̲Ͳ ( ᒺ )

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ability (n)

able (adj)

about (adv & prep)

about 500 students (adv)

The film is about a small boy. (prep)

above (prep)

abroad (adv)

absent (adj)

accept (v)

access (n)

disabled access

internet access

accident (n)

accommodation (n)

accompany (v)

according to (prep phr)

account (n)

accurate (adj)

ache (n & v)

achieve (v)

across (prep)

act (n & v)

in the second act (of the play) (n)

to act in a play (v)

to act strangely (v)

action (n)

active (adj)

activity (n)

actor (n)

actress (n)

actual (adj)

ad (advertisement) (n)

add (v)

addition (n)

in addition

additional (adj)

address (n)

admire (v)

admission (n)


admit (v)

adult (adj & n)

advanced (adj)

advantage (n)

adventure (n)

advert (n)

advertise (v)

advertisement (n)

advice (n)

advise (v)

aeroplane (n)

afford (v)

afraid (adj)

after (prep)

afternoon (n)

afterwards (adv)

again (adv)

against (prep)

age (n)

aged (adj)

agent (n)

agency (n)

ago (adv)

agree (v)

ahead (adv)

aim (n & v)

air (n)

air-conditioning (n)

air force (n)

airline (n)

airmail (n)

airport (n)

alarm (n)

alarm clock (n)

album (n)

alike (adv)

alive (adj)

all (adj, adv, det & pron)

all right/alright (adv)

allow (v)

almost (adv)

alone (adv & adj)

along (adv & prep)

aloud (adv)

alphabet (n)

already (adv)

also (adv)

although (conj)

altogether (adv)

always (adv)

a.m. (adv)

amazed (adj)

amazing (adj)

ambassador (n)

ambition (n)

ambulance (n)

among (amongst) (prep)

amount (n)

amusing (adj)

ancient (adj)

and (conj)

angry (adj)

animal (n)

ankle (n)

anniversary (n)

announce (v)

announcement (n)

annoy (v)

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annual (adj)

another (det & pron)

answer (n & v)

answerphone (n)

antique (adj & n)

anxious (adj)

any (det & pron)

anybody (pron)

anyhow (adv)

anyone (pron)

anything (pron)

anyway (adv)

anywhere (adv)

apart from (prep)

apartment (n)

apologise (v)

apology (n)

appear (v)

appearance (n)

apple (n)

application (n)

apply (v)

appointment (n)

approach (v)

approve (v)

architect (n)

area (n)

argue (v)

arm (n)

armchair (n)

army (n)

around (adv & prep)

arrange (v)

arrest (v)

arrival (n)

arrive (v)

art (n)

article (n)

artist (n)

as (conj & prep)

as well (adv)

as well as (prep)

ashamed (adj)

ask (v)

asleep (adj)

aspirin (n)

assistant (n)

at (prep)

at all (prep phr)

at first (prep phr)

at last (prep phr)

at least (prep phr)

at once (prep phr)

at present (prep phr)

at the same time (prep phr)

athlete (n)

athletics (n)

atmosphere (n)

attach (v)

attack (n & v)

attempt (v)

attend (v)

attention (n)

attitude (n)

attract (v)

attraction (n)

attractive (adj)

audience (n)

aunt (n)

automatically (adv)

available (adj)

average (adj & n)

avoid (v)

awake (adj)

away (adv)

awful (adj)


baby (n)

back (adv, adj & n)

background (n)

backpack (n)

backwards (adv)

bad (adj)

bag (n)

baggage (n)

bake (v)

balance (n & v)

balcony (n)

bald (adj)

ball (n)

ballet (n)

balloon (n)

banana (n)

band (n)

bandage (n)

bank (n)

bank balance (n)

banknote (n)

bar (n)

barbecue (n & v)

bare (adj)

base on (phr v)

baseball (n)

basement (n)

basic (adj)

basin (n)

basket (n)

basketball (n)

