What is the main idea of the article?

Examination Card #3

A Theres no such thing as a true genius.

B People can only be born as geniuses.

C Scientists completely understand the brain.

DThere are many factors in being a genius.

2. An example of a child prodigy is ..... .

Aa person who can do complex math at a young age.

B a kid who works really hard to do well at school.

C a student who practises an instrument a lot.

D a child who is eager to learn new things.

Which of the following is NOT true according to the article?

A People are usually smarter when they recover from brain injury.

B New things about the brain are still being discovered.

C Some people naturally have more active brains.

D People without natural abilities can learn to do things very well.

What would be the best way to describe Susan Polgers special abilities?

ANative  CDeveloped

B Standard  D Restricted



II. Writing

Fill in the gaps with the correct future forms of the verb (will or going to).

1. Mrs. Garrison (teach).......... .......... .......... .......... the class next year.

2. The cookies are all gone. (buy) .......... you .......... some, please?

Examination Card #3

3. Toni and David (name) .......... .......... .......... .......... the baby Melinda.

4. Everyone is hungry. I (get) .......... .......... some doughnuts for breakfast.

5. Peter, (fix).......... you .......... the chair tomorrow?

6. Eduardo (marry) .......... .......... .......... .......... Carmen in June.

Write an email (5060 words) to your English-speaking friend saying that you would like to go on holiday with him / her and say which town in Ukraine you recommend to visit and why.


Examination Card #4

I. Reading

Read the text given below. For questions (16), choose from the places mentioned in the tour (AD) as in the example. The places may be chosen more than once.

The Pacific Paradise Tour took us to California, on the west coast of the United States, and to the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. With beautiful countryside, exciting cities and fantastic beaches, this holiday had everything.

The first place we stopped at was San Francisco, in northern California. This city is famous for its cable cars and it certainly needs them because San Francisco is extremely hilly and has some very steep roads! By the sea, next to the fishing boats, there are the fish restaurants. Here we enjoyed watching the street actors and musicians as we ate delicious fresh fish. One thing well never forget is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is very big and beautiful.

The next city on the tour was Los Angeles. This city is very exciting and has some very famous attractions. The nearby beaches are long and sandy and the mountains outside the city are high and dry. We visited the beach where they were filming Baywatch. We also went to Disneyland where we saw E.T. and shook hands with Mickey Mouse. After that they took us to Hollywood to see the houses of the stars who have made a lot of films and a lot of money!

The last place we visited in California was San Diego, a city with sun, sand, sea and all kinds of watersports. We went to the San Diego Zoo which is one of the worlds largest zoos. We also visited Mexico, which is only a short drive away from San Diego.

Finally, we went to Hawaii. Its paradise! We sat on golden beaches with green palm trees and watched amazing red sunsets. We also saw colourful fish at Sea Life Park and went snorkelling in Hanauma Bay. In the evenings we enjoyed the lively clubs, bars and ice-cream parlours. Best of all, we ate fantastic Hawaiian food while watching Hawaiian people performing traditional Polynesian dances.

This holiday was fantastic. So when you have time, get on the first plane to the west coast of The United States and have the time of your life!

Which sentences refer to which place(s)?

Examination Card #4

A San Francisco

B Los Angeles

C San Diego


0. The city is built on hills.

1. There is a famous theme park.

2. It is very close to another country.

3. The local food is delicious.

4. Entertainers perform as you eat.

5. You can see the homes of famous people.

6. You can see interesting creatures under the sea.


II. Writing

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