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Variant 1

Task 1. Choose the suitable word

a) dishes; b) low; c) healthy; d) meat; e) products; f) diet.

Vegetarianism is the practice of not eating 1) .Some vegetarians do not eat any 2) made from milk and eggs because they come from animals. Other vegetarians do not eat eggs but they drink milk and eat milk 3) , such as butter and cheese. Vegetarianism can be a 4) way of eating. A good vegetarian 5) includes many fruits, grains and vegetables and is 6) in fat.

Task 2. Choose the correct variant.

1. children are playing hide-and-seek.

a) Their; b) Theyre; c) They.

2. Have you seen my camera ? disappeared.

a) Its; b) It; c) Its.

3. not ready to complete the sentence.

a) Your; b) You; c) Youre.

Task 3. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1. The match starts 3 p.m. on Saturday.

a) in; b) at; c) on.

2. In the National Gallery June and July theres a Van Gogh exhibition.

a) on; b) in; c) at.

3. Id like to go the Opera when were in Kyiv.

a) in; b) up; c) to.

4. In Paris theres a World Cup football match Saturday.

a) at; b) on; c) in.

5. Im going to a party the 12th of June.

a) to; b) on; c) at.

Task 4. Choose the correct variant.

1. This coat you.

a) suits; b) suited; c) is suiting.

2. Its a lovely day. The sun and the birds are singing.

a) shine; b) shines; c) is shining.

3. He coffee in the café since 11 oclock.

a) drinks; b) drink; c) has been drinking.

4. she remember your address?

a) Does; b) Is; c) Has.

5. I this man for many years.

a) know; b) have known; c) has known.

Task 5. Choose the proper form of the modal verb.

1. I do it myself. I m very strong.

a) have to; b) am to; c) can; d) may.

2. I go home, because its late.

a) have to; b) was to; c) may; d) neednt.

3. We meet yesterday at 5 oclock, but Bob was ill.

a) are to; b) had to; c) were to; d) ought to.

4. You help your friend. He is ill.

a) neednt; b) used to; c) is to; d) ought to.

5. I take your pen?

a) Can; b) Must; c) May; d) Neednt.

Task 6. Choose the correct variant.

1. You know English well, ?

a) do you; b) dont you; c) you do; d) you dont.

2. Lots of people go to the Crimea at the seaside.

a)to spend time ; b) so as spent time;

c)in order spend time; d) in order to spend time.

3. She wants to be an economist school.

a) when she will leave; b) when she left;

c) when she leaves; d) when she leave.

4. We are looking forward our holidays.

a) for; b) about; c) to; d) ___.

5. I remember Nick. I him this week.

a) saw; b) had seen; c) have seen; d) see.

Task 7. Choose the correct variant.

1. Hows life?

a) Sure, no problems; b) Its OK; c) No matter.

2. Can you help me?

a) Sure, no problems; b) Take care; c) Its OK.

3. Is Jack in?

a) No, thank you; b) No, he is out; c) Its ok.

Task 8. Use the given word to make sentences. Mind word order.

1. Is / butter / from / made / milk.

2. Today / are / how / you / ?

3. Morning / you / why / were / this / late ?

Task 9. Complete the text with one suitable word from the list.

a) wheel; b) gravity; c) wing; d) speed; e) gear (2); f) fly; g) kinds;

h) height; i) controls.

All planes have landing (1) for taking of and landing. On high speed planes, the landing (2) is pulled up when the plane is flying. The (3) are in the cockpit. Most planes have a (4) for steering. Planes also have rudder pedals, engine instruments, and flight instruments that show the planes (5) and (6) . Three (7) of engines are used in airplanes: piston engines, jet engines and rocket engines. (8) is a force that pulls planes toward the earth. So in order to (9) , a planes (10) must create a lifting force that is stronger than gravity.

Task 10. Which sentence fits the reply?

1.a) I cant come to your party.

b)Id like to come with you. Oh, what a pity!

c)Thousands of people were killed.

2.a) I forgot her birthday!

b)Ive got a return ticket. Congratulations!

c)Ive passed my exams!

3.a) His home burnt down last week.

b)Ive lost my pen. Never mind.

c)Would you mind if I left now?