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bat (n)

bath (n & v)

bathroom (n)

battle (n)

bay (n)

be (v)

beach (n)

bean (n)

bear (n)

beard (n)

beat (v)

beautiful (adj)

because (conj)

because of (prep phr)

become (v)

bed (n)

bedroom (n)

bee (n)

beef (n)

before (prep, adv & conj)

begin (v)

behave (v)

behind (prep & adv)

believe (v)

bell (n)

belong (v)

belongings (n)

below (adv & prep)

belt (n)

bend (n & v)

beneath (adv & prep)

benefit (n & v)

beside (prep)

between (prep & adv)

beyond (prep & adv)

bicycle (n)

big (adj)

bike (n)

bill (n)

electricity bill

bin (n)

biography (n)

biology (n)

bird (n)

birth (n)

birthday (n)

biscuit (n)

bit (n)

bite (n & v)

bitter (adj)

black (adj)

blackboard (n)

blame (n & v)

blank (adj)

a blank piece of paper

blanket (n)

bleed (v)

blind (adj & n)

block (n)

block of flats

blond(e) (adj & n)

blood (n)

blouse (n)

blow (n & v)

blue (adj)

board (n & v)

boarding pass (n)

boat (n)

body (n)

boil (v)

bold (adj)

bomb (n & v)

bone (n)

book (n & v)

booking office (n)

bookshelf (n)

bookshop (n)

boot (n)

leather boots

the boot of the car

border (n)

bored (adj)

boring (adj)

born (adj)

borrow (v)

boss (n)

both (pron & det)

bottle (n)

bottom (n)

bowl (n)

box (n & v)

boy (n)

boyfriend (n)

brain (n)

brake (n & v)

branch (n)

brave (adj)

bread (n)

break (n & v)

break down (phr v)

The car has broken down.

break in (phr v)

Someone broke in and stole the


break up (phr v)

When does school break up?

The pop group has broken up.

breakfast (n)

breath (n)

breathe (v)

brick (n)

Page 7

bridge (n)

brief (adj)

bright (adj)

brilliant (adj)

bring (v)

bring up (phr v)

She was brought up in London.

broad (adj)

brochure (n)

brother (n)

brown (adj)

brush (n & v)

bucket (n)

buffet (adj & n)

bug (n)

build (v)

building (n)

bulb (n)

light bulb

bull (n)

bullet (n)

bureau (n)

burger (n)

burglar (n)

burglary (n)

burn (n & v)

bury (v)

bus (n)

business (n)

bus station (n)

bus stop (n)

busy (adj)

but (conj)

butcher (n)

butter (n)

button (n)

buy (v)

by (prep)

by accident (prep phr)

by all means (prep phr)

by hand (prep phr)

by mistake (prep phr)

by name (prep phr)


cab (n)

cabbage (n)

cabin (n)

cable (n)

café/cafe (n)

cage (n)

cake (n)

calculator (n)

calendar (n)

call (n & v)

call for (phr v)

Ill call for you at 7.

call in (phr v)

She called in to see a friend.

calm (adj)

camel (n)

camera (n)

camp (n & v)

campsite (n)

can (n)

canal (n)

cancel (v)

candidate (n)

candle (n)

canteen (n)

cap (n)

capital (adj)

capital city

capital letter

captain (n)

car (n)

carry out (phr v)

car park (n)

card (n)

birthday card

credit card

identity (ID) card

playing card

cardboard (adj & n)

care (n & v)

take care of someone (n)

to care (about/for) someone/something


career (n)

carpet (n)

carrot (n)

carry (v)

carry on (phr v)

He carried on walking despite the rain.

cartoon (n)

case (n)


cash (n & v)

cassette (n)

cassette player/recorder (n)

castle (n)

cat (n)

catch (v)

cathedral (n)

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cauliflower (n)

cause (n & v)

cave (n)

CD (n)

CD-Rom (n)

ceiling (n)

celebrate (v)

celebration (n)

celery (n)

cellar (n)

cent (n)

centimetre (cm) (n)

central (adj)

central heating (n)

centre (n)

century (n)

cereal (n)

certain (adj)

certificate (n)

chain (n)

chair (n & v)

chalk (n)

challenge (n & v)

champion (n)

chance (n)

change (n & v)

changing room (n)

channel (n)

chapter (n)

character (n)

charge (n & v)

chat (n)

cheap (adj)

cheat (v)

check (n & v)

check in (phr v)

They checked in to a hotel.

check out (phr v)

He checked out of the hotel at the end

of his stay.

