What is the writers main purpose in writing the text?

A to describe the social life of British teenagers

B to give statistical facts about British teenagers

Examination Card #61

C to describe preferences and trends among British teenagers

D to complain about teenagers in Britain

What would a reader learn about communication between British teenagers?

A that technology plays an important role in it

B that they prefer to communicate face to face

C that it is unimportant to most of them

D that they have difficulty in communicating

What does the writer suggest about British teenagers attitudes to technology?

A Mobiles are their favourite items of technology.

B They only use technology to play games and socialise.

C They are enthusiastic about new trends in technology.

D They see technology as cool and fashionable.

Which of the following best describes todays British teenagers?

A All they can think about is going out and having fun.

B They spend more time playing with computers than doing their homework.

C They dont meet up with friends any more they just call, text or email them.

D They seem to have more fun, but in fact they work harder than previous generations of teenagers.



II. Writing

Complete the sentences with phrasal verbs stand up, put out, turn on, look after, give up, look up, get on, take off.

1.I often use Wikipedia to ................. information.

2.If you want to ................. a bus in London, you will have to queue.

3.Can I ................. the TV? I want to watch the weather forecast.

4.It is very hard to ................. eating sweets.

5.It is so dark in here, you can really ................. your sunglasses now.

6.Shall I ................. and offer my seat to the old lady?

7.With a few buckets of water, we ................. the fire.

Examination Card #61

8.Who will ................. your cat when youre on holiday?

Write a short biography (5060 words) of a famous person whom you admire. Include the following:

when and where he / she was born;

education, work and achievements;



Examination Card #65

I. Reading

Read the text given below. For questions (14), choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).


Looking back on things now, perhaps my being a van-vendor or a mobile canteen owner was meant to be. Ive pretty much always been on the road. My fathers work involved moving around a lot, so by the time I was fifteen, I had been to six different schools! When I was at college studying Hospitality, I began to work part-time for a programme called Meals On Wheels.

I was a volunteer who drove a van stocked with prepared food. I handed out the food to various elderly or ill people who couldnt prepare meals for themselves. The meals were really good. All well prepared, with hygiene and nutrition taking priority, and people even had choices of vegetarian, diabetic or particular types of ethnic cuisine.

I had to stop working there when I got a full-time job for a catering business. I learnt many tricks of the food trade there as well, but my goal was to become my own boss. I didnt have enough money to open up a restaurant though, and I was still young and unsure of exactly what I wanted to do.

A trip to Japan was the inspiration for my current mobile food business. I loved trying the variety of foods at the yatai or street stalls. One of the owners told me that yatai actually means a cart with a roof, and I even saw some of these traditional food pushcarts being towed around. What I also saw were the modern equivalents, large vans that had been converted into mobile kitchens with a large serving window in their side. Customers would line up by the dozens to buy their range of offerings.

When I came back home, that was it I finally knew exactly what I was going to do. I bought an old van, got it customized by a carpenter friend of mine and then by a plumber. My van ended up with benches, cupboards, a microwave, fridge and sink and a huge sign proudly sporting Freds Food to You. I applied to the council for the relevant permits and in no time my business was up and running!

Examination Card #65

I visit large companies and factories from early morning through to the afternoon selling sandwiches, fish and chips, cakes and more. I dont even advertise, as word of mouth has my business flourishing. At night, I double up as a burger and pie stand in front of clubs. I open when I please and close when I want. My customers know me by name and I know most of them. Good food and service, thats what people want and thats what Im about.

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