Task 6. Choose the correct variant.

1. If ,I wouldnt go there alone

a) I was you; b) I were you;

c) I had been you; d) I would be you.

2. Mary is fond of the piano

a) to play; b)plays

c) playing; d) to be playing.

3. Me dress is than Anns one

a) moderner; b) more modern;

c) most modern; d) modern

4. This room is. In

a) lives; b) lived;

c) is lived; d) is living.

5. I knew that they the game.

a) win; b) will win;

c) would win; d) winning.

Task 7.Choose the correct variant.

1.Hows life

a)Sure, no problems; b) Its OK; c) No matter

2. Can you help me?

a) Sure, no problems; b) Take care; c) Its OK.

3. Is Jack in?

a) No, thank you; b) No, he is out; c) It OK.

Task 8. Use the given words to make sentences. Mind word order.

1. Must / once / do / it / have / you / promised / you

2. As / I / Tom / as / does / up / early / get

3. Thought / the / interesting / book / not / is / so / as / I.

Task 9. Complete the text with one suitable word from the list

a)machine, b) speeds, c) powerful, d) video, e) daily, f) handle, g) learning, h) network, i) businesses, j) speeds

A computer is a (1) that work with information at great (2) . The information may include (3) games, movies and sounds.

Computers have become an important part of (4) life for most people. Almost all (5) use computers. Students, teachers, and scientists use computer as (6)tools. Millions of people all over the world talk to each other through a (7) - a connection of computers called the Internet. Many people use computers to play games, too.

Computers work at amazing (8) . The most (9) computers can( 10) tens of billions of numbers in one second.

Task 10. Which sentence fits the reply.

1.a) I m very grateful to you.

b) You care a good cook! Dont mention it!

c) Is your bike in the yard?

2 a) He forgot his wallet

b) You sang beautifully I m glad you liked it!

c) Many happy returns of the day

3. a) Watch your step;

b) It wont happen again, I promise Who cares!

c) Youve broken mothers favourite tea cup.



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Variant 10

Task 1. Choose the suitable word.

1.In to the special bedrooms, the rest of the hotel is surprising as well. add

2.Look at the picture and compare the to others in the class. describe

3.The man in the grey jacket looks like a . policy

4.In future everyone will live in giant buildings. resident

5.I think it would be interesting to see the rocket which landed on the extremity

moon for the first time.

6.Whales have been for some time. danger

Task 2. Choose the correct variant.

1.Jane piano lessons since last June.

a) has been taking; b) is taking; c) takes; d) has taken.

2.My shoes need .

a) cleaned; b) cleans; c) to be cleaned; d) to clean.

3.Wood is used for furniture.

a) made; b) making; c) make; d) to make.

4.My sister of medium height.

a) is; b) has; c) does; d) gets.

5.Their house last week.

a) was bought; c) built;

b) has been bought; d) had been built.

6.Do you think the project by Friday ?

a) will be finished; c) was finished;

b) is finished; d) is finished.

Task3. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1.Mysterious worlds other planets interest people greatly.

a) on; b) of; c) off.

2.They carefully examined the flower the microscope.

a) through; b) across; c) by.

3.The word science comes a Latin word scire, meaning to know.

a) from; b) after ; c) with.

4.It was too late to apply a job advertised in the newspaper.

a) from; b) for; c) with.

5.Many scientists are engaged research to discover the cause of some dangerous diseases.

a) at; b) on; c) in.

Task 4. Choose the correct variant.

1.He to be a famous scientist.

a) considers; c) is consider;

b) consider; d) is considered.

2.I wouldnt have done it if I about it yesterday.

a) would know; c) had known;

b) would have known; d) having said.

3.She left the room without .

a) say a word; c) saying a word;

b) said a word; d) having said.

4.I have translating this text.

a) no difficulty; c)not a difficult;

b) not difficult; d) no any difficult.

5.He wants us him.

a) call; c)calling;

b) called; d) to call.

Task 5. Choose the proper form of the modal verb.

