What has Peterkin been doing?

A hunting

B splitting wood

C fetching water

D walking along the beach

Why does Peterkin think that other people have lived on the island?

A He found some sugarcane.

B The sugarcane patch was square.

C He saw some savages.

D He saw some men planting sugar- cane.

3. The yam was .....

A an oval shape.

B a greyish colour.

C like an Irish potato.

D almost round.

Peterkin said that

A the food was better on the ship.

B the supper was better than the food on the ship.

C he was worried about becoming greedy.

D Jack was greedy.


Examination Card #66

II. Writing

Fill in the correct prepositions to complete the sentences.

1.The shop is open ..... 9 a.m. ..... 9 p.m. ..... weekdays.

2.Mary is very punctual. She is always ..... time for her appointments.

3.This scarf was given to me ..... John. He said that he had bought it .... Lviv.

4.This book is one ..... the few that I really enjoyed reading. I stayed up ..... twelve oclock last night to finish it.

5.My parents still treat me ..... a ten-year-old child even though I am already seventeen. They wont let me go anywhere on my own ..... bus.

6.The committee members discussed the problem ..... they brought it up ..... the meeting.

You are planning a dinner party. Write an email (5060 words) to your friend, Daniel, inviting him to the party. Include the details about:

the date, time, place of the party;

who else will be there; how he should dress.


Examination Card #71

I. Reading

Read the text given below. For questions (14), choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Millions of people turn into the weather forecast each evening on television. Most of them imagine that the presenter does little more than arrive at the studio a few minutes before the broadcast, read the weather, and then go home.

In fact, this image is far from the truth. The two-minute bulletin which we all rely on when we need to know tomorrows weather is the result of a hard days work by the presenter, who is actually a highly-qualified meteorologist.

Every morning after arriving at the TV studios, the first task of the day is to collect the latest data from the National Meteorological Office. This office provides up-to-theminute information about weather conditions throughout the day, both in Britain and around the world. The information is very detailed and includes predictions, satellite and radar pictures, as well as more technical data. After gathering all the relevant material from this office, the forecaster has to translate the scientific terminology and maps into images and words which viewers can easily understand.

The final broadcast is then carefully planned. It is prepared in the same way as other programmes. The presenter decides what to say and in what order to say it. Next a story board is drawn up which lays out the script word for word. What makes a weather forecast more complicated than other programmes are the maps and electronic images which are required. The computer has to be programmed so that the pictures appear in the correct order during the bulletin.

The time allocated for each broadcast can also alter. This is because the weather report is screened after the news, which can vary in length. The weather forecaster doesnt always know how much time is available, which means that he/she has to be thoroughly prepared so that the material can be adapted to the time available.

Another related complication is that the weather forecast has to be a live broadcast; it cannot be pre-recorded. Live shows are very nerve-racking for the presenter because almost anything can go wrong. Perhaps the most worrying aspect for every weather forecaster is getting the following days predictions

Examination Card #71

wrong. Unfortunately for them this is not an unusual occurrence; the weather is not always possible to predict accurately.

The job of a weather forecaster is certainly far more complicated than just pointing at a map and describing weather conditions. Its a job for professionals who can cope with stressful and demanding conditions.

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