Task 1. Choose the suitable word

a) unknown, b) group, c) parts, d) burned, e) fear, f) includes

The Vikings were a (1) of pirates and warriors. They lived in Scandinavia, a part of Europe that (2) what are Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Viking sailors spread great (3) through western Europe. They (4) the towns and stole things. But they also explored (5) of the world that were (6) to other Europeans.

Task 2. Choose the suitable word

1. Every country has traditions.

a)Its; b) it; c) it`s.

2. jacket is this?

a)Who; b) Who`s; c) Whose.

3. a car is the yard.

a)There`s; b) Their; c) Theirs.

Task 3. Choose the suitable word

1. His aunt works a the hospital the centre.

a)on; b) in; c) at.

2. Christmas Day we had a lot of fun.

a)At; b) - ; c) on.

3. Necessity is the Mother invention.

a)on; b) in; c) of.

4. There is no smoke fire.

a)with; b) by; c) without.

5. A friend need is friend indeed.

a)in; b) with; c) on.

Task 4. Choose the correct variant.

1. He`s got a black eye because he with boys.

a)has been fighting; b)fight; c) is fighting.

2. At last we our homework. Now we can have a rest.

a)finish; b) are finishing; c) have finished.

3. You can`t go out. It hard.

a)rains; b) is raining; c) has rained.

4. She usually the 8:00 bus.

a)catch; b) catches; c) has caught.

5. They meat here.

a)not sell; b) hasn`t sold; c) dont sell.

Task 5. Choose the proper form of the modal verb

1. All people protect nature.

a)ought to; b) used to; c) may; d) must.

2. Father buy us a ball because we dont have any.

a)can; b) has to; c) may.

3. We meet at the station at 9 o`clock.

a)have to; b) are to; c) is to.

4. I help my Mum, but I came too late.

a)could; b) was to; c) may.

5. Mary write this exercise for Tuesday.

a)may; b) is to; c) can.

Task 6. Choose the correct variant.

1. What do you want ?

a)that he does; b) him do;

c)him to do; d) to do he.

2. I enjoy adventure stories.

a)o read; b) being read;

c)reading; d) while reading.

3. I to a wonderful place.

a)just been; b) was just;

c)have just been; d) just be;

4. Cliff said the he his task at that moment.

a)is doing; b) was doing;

c)does; d) did.

5. I like in my coffee.

a)milk and sugar; b) the milk and sugar;

c)a milk and sugar; d) milks and sugar.

Task 7.Mutch the best answer on the write to each phrase on the left.

1. How are you? a) Thank you.

2. Hello! b) I`m fine.

3. Have a good time! c) Hi!

Task 8. Use the given word to make sentences. Mind word order.

1. Sweets / where / you / did / the / take ?

2. Are /me /when / coming / you / to / see ?

3. School / Mary / dinner / at /had.

Task 9. Complete the text with one suitable word from the list.

a)Greek, b) daughter, c) Roman, d) roles, e) queen, f) humans, g) beauty, h) Greece, i) myths, j) love.


Aphrodite was a goddess of (1) mythology. Many people talk of Aphrodite as the goddess of love and (2) . But she had man (3) in ancient (4) .the Greeks worshiped Aphrodite as a goddess called Urania, (5) of heaven. They also worshiped her as a goddess called Pandemos, goddess of all people. Some also thought of her as a goddess of sea travel and war. Many (6) said that she helped (7) fall in (8) . The Greek poet homer wrote that Aphrodite was the (9) of the goddess Dione and Zeus, the king of the gods. In (10) mythology, there was goddess very much like Aphrodite. Her name was Venus.

Task 10. Which sentence fits the reply?

1. a) Haven`t we met before?

a) Great to see you again! See you later.

b) Bye for now!

2. a) I didn`t win after all.

a) Many people might be injured. Bad luck!

b) I don`t know what to do.

3. a) I`m sorry, I`m to late.

a) I believe you`re Tina Karol. That`s right.

b) Is it seat taken?



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Variant 4

Task 1. Choose the suitable word

a) Shoot out, b) hole, c) mountains, d) hot, e) breathtaking, f) called.


A volcano is a (1) or crack in the earth. Sometimes, hot rocks and gas (2) of the crack. This blast of (3) rocks and gas is (4) an eruption. Most volcanoes are cone-shaped (5) . A volcanic eruption is a (6) sight.

Task 2.Choosecorrect variant.

1. She`s very interested in China and history.

a)Its; b) it; c) it`s.