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Variant 2

Task 1. Choose the suitable word

a) coast, b) borders, c) capital, d)lies, e) Sea, f) south

Venezuela is a South American country. It (1) one the north (2) of South American along the Caribbean (3) Venezuela (4) Guyana on the east, Brazil on the (5) ,and Colombia on the west. Caracas is the (6) and largest city.

Task 2. Choose the suitable word

1. .in the garden.

a) Their; b) Theyre; c) They.

2. .raining again.

a)Its; b) It; c) Its.

3. pen is it?

a) Whose; b) Whos; c) Who.

Task 3. Choose the suitable word

1.Would you like to come . The theatre in London on Sunday?

a)to; b) in; c) on.

2.The football season starts in August and finishes May.

a)on; b) at; c) in.

3.The ballet is . Appolo Theatre. Its on Monday 22 June at 7.30 p.m.

a)at; b) on; c) in.

4.The Winter Olympic Games were held in Tourine in Italy .. 2006.

a)on; b) in; c) at.

5.Ill come ..the party tomorrow.

a)in; b) at; c) to.

Task 4. Choose the correct variant.

1.Jill ... for a bus for half an hour.

a)Is waiting; b) has waited; c) has been waiting.

2.Be quiet. The baby .

a)sleeps; b) is sleeping; c) sleep.

3.She with you.

a)doesnt agree; b) agrees; c) not agree.

4.They ... here for a couple of years.

a)Live; b) have lived; c) lives.

5.How long . these people ... In this apartment ?

a)Have been living; b) have lived; c) live.

Task 5. Choose the proper form of the modal verb

1.All people . protect nature.

a)ought to; b) used to; c) may; d) must.

2.Father buy us a ball because we dont have any.

a)can; b) has to; c) may.

3.We . meet at the station at the station at 9 oclock.

a)have to; b) are to; c) is to.

4.I . help my Mum, but I came too late.

a)could; b) was to; c) may

5.Mary write this exercise for Tuesday.

a)may; b) is to; c) can.

Task 6. Choose the correct variant.

1.Tis writer is . in our country.

a)the modern; b) the most modern; c) the modernest; d) moderner.

2.All the work about the house by Mrs Green.

a)is done ; b) is doing; c) did; d) is been.

3.I dont know .

a)why is he sad; b) why he is sad;

c) why sad he is; d) why he sad is.

4.When I entered the room, all the guests. .

a)have been singing; b) were singing;

c) sang; d) are singing.

5.Mary promised that she soon.

a)comes; b) would come; c) will come; d) came.

Task 7.Mutch the best answer on the write to each phrase on the left.

1.Ive passed my exams! a) Congratulations!

2.Im off. b) Thanks.

3.Here youre. c) Bye. See you soon.

Task 8. Use the given word to make sentences. Mind word order.

1.Honey / by / is / bees / made.

2.The / was / school / late / not / bus / today

3.Have / some / fire / I / the / put / just / coal / on

Task 9. Complete the text with one suitable word from the list.

a)fruits; b) kinds; c) thousands; d) cooking; e) orchards; f)sweet; g)trees; h) colours; i) sour. j) winters

Apples are among the most important (1) . that grow on (2) . People have eaten apples for (3) of years. Apples come in many (4) and many (5) . . They range from red to green to yellow. Some are tart, or slightly (6), and some are (7) . Tart apples, such as Bramley and Rome Beauty, are used for (8) . . Sweet apples, such as Delicious and Gala, are eaten as they are. Apples grow well in places where the (9) are not very cold. Growers usually plant them in (10) , or fields with rows of trees.

Task 10. Which sentence fits the reply?

1. a) He is feeling much better now.

b) Im sorry but this is my seat..Good heavents.

c) Isnt that Britney Spears over there?

2. a) Good luck!

b) Would you like a coffee? Same to you.

c) Id apologized if I were you.

3. a) Italy might win.

b) Have you any advice for me? Ive no idea.

c) Who is that man over there?




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Variant 3

Task 7.Mutch the best answer on the write to each phrase on the left.

1. How are you? a) Thank you.

2. Hello! b) I`m fine.

3. Have a good time! c) Hi!

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