cur -

sore sir


3. Tongue twister


Larry Hurley, a burly squirrel hurler, hurled a furry squirrel through a curly girl.



Read aloud

abroad faculty cinema dollar
figure address cactus drama
centre soda advice second
camera dancer zebra alarm
factory banana number member
until ransom sugar picture


Read the words and write them out into eleven columns according to the reading rule


Bean, Polly, bin, ban, Pearl, Ben, pull, Paul, bun, pool, barn, bat, beat, furl, fall, bit, bet, folly, fool, Bart, but, full, curd, bard, cooed, bud, could, bead, bad, cord, bed, cod, ward, bid, peak, peck, wooed, Puck, what, pick, would, pack, word, park.




1. Read aloud

angel pain day wage

April eight tail grey steak May age cake convey game playboy aid break spray great ray

rain way weight shape



2. Read and compare

[e] [eɪ]

pen pain -

shed shade -

tell tail -

wet wait -

test taste -

pepper paper -

let late -

letter later -

get gate -


3. Tongue twister


I know a boy named Tate who dined with his girl at eight eight.

I'm unable to state what Tate ate at eight eight or what Tate's tete-a-tete ate at eight eight.


1. Read aloud

ice pike buy fly

mind ivy time guide

lie type either nine

pie life Julay idol

night guy high blind

eye wine sky dye


2. Read and compare

[eɪ] [aɪ]

pay - pie -

bay - buy -

tale - tile -

day - die -

Kate - kite

gay - guy

male - mile -

nail - Nile -

lame - lime -

say - sigh -

race - rice -

hay - high -

ray - rye -

stale - style -

tray try -

mate - might -

3. Tongue twister


There was a young lady of Niger

Who smiled when she rode on a tiger.

They returned from the ride, with the lady inside

And the smile on the face of the tiger.


1. Read aloud


oil voice ointment tomboy

annoy oyster boy employ

joy enjoy point toy

choice playboy joint poison

cowboy Reuter moist loin

toilet buoy soy boil


2. Read and compare

[ɔ:] [ↄɪ]

all - oil ,

ball - boil -

corn - coin -

tore - toy -

jaw - joy -

bawl - boil -

bore - boy


3. Tongue twister

How much oil boil can a gumboil boil if a gumboil can boil oil?


1. Read aloud

out house bough pow-wow

drought owl round eyebrow

downtown sound crowd wow

rout fountain mouth cow

brown vowel mountain town

now couch outcast scout


2. Read and compare

[a:] [au]

car cow -

bar bow -

bra brow -

grass - grouse -

tarn town


3. Tongue twister

Mr. Brown was not allowed to go out of the house.


1. Read aloud

open post shoulder hero

scapegoat go bone know

loaf tiptoe only boat

snow soap smoke oatmeal

hope toe toast home

over soda tomato soul


2. Read and compare

[ɔ:] [əu]

caught - coat -

nought note -

bought boat -

jaw Joe -

ball - bowl -

cork coke -

door dough -

lord load -

lawn lone -

corn cone -

fawn phone -

born bone -

raw row -

court code -

stork stoke


3. Tongue twister

No nose knows like a gnomes nose knows.


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