checkout (n)

cheerful (adj)

cheers! (exclam)

cheese (n)

chef (n)

chemist (n)

chemistry (n)

cheque (n)

chess (n)

chest (n)

chicken (n)

chief (adj)

child (n)

childhood (n)

chimney (n)

chin (n)

chips (n)

chocolate (n)

choice (n)

choose (v)

church (n)

cinema (n)

circle (n)

circus (n)

city (n)

clap (v)

class (n)

language class

first class, second class

classical (adj)

classical music

classroom (n)

clean (adj & v)

clear (adj & v)

clever (adj)

click (v)

cliff (n)

climate (n)

climb (v)

clinic (n)

cloakroom (n)

clock (n)

close (adj, adv & v)

cloth (n)

clothes (n pl)

cloud (n)

club (n)

to join a club

coach (n)

coal (n)

coast (n)

coat (n)

cocoa (n)

coconut (n)

coffee (n)

coin (n)

cola (n)

cold (adj & n)

collar (n)

colleague (n)

collect (v)

collection (n)

college (n)

colour (n & v)

comb (n & v)

come (v)

come down (phr v)

The house had come down in price.

come on (phr v)

Come on or we'll miss the bus.

comedy (n)

Page 9

comedian (n)

comfort (n)

comfortable (adj)

comic (adj & n)

command (v)

commercial (adj)

committee (n)

common (adj)

a common surname

have something in common

communicate (v)

communication (n)

compact (adj)

company (n)

compare (v)

comparison (n)

compete (n)

competition (n)

complain (v)

complaint (n)

complete (v)

complicated (adj)

composition (n)

computer (n)

concentrate (v)

concert (n)

conclusion (n)

condition (n)

in good condition

conference (n)

confident (adj)

confirm (v)

congratulations! (exclam)

connect (v)

connection (n)

consider (v)

consist (v)

consul (n)

consulate (n)

contact (n & v)

contain (v)

contents (n)

continent (n)

continue (v)

contract (n)

control (n & v)

convenient (adj)

conversation (n)

cook (n & v)

cooker (n)

cookie (n) (Am Eng)

cool (adj & v)

copy (n & v)

corn (n)

corner (n)

correct (adj & v)

correction (n)

corridor (n)

cost (n & v)

costume (n)

cottage (n)

cotton (n)

cough (n & v)

count (v)

country (n)

countryside (n)

couple (n)

courage (n)

course (n)

English course

main course

of course (exclam)

court (n)

law court

tennis court

cousin (n)

cover (n & v)

cow (n)

crash (n & v)

crazy (adj)

cream (adj & n)

create (v)

creative (adj)

creature (n)

credit (n)

credit card

crew (n)

crime (n)

criminal (n)

cross (n & v)

crossing (n)

pedestrian crossing

cross out (phr v)

Cross it out and write it again.

crossroads (n)

crowd (n)

crowded (adj)

crown (n)

cruel (adj)

cruise (v)

cry (n & v)

cucumber (n)

cultural (adj)

culture (n)

cup (n)

cupboard (n)

cure (n & v)

curious (adj)

curly (adj)

currency (n)

current (adj)

Page 10

curriculum (n)

curriculum vitae/CV (n)

curry (n)

curtain (n)

curve (n & v)

cushion (n)

custom (n)

customs (n pl)

customs officer (n)

customer (n)

cut (n & v)

cut up (phr v)

She cut up the cake into small pieces.

cute (adj)

cycle (n & v)


dad (n)

daddy (n)

daily (adj & adv)

damage (n & v)

damp (adj)

dance (n & v)

danger (n)

dangerous (adj)

dark (adj & n)

date (n & v)

todays date (n)

daughter (n)

day (n)

dead (adj)

deaf (adj)

deal (with) (v)

dear (adj & exclam)

too dear to buy (adj)

Dear Sir (adj)

Oh dear! (exclam)

death (n)

decide (v)

decimal (adj & n)

decision (n)

declare (v)

deck (n)

the deck of a boat

decrease (n & v)

deejay / DJ (n)

deep (adj & adv)

defeat (n & v)

defence (n)

defend (v)

definitely (adv)

degree (n)

90 degrees

a degree in maths

delay (n & v)

delighted (adj)

deliver (v)

delivery (n)

demand (n & v)

demonstration (n)

dentist (n)

depart (v)

department (n)

departure (n)

depend (v)

It depends on what you want to do.