1.All people protectnature.

a)ought to; b) used to; c) may; d) must.

2.Father buyus a ballbecausewedonthaveany.

a)can; b) hasto; c) may.

3.We meetatthestationat 9 o`clock.

a)have to; b) are to; c) is to.

4.I helpmyMum, but I cametoolate.

a)could; b) was to; c) may.

5.Mary writethisexerciseforTuesday.

a)may; b) is to; c) can.

Task 6. Choose the correct variant.

1.I dont know .

a) what is time; b) what the time is;

c) what time is; d) the time what is.

2.I am glad to see you.

a) such; b) as;

c)very much; d) so.

3.Mother made me the floors again.

a) to sweep; b) sweeping;

c) sweep; d) swept.

4.Your room is number .

a) three; b) third;

c) thirteen; d) thirtieth.

5.He gave me a piece of .

a)advice; b) advise;

c) advices; d) advises.

Task 7.Match the best answer on the write to each phrase on the left.

1.Wheres Helen? a) Sorry, Ive no idea.

2.Wheres the post-office, please? b) Shes around somewhere.

3.Whose is it? c) Yes, can I help you?

4.Exuse me d) Its Mr Browns.

Task 8. Use the given words to make sentences. Mind word order.

1.do / study / why / computer / you / to / programming / want ?

2.Dutch / have / able / I / learn / to / been / never

3.would / I / rather / fashion / talk / about


Task 9. Complete the text with one suitable word from the list .

a) mixture, b)sparks, c)chemicals, d)designs, e)ingredients,

f)firecrackers, g) trained, h) gunpowder, i) serious, j) gunpowder.


Fireworks are a (1) of (2) and other (3) They explode with loud noises and colourful (4) when they burn. Fireworks that only make a loud noise are called (5) . Fireworks are dangerous because they contain (6) . They should be used only by people who are (7) to handle them. Fireworks can cause (8) injury. Special (9) are added to make colours and (10) .


Task 10. Which sentence fits the reply.

1.a) Ill take it home and met it.

b) Weve got plenty more. Dont worry.

c) I beg your pardon.

2.a) Why dont you lie down for an hour?

b) Be careful! I think I will.

c) Take it easy!

3.a) Im putting on weight.

b) I dont think its worth it. Perhaps youre right.

c) Why should I?


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Variant 11

Task 1. Choose the suitable word.

a) dishes; b) low; c) healthy; d) meat; e) products; f) diet.

Vegetarianism is the practice of not eating 1) .Some vegetarians do not eat any 2) made from milk and eggs because they come from animals. Other vegetarians do not eat eggs but they drink milk and eat milk 3) , such as butter and cheese. Vegetarianism can be a 4) way of eating. A good vegetarian 5) includes many fruits, grains and vegetables and is 6) in fat.

Task 2. Choose the correct variant.

1.She`s very interested in China and history.

a)its; b) it; c) it`s.

2.He decided to change name.

a)he`s; b) his; c) he.

3.Will he paint room himself?

a)he`s; b) he; c) his.

Task3. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

1.Would you like to come . The theatre in London on Sunday?

a)to b)in c)on

2.The football season starts in August and finishes May.

a)on b)at c)in

3.The ballet is . Appolo Theatre. Its on Monday 22 June at 7.30 p.m.

a)at b)on c)in

4.The Winter Olympic Games were held in Tourine in Italy .. 2006.

a)on b)in c)at

5.Ill come ..the party tomorrow.

a)in b)at c)to

Task 4. Choose the correct variant.

1.He left the house without his head.

a)turn; b)a turn

c)having turn; d)turning.

2.Robert called me up

a)by mid-August; b)just now;

c) a week later; d)the other day

3.The patient by the doctor now.

a)is examined; b)examines;

c)was examined; d)is being examined.

4.Andrew devoted a great deal of time to .

a)read; b)reads;

c)reading; d)have read.

5.If Ann, ask her to buy some bread.

a)will go out; b)go out;

c)goes out; d)have read.

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