What was Phileas Foggs strangest habit?

A He always dined at the same table.

B He read the papers at the club every day.

C He always won at card games.

D He divided his time equally between his home and the club.


II. Writing

Underline the correct word(s).

1.Katie speaks Spanish / the Spanish fluently.

2.All clothes / the clothes in that bag need to be washed.

3. Life / The life will be very different in a hundred years time.

4. Swimming / The swimming is a good way to keep fit.

5.Jane has gone to library / the library to do some work.

6.He was only / the only person who remembered my birthday.

7. Potatoes / The potatoes grow underground.

8.I always have a cup of coffee in morning / the morning.

9.Her children bought her those flowers / the flowers.

10.I have been playing piano / the piano since I was eight years old.

Examination Card #46

Write an essay (5060 words) with this title: If you could be famous for a day, who would you choose to be and why? Follow this plan:

say whether the choice would be difficult;

describe who would you like to be;

say why you would choose this person;

summarize the reason for your choice.


Examination Card #48

I. Reading

Read the text given below. Match the headings (AF) to the paragraphs (14). There is one extra heading which you do not need.


A.Make a new friend.

B. The lucky ones.

C. Every little helps.

D. A little goes a long way.

E. Three wishes.

F.Make a difference.


Health, wealth and happiness are what we all aim for in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us are lucky if we achieve one or two out of the three. Worse still, there are many more people around the world who have little chance of achieving any, but there are some things we can do to change this.


One of the things we can do is sponsor a child who is poor or hungry. Sponsoring a child helps to break the cycle of poverty, despair and hopelessness they and many other children in the Third World face today. If just one person decides to help another person, he or she can make a world of difference. For as little as 16 a month (thats 50p a day) we can give a child a future full of hope. This money helps provide food, clean water, medical care and education for boys and girls who really need it.


Investing in a childs life in this way will not only help the child, but also the family and the community in which they live. Its obvious that clean water, decent healthcare and educational opportunities will benefit everyone in the area.



Examination Card #48

Child sponsorship is different from other kinds of aid programmes because it focuses on the personal relationship between the giver and the receiver. They exchange letters, gifts, photos and more. The journey to see your adopted child is certainly worth the effort.


World poverty and hunger are huge problems that will not go away by themselves. Many things will have to happen to make any changes, but I believe that if each of us starts now by doing something to help, then these changes will start to take place. Sponsoring a child is an easy and cheap way for each of us to make a difference in the life of a poor and hungry child.


II. Writing

Choose the correct item to complete the sentence.

1. He ..... in this house for five months.

A is living  B was living  C has been living

2. Joseph ..... in the garden since eight this morning.

A has dug  B has been digging  Cis digging

3. She ..... the news when I saw her.

A didnt hear  B hasnt heard  C hadnt heard

4. John ..... as a waiter until he finds a better job.

A is working  B works  C has worked

This new film yet?

A Do you see  B Have you seen  C Are you seeing

6. Tim was ironing while Marie ..... television.

A had been watching  B was watching  C watched


Examination Card #48

There has been some discussion in your school newspaper about healthy lifestyles. You want to contribute to the discussion and have decided to write an article (5060 words) entitled Nowadays people do not have a healthy way of life. Write about the following aspects:

sedentary jobs;

unhealthy diet;

polluted environment and health problems.


Examination Card #53

I. Reading

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