deposit (n)

pay a deposit

depressed (adj)

depth (n)

the depth of the water

describe (v)

description (n)

desert (n)

deserve (v)

design (n & v)

desk (n)

despite (prep)

dessert (n)

destination (n)

destroy (v)

detail (n)

detective (n)

develop (v)

diagram (n)

dial (v)

diary (n)

dictionary (n)

die (v)

diet (n & v)

differ (v)

difference (n)

different (adj)

difficult (adj)

difficulty (n)

dig (v)

digital (adj)

dining room (n)

dinner (n)

diploma (n)

direct (adj & v)

direction (n)

director (n)

directory (n)

a telephone directory

dirt (n)

disabled (adj)

disadvantage (n)

Page 11

disagree (v)

disappear (v)

disappoint (v)

disc/disk (n)

compact disc/CD

hard disk

floppy disk

disco(theque) (n)

discount (n)

discover (v)

discuss (v)

discussion (n)

disease (n)

disgusting (adj)

dish (n)

dishwasher (n)

dislike (n & v)

display (n & v)

distance (n)

distant (adj)

district (n)

disturb (v)

dive (v)

divide (v)

dizzy (adj)

do (v)

doctor/Dr (n)

document (n)

documentary (adj & n)

dog (n)

doll (n)

dollar (n)

dolphin (n)

door (n)

double (adj)

doubt (n & v)

down (adv & prep)

download (n & v)

downstairs (adv)

dozen (n)

drama (n)

draw (v)

to draw a picture of someone or


to draw the curtains

to draw near

drawer (n)

dream (n & v)

dress (n & v)

dressing (n)

drink (n & v)

drive (n & v)

driving licence (n)

drop (n & v)

drugstore (n) (Am Eng)

drum (n)

dry (adj & v)

dry cleaning (n)

duck (n)

due (adj)

The next bus is due in five minutes.

due to (prep phr)

dull (adj)

during (prep)

dust (n & v)

dustbin (n)

duty (n)

duty-free (adj)

duvet (n)

DVD (n)

DVD player (n)


each (det & pron)

ear (n)

earache (n)

early (adj)

earn (v)

earring (n)

earth (n)

east (adj, adv & n)

eastern (adj)

easy (adj)

eat (v)

economics (n)

edge (n)

educate (v)

education (n)

effect (n)

efficient (adj)

effort (n)

egg (n)

either (adv, det, pron & conj)

elderly (n & adj)

elect (v)

election (n)

electric (adj)

electrical (adj)

electricity (n)

electronic (adj)

elementary (adj)

elephant (n)

else (adv)

email (n & v)

embarrassed (adj)

embarrassing (adj)

embassy (n)

emergency (n)

employ (v)

Page 12

employee (n)

employment (n)

empty (adj & v)

encourage (v)

end (n & v)

end up (phr v)

enemy (n)

engaged (adj)

to be engaged to someone

The phone was engaged.

engine (n)

engineer (n)

enjoy (v)

enormous (adj)

enough (adv, det & pron)

enquiry (n)

enter (v)

entertain (v)

entertaining (adj)

entertainment (n)

entrance (n)

entry (n)

envelope (n)

environment (n)

equal (adj)

equipment (n)

escalator (n)

escape (n & v)

especially (adv)

essay (n)

essential (adj)

euro/Euro (n)

even (adv)

He couldn't even do that.

evening (n)

event (n)

ever (adv)

every (adj)

everybody (pron)

everyone (pron)

everything (pron)

everywhere (adv)

exact (adj)

examine (v)

examination/exam (n)

example (n)

excellent (adj)

except (prep, conj)

excitement (n)

exchange (n)

an exchange visit

in exchange for

exchange (v)

exchange rate (n)

excited (adj)

exciting (adj)

excuse (n & v)

exercise (n & v)

exhibition (n)

exist (v)

exit (n)

expect (v)

expedition (n)

expensive (adj)

experience (n)

experiment (n & v)

expert (n)

explain (v)

explanation (n)

explode (v)

explore (v)

extra (adj & adv)

extraordinary (adj)

extremely (adv)

eye (n)


face (n)

a sad look on his face

facility (n)

The hotel has excellent facilities.

fact (n)

factory (n)

fail (v)

failure (n)

faint (adj & v)

fair (adj & n)

fairly (adv)

faithfully (adv)

fall (n & v)