2. He decided to change name.

a)He`s; b) his; c) he.

3. Will he paint room himself?

a)He`s; b) he; c) his.

Task 3.Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1. One all and all for one.

a)of; b) with; c) for.

2. Nothing comes nothing.

a)without; b) with; c) on.

3. Look you leap.

a)while; b) before; c) after.

4. To make mountains molehills.

a)from; b) off; c) out of.

5. To put one`s neck the noose.

a)in; b) on; c) into.

Task 4. Choose the correct variant.

1. He his job because he is very lazy.

a)has lost; b) loses; c) lose.

2. Where is the fish? The cat it.

a)steals; b) steal; c) has stolen.

3. Someone at the door. Shall I open it?

a)is knocking; b) knocks; c) knock.

4. Yesterday he me at 7 o`clock.

a)called; b) was calling; c) had called.

5. She said that she there since 1980.

a)worked; b) had worked; c) had been working.

Task 5. Choose the proper form of the modal verb

1. I get up early, but I don`t want.

a) Has to; b) am to; c) needn`t; d) have to.

2. You go there alone. I`ll go with you.

a) Needn`t; b) mustn`t; c) don`t have to; d) used to.

3. When I was at the seaside, I build sand castles.

a) Needn`t; b) used to; c) can; d) was to.

4. When I was at camp, I swim in the lake every day.

a) Used to; b) must; c) ought to.

5. You be kind animals.

a) Can; b) may; c) must.

Task 6. Choose the correct variant.

1. Who in this flat?

a) Does live; b) live;

c) lives; d) is living.

2. Mr Bond asked me if I all the letters.

a) Typed; b) had typed;

c) type; d) had been typed.

3. I missed some lessons at school, so I work hard at them.

a) had to; b) have to;

c) must; d) must to.

4. What sights have you seen in Kyiv?

a) else; b) other;

c) another; d) others.

5. I know this rule and .

a) so do my sister; b) so does my sister;

c) so my sister; d) so my sister does.

Task 7.Mutch the best answer on the write to each phrase on the left.

1. What a nice flat you have! a) I`d love to.

2. Are you hungry? b) Yes, I`m starving.

3. How about concert tonight? c) Yes, make yourself at home.

Task 8. Use the given word to make sentences. Mind word order.

1. Has / sugar / taste / sweet / a

2. Who / ill / that / you / told / I/ was

3. Autumn / we / nuts / gathered / last

Task 9. Complete the text with one suitable word from the list.

a) Tasty, b) fat, c) use, d) natural, e) fry, f) butterfat, g) milk, h) salt, i) cream, j) cream


Butter is a (1) spread for bread. Many people (2) foods in butter, and some people (3) it in baking. Butter is mainly made up of (4) , a (5) that comes from (6) and (7) . Butter is made by churning, or stirring, (8) . Cream is used because it gas more butterfat than milk. The (9) colour of butter varies from pale yellow to deep yellow. Sometimes (10) and food colouring are added during churning.

Task 10. Which sentence fits the reply?

1. a) Did he cook the meat well?

b) I got all the questions right. Well done!

c) How would you do it?

2. a) Give me time to think.

a) Could I speak to Ihor, please? Just a minute.

b) When did the programme finish?

3. a) I`m afraid you`ve got the wrong number.

b) Shall I care the bags for you? Certainly!

c) Is this your vehicle?


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Variant 5

Task 1. Choose the suitable word

Have you ever (1) a dead or stranded starfish on the beach? Most starfish have five (2) , but some (3) have as many as fifty! If you (4) a starfish over, are tube feet, and the are very (6) to the starfish.

1. a) founded; b) fished; c) found.

2. a) arms; b) legs; c) fingers.

3. a) kinds; b) species; c) forms.

4. a) turn; b) cut; c) throw.

5. a) floating; b) touching; c) waving.

6. a) dangerous; b) useful; c) harmful.

Task 2.Choosecorrect variant.

1. I knew it was a giraffe because of long neck.

a) It`s; b) its; c) it.

2. Students results are bad must take the exam again.

a) Whose; b) who`s; c) who.

3. They read the text about the .

a) Passed; b) past; c) pass.

Task 3.Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1. Pride goes the fall.

a) On; b) before; c) at.

2. dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mine.

a) Before; b) after; c) while.

3. The tree does not fall the first stroke.

a) On; b) in; c) at.

4. You can`t back now that you`ve begun.

a) Out; b) on; c) at.

5. They decide to go plane.

a) On; b) in; c) by.

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