What perception do most people have of weather forecasters?

A They have many qualifications.

B They do a hard days work at the studio.

C They work very short hours.

D They always tell the truth.

2. Creating a weather report is complex because .....

A maps have to be drawn.

B a lot of data has to be interpreted.

C radar pictures are technical.

D the information includes unreliable predictions.

3. The computer has to be carefully programmed .....

A so that the visuals are sequenced correctly.

B so that the script is visible to the presenter.

C because the script has to be written on a story board.

D because electronic maps are used.

4. Weather forecasters have to know the material well because .....

A the broadcast is pre-recorded.

B the forecast may be incorporated into the news broadcast.

Cthe content of the report may have to change.

Dthe length of the report may have to change.



II. Writing

Put the verbs into the correct tense form of the verb (past simple or present perfect simple).

1. A: (you / taste / ever) ............................. sushi?

2. B: Yes, I (eat) ............................. sushi at least five times so far.

3. A: When (you / eat) ............................. sushi for the first time?

Examination Card #71

4. B: I (eat) .................... sushi for the first time on my dads 50th birthday. He (invite) .................. the whole family to a Japanese restaurant.

5. A: (you / like) ................... it?

6. B: Absolutely. In fact, it (be) ................... so good that we (be) ................... to that restaurant three times yet.

Your friend likes junk food which is not healthy. Write him a letter (5060 words) remembering about healthy living and recommending a diet both healthy and enjoyable. Include the following:

Dont eat fast food, a lot of meat and eggs.

Eat good quality bread, rice, pasta for energy.

Eat fruit and vegetables having a lot of vitamins and minerals.


Examination Card #93

I. Reading

Read the text given below. Choose the most suitable heading from the list (AH) for each part (16) of it. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).


A.The wide range of successful inventions.

B.The need for market, commercial and developmental research.

C.Consultation is essential before patenting.

D.The way to fame.

E.The complicated road to success.

F.Producing a successful invention with ease.

G.Professional inventors and amateurs may succeed.

H.Commercial success is difficult but possible.


All you have to do is make a better mousetrap and the world will come running to your door, said the American writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Sadly this isnt true, as thousands of inventors in the United Kingdom find out every year. Making a financial success out of your initial ideas can be a complicated and timeconsuming process. But for some, the rewards make the effort well worthwhile. Dr Ruben Rausing, inventor of the modern cardboard drinks carton, made a fortune from his invention, and the creators of Trivial Pursuit also became multi-millionaires.


However, when it comes to inventing, a number of difficulties stand in the way. For example, obtaining a patent can be complicated a company must be found to develop and market the product, and of course international sales must be considered as well. The first step, ideally, is to look for a gap in the commercial markets and then invent something to fill that gap.


Examination Card #93

The company Inventorlink receives over a thousand ideas every year and helps about 300 inventors to take their ideas further. Their inventions range from small developments in everyday tools to a giant 300,000 oil separator for the use in the North Sea to clean water which has become mixed with oil.


According to Richard Payne, marketing manager of Inventorlink, inventors come in two different types. Half of them are experts who have seen a use for their product, the other half are talented amateurs who have just had an idea.


For most inventors with a good idea the first thought is to get a patent. This is vital, but Richard Payne says he prefers to talk to inventors before theyve applied for one. Patents are expensive, and we like to give the inventor some idea of whether the invention has a chance of being successful before they spend money.


What are the characteristics of a successful invention? Its original and its wanted, says Richard Payne firmly. There are three things that inventors all too often overlook. Firstly, you have to sit down and ask yourself whether theres a market for it. Secondly, can it be made economically? There has to be a really big profit margin to persuade a manager to take it up. And finally, if you really want to make money, is it a onetime product or can it be developed to keep sales going on for years? In reality the chances of coming up with a total success are very small. Its very difficult for new ideas to be accepted. Yet still some ideas make it through all the barriers and end up making millions for their inventors.



II. Writing

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