(n) (Am Eng) (Br Eng:autumn)

false (adj)

familiar (with) (adj)

family (n)

famous (adj)

fan (n)

fantastic (adj)

far (adv)

fare (n)

The return fare is £26.

farm (n & v)

fascinate (v)

fashion (n)

fast (adj & adv)

fasten (v)

fat (adj & n)

father (n)

fault (n)

favour (n)

Page 13

favourite (adj & n)

fax (n & v)

fear (n)

fee (n)

feed (v)

feel (v)

feel like (v)

to feel like doing something

female (adj)

fence (n)

ferry (n)

festival (n)

fetch (v)

fever (n)

few (adj)

fiancé(e) (n)

fiction (n)

field (n)

fight (n & v)

figure (n)

fill (v)

fill in (phr v)

You need to fill in a form.

fill up (phr v)

He filled up the car with petrol.

film (n & v)

film maker (n)

film star (n)

final (adj & n)

financial (adj)

find (v)

find out (phr v)

I must find out when hes arriving.

fine (adj, n & v)

finger (n)

finish (n & v)

fire (n)

firefighter (n)

firm (adj & n)

firm ground (adj)

a good firm to work for (n)

first (adj, adv & pron)

first name (adj)

first of all (adv)

He was the first. (pron)

fish (n & v)

fit (adj & v)

keep fit (adj)

These shoes don't fit. (v)

fitness (n)

fix (v)

flag (n)

flat (adj & n)

flight (n)

flight attendant (n)

float (v)

flood (n & v)

floor (n)

flour (n)

flow (n & v)

flower (n)

flu (n)

flute (n)

fly (n & v)

fog (n)

fold (v)

folk (adj & n)

follow (v)

following (adj)

fond (adj)

to be fond of something/someone

food (n)

fool (n)

foot (n)

football (n)

for (prep)

forbid (v)

force (n)

forecast (n & v)

foreign (adj)

foreigner (n)

forest (n)

forever (adv)

forget (v)

forgive (v)

fork (n)

form (n)

former (adj)

fortnight (n)

fortunately (adv)

forward(s) (adv)

fountain (n)

free (adj)

freeze (v)

freezer (n)

French fries (n) (Am Eng)

frequent (adj)

fresh (adj)

fridge (n)

friend (n)

frighten (v)

from (prep)

front (adj & n)

frontier (n)

frost (n)

fruit (n)

fry (v)

frying pan (n)

fuel (n)

full (adj)

full time (adv)

Page 14

full-time (adj)

fun (n)

funny (adj)

a funny story (amusing)

a funny thing happened (strange)

furnished (adj)

furniture (n)

further (adv & adj)

future (adj & n)


gallery (n)

an art gallery

gain (v)

gain experience

game (n)

gap (n)

garage (n)

garden (n)

gas (n)

a gas cooker

to put some gas in the car (Am Eng)

(Br Eng:petrol)

gate (n)

general (adj)

generation (n)

generous (adj)

gentle (adj)

gentleman (n)

geography (n)

get (v)

get along (with) (phr v)

How do you get along with Harry?

get back (phr v)

When did you get back from New


get down (phr v)

Get down at once!

Did you get all the notes down?

get in (phr v)

Can you get in through the window?

get off (phr v)

We get off at the next stop.

get on (phr v)

Get your coat on and then we can


How are you getting on now?

get on (with) (phr v)

She got on with her work.

Im getting on well with French.

Do you get on well with Sam?

get rid of (phr v)

get up (phr v)

What time do you get up in the


gift (n)

giraffe (n)

girl (n)

girlfriend (n)

give (v)

give back (phr v)

Give me back this book on Tuesday,


give in (phr v)

Have you given in your homework yet?

Do you give in?

give out (phr v)

Will you give out these papers for me,


give up (phr v)

Has David given up playing tennis?

give way (phr v)

You must give way to traffic at a


glad (adj)

glance (n & v)

glass (n)

glasses (n pl)

global warming (n)

glove (n)

go (v)

go for (phr v)

He went for the job.

The dog went for the man.

go off (phr v)

They went off to Australia.

Suddenly the lights went off.

go on (phr v)

The meeting went on until six o'clock.

What's going on?

go out (phr v)

The fire has gone out.

