Which of the following is true about Spain?

A Spain is an extremely large country.

B Spain has become a global power in the last fifty years.

C Spain spread its power around the world for about 300 years.

D Spain does not have much influence anymore.

Based on the article, which of the following can be inferred about Spain?

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A Its culture has changed fundamentally over the past three centuries.

B Its cultural attractions are diverse.

C It has outlawed the controversial activity of bullfighting.

D Flamenco is performed before or during bullfights.

3. Flamenco dancing ..... .

A is a slow dance performed by gypsies

B is only performed in the south of Spain

C was discovered by the Spanish during their global explorations

D is an energetic form of dance

Which aspect of Spanish culture is NOT mentioned in the article?

A Cuisine  C Music

B Architecture  D Religion


II. Writing

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, circle the correct letter A, B, C or D.

Scientists believe that rainforests may be home to more than ten million different forms of wildlife. The largest group (1) .....of insects, which climb or fly easily from tree to tree. Most people are familiar (2) .....colourful parrots, but they are only one part of the total bird (3) ....., which goes from tiny hummingbirds to huge toucans. Some monkeys have thin webs of skin between their legs that (4) .....them to almost fly between (5) ...... Others have long, strong tails, like an (6) .....arm, so they can hang down to reach pieces of fruit.


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Your teacher has asked you to write a short essay giving your opinion on the following statement: A good friend always keeps your secrets. Write your essay in 5060 words.


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I. Reading

Read the text and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) for the sentences (14).

For many people who live in cities, parks are an important part of the landscape. They provide a place for people to relax and play sports, as well as a refuge from the often harsh environment of a city. What people often overlook is that parks also provide considerable environmental benefits.

One benefit of parks is that plants absorb carbon dioxidea key pollutantand emit oxygen, which humans need to breathe. According to one study, an acre of trees can absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide that a typical car emits in 11,000 miles of driving. Parks also make cities cooler. Scientists have long noted what is called the Urban Heat Island Effect: building materials such as metal, concrete, and asphalt absorb much more of the suns heat and release it much more quickly than organic surfaces like trees and grass. Because city landscapes contain so much of these building materials, cities are usually warmer than surrounding rural areas. Parks and other green spaces help to mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Unfortunately, many cities cannot easily create more parks because most land is already being used for buildings, roads, parking lots, and other essential parts of the urban environment. However, cities could benefit from many of the positive effects of parks by encouraging citizens to create another type of green space: rooftop gardens. While most people would not think of starting a garden on their roof, human beings have been planting gardens on rooftops for thousands of years. Some rooftop gardens are very complex and require complicated engineering or investment, but others are simple container gardens that anyone can create with the investment of a few hundred dollars and a few hours of work.

Rooftop gardens provide many of the same benefits as other urban park and garden spaces, but without taking up the much-needed land. Like parks, rooftop gardens help to replace carbon dioxide in the air with nourishing oxygen. They also help to lessen the Urban Heat Island Effect, which can save people money.

In the summer, rooftop gardens prevent buildings from absorbing heat from the sun, which can significantly reduce cooling bills. In the winter, gardens help

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hold in the heat that materials like brick and concrete radiate so quickly, leading to savings on heating bills. Rooftop vegetable and herb gardens can also provide fresh food for city dwellers, saving them money and making their diets healthier. Rooftop gardens are not only something everyone can enjoy, they are also a smart environmental investment.

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