Saying hello/goodbye. Thanking. Apologising.

Spelling. Introducing yourself. Countries and cities. Currencies.

Telling the time. Numerals. My resume

Learn the conversation and act it out in pairs.

A: Hello.

B: Hi.

A: Excuse me. Whats your name?

B: My name is ... .

A: Im ... . Nice to meet you.

B: Thanks. Me too. Sorry, I have to go. Bye for now.

A:Its OK. Bye-bye.

Ask your groupmate to spell his/her last name.

A:Excuse me. Can you spell your last name, please?

B:Sure. Its ... .

A:Can I read it back, please?. . .

B:Thats right.

3. Use the verb to be to introduce yourself. Present your profile to the class.

name age occupation country hobby family
Whats your name? How old are you? What do you do? Where are you from? Whats your hobby? Are you married or single?

Complete the conversation and act it out.

nice hi Im thanks welcome

- Hello. Ian.

- . Im Sally.

- to meet you, Sally. to New York.

- .

5. Join the columns using: is from

Brad Carrington Hans Schwartz Jan Grabowski Maria Gonzales Shen Lin Nathalie Lemaire Pedro da Silva Alison Smith Brazil China France Germany Poland Spain the UK the USA

Complete the gaps.

north south east west centre

1. Marseille is in the of France. 2. Madrid is in the of Spain. 3. Beijing is in the of China. 4. Lviv is in the of Ukraine. 5. Denmark is in the . . . of Europe.

Repeat after your teacher.

continue ...

Ask your group mate for his/her phone number.

A:Excuse me. Whats your mobile phone number, please?

B:Its ... .

A:Can I read it back, please?. . .

B:Thats right.

Ask your groupmate for his/her e-mail address.

. dot - dash _ underscore @ at

A:Excuse me. Whats your email address, please?

B:Its ... .

A:Can I read it back, please?. . .

B:Thats right.

Use the model to write your resume. Present it to the class.

Name:Olexandr Koval

Address:15A Konstantynivska str., fl.112, Kyiv



Date of birth:1 September 1993





Languages:native Ukrainian, advanced English

Interests:reading, music and sport

Countries visited:...

Join the columns.

09.00 12.00 15.00 19.00 23.00 00.00 13.00 05.00 seven pm three pm eleven pm nine am midnight noon five am one pm

Join the columns.

11:15 12:10 7:55 16:45 9:30 Its quarter to five. Its half past nine. Its ten past twelve. Its quarter past eleven. Its five to eight.

Join the columns to make sentences.

The currency in ... is the ... . A Big Mac in is .

Country Price
USA UK Brazil Germany China Japan yuan 9.90 real 2.95 ¥294 ? 2.55 $2.51 £ 1.90

Read the numerals and do a dictation.

hundred / and thousand   (cardinal / ordinal) over nought / point
1,609 7,934 6,938 5,092 4,186 9,876 250,537 938,063 185,469 385,987 456,780 745,789 1/3 4/7 (-s) 1/6 2/3 3/10 1/4 (quarter) 31/509 5/321 6/581 97/980 4/67 39/87 0.5 1.33 5.07 67.93 49.44 0.58

Fill in the gaps to make a text about yourself.

Im . I am ... years old now. Im from .

I am . Im ...-haired . Im ...-