Are you going out with Thomas


go with (phr v)

Your tie doesn't go with your shirt.

goal (n)

goat (n)

gold (adj & n)

golf (n)

good (adj)

The film was very good.

to be good at maths

goodbye (exclam)

good-looking (adj)

goodnight (exclam)

goods (n pl)

govern (v)

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government (n)

grade (n)

gram(me) (n)

grammar (n)

grandchild (n)

grand(d)ad (n)

granddaughter (n)

grandfather (n)

grandma (n)

grandmother (n)

grandpa (n)

grandparent (n)

grandson (n)

grant (n)

He was given a grant to study in

Australia. (n)

grape (n)

grass (n)

grateful (adj)

great (adj)

green (adj)

greengrocer (n)

grey (adj)

grill (n & v)

grocer (n)

ground (adj & n)

group (n & v)

grow (v)

grow up (phr v)

Children grow up fast.

guard (n & v)

guess (n & v)

guest (n)

guest-house (n)

guide (n & v)

guidebook (n)

guilty (adj)

guitar (n)

gum (n)

chewing gum

sore gums

gun (n)

guy (n)

gym(nastics) (n)


habit (n)

hair (n)

haircut (n)

hairdresser (n)

hairdryer (n)

half (adj, adv & n)

hall (n)

hallo/hello (exclam)

hammer (n & v)

hand (n & v)

hand-held (adj)

hand in (phr v)

Please hand in the answer sheet when

youve finished.

hand out (phr v)

Hand out the books please, Tom.

handbag (n)

handkerchief (n)

handle (n & v)

handsome (adj)

handwriting (n)

hang (v)

to hang a picture

hang out (phr v)

to hang out with friends

hang up (phr v)

She hung up at the end of the phone


happen (v)

happy (adj)

harbour (n)

hard (adj & adv)

hardly (adv)

hardly any time

He could hardly wait.

hat (n)

hate (n & v)

have (v)

have got (v)

he (pron)

head (n & v)

to hit one's head (n)

the head of the company (n)

The child was sent to see the Head

Teacher. (n)

to head a ball (v)

headache (n)

headline (n)

health (n)

hear (v)

heart (n)

heat (n & v)

hedge (n)

heavy (adj)

height (n)

helicopter (n)

hello/hallo (exclam)

helmet (n)

help (n & v)

her (det & pron)

here (adv)

hero (n)

hers (pron)

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herself (pron)

hide (v)

high (adj & adv)

hill (n)

him (pron)

himself (pron)

hire (v & n)

to hire a boat (v)

for hire (n)

his (det & pron)

historic (adj)

historical (adj)

history (n)

hit (n & v)

The song was a great hit. (n)

to hit the ball (v)

hitch-hike (v)

hobby (n)

hockey (n)

hold (v)

hold up (phr v)

He was held up in the heavy traffic for

over two hours.

hole (n)

holiday (n)

home (adv & n)

homepage (n)

homework (n)

honest (adj)

honey (n)

hope (n & v)

horrible (adj)

horse (n)

hospital (n)

hostel (n)

hot (adj)

hotel (n)

hour (n)

house (n)

housewife (n)

housework (n)

hovercraft (n)

how (adv)

how much (adv)

however (adv)

huge (adj)

human (adj & n)

hunger (n)

hungry (adj)

hurry (n & v)

hurt (adj & v)

husband (n)

hut (n)

hydrofoil (n)


I (pron)

ice (n)

ice cream (n)

ice hockey (n)

idea (n)

identity (n)

identity (ID) card

if (conj)

ill (adj)

illness (n)

imagination (n)

imagine (v)

immediate (adj)

immediately (adv)

immigration (n)

import (v)

importance (n)

important (adj)

impossible (adj)

improve (v)

in (adv & prep)

in advance (prep phr)

in any case (prep phr)

in case of (prep phr)

in case of fire

in case of delays

in danger (prep phr)

in the end (prep phr)

in fact (prep phr)

in front of (prep phr)

in half (prep phr)

in ink (prep phr)

in love (prep phr)

in order (prep phr)

in order to (prep phr)

in pencil (prep phr)

in pieces (prep phr)

in place (prep phr)

in private (prep phr)

in public (prep phr)

in stock (prep phr)

in time (prep phr)

in turn (prep phr)

in two (prep phr)

include (v)

income (n)

incorrect (adj)

increase (n & v)

indeed (adv)

independent (adj)

index (n)

the index of a book

individual (adj & n)

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indoor (adj)

indoors (adv)

industry (n)

influence (n & v)

inform (v)

information (n)

ingredients (n)

inhabitant (n)

initial (n)

His initials are J.B.H.

injure (v)

ink (n)

inn (n)

inquiry (n)

insect (n)

inside (adv, prep & n)

insist (v)

instance (n)

instead (adv)

instead of (prep phr)

instruction(s) (n)

instructor (n)

instrument (n)

musical instrument

insurance (n)

insure (v)

intelligent (adj)

intend (v)

to intend to do something

interest (n & v)

intermediate (adj)

international (adj)

internet (n)

interpret (v)

interrupt (v)

interval (n)

an interval in a play

interview (n & v)

into (prep)

introduce (v)

introduction (n)

invade (v)

invasion (n)

invent (v)

invention (n)

invitation (n)

invite (v)

involve (v)

iron (n & v)

island (n)

issue (n)

IT (Information Technology) (n)

it (pron)

item (n)

its (det)

itself (pron)


jacket (n)

jail (n) (Am Eng) (Br. Eng:prison)

jam (n)

strawberry jam

traffic jam

jar (n)

jazz (n)

jealous (adj)

jeans (n pl)

jet (n)

to go by jet (plane)

jewellery (n)

job (n)

jog (v)

to go jogging

join (v)

The rivers join there.

to join the army

to join (in) a game

joke (n & v)

journalism (n)

journalist (n)

journey (n)

judge (n & v)

jug (n)

juice (n)

jump (n & v)

jury (n)

just (adv)


kangaroo (n)

keen (adj)

He's keen on cycling.

to be keen to do something

keep (v)

keep in (phr v)

She kept the children in as it was so


keep on (phr v)

He kept on talking.

keep up (phr v)

Keep up the good work!

kettle (n)

key (n)

key to a lock

key to success

keyboard (n)

computer keyboard

Page 18

keyboard music

kick (n & v)

kids (n pl)

kilo(gram[me]) (kg) (n)

kilometre (km) (n)

kill (v)

kind (adj & n)

king (n)

kiosk (n)

kiss (n & v)

kitchen (n)

kitten (n)

knee (n)

kneel (v)

knife (n)

knit (v)

knock (n & v)

knock down (phr v)

He was knocked down by the car as

he stepped into the road.

knock out (phr v)

The fall knocked him out.

know (v)

knowledge (n)


laboratory (lab) (n)

labourer (n)

lack (n & v)

ladder (n)

lady (n)

lake (n)

lamb (n)

lamp (n)

land (n & v)

landlady (n)

landlord (n)

landscape (n)

language (n)

laptop (computer) (n)

large (adj)

laser (n)

last (adj, adv & v)

late (adj & adv)

lately (adv)

later (adj & adv)

latest (adj)

laugh (n & v)

laundry (n)

lavatory (n)

law (n)

lawn (n)

lawyer (n)

lay (v)

lazy (adj)

lead (v)

to lead someone by the hand

Where does this road lead?

leaf (n)

learn (v)

least (adj & adv)

the least amount (adj)

at least (adv)

leather (n)

leave (v)

leave out (phr v)

He left out several important facts.

lecture (n & v)

left (n, adj & adv)

leg (n)

leisure (n)

lemon (n)

lemonade (n)

lend (v)

length (n)

less (det, adj, adv & pron)

lesson (n)

let (v)

Let her do it.

Let me think.

Lets go out tonight.

letter (n)

letter-box (n)

lettuce (n)

level (adj & n)

library (n)

licence (n)

a driving/marriage/TV licence

lie (n & v)

life (n)

lift (n & v)

Can you give me a lift, please? (n)

The lift is going up. (n)

Please help me to lift this table. (v)

light (adj, n & v)

lighter (n)

a cigarette lighter

lightning (n)

like (adv, prep & v)

likely (adj)

limit (n & v)

line (n)

a line on a page

a clothes line

a railway line

link (n)

a link to a website

lion (n)

lip (n)

Page 19

lipstick (n)

liquid (n)

list (n)

listen (v)

literature (n)

litre (n)

litter (n)

little (adj & pron)

live (v)

live (adj)

live music/sport

lively (adj)

living (adj)

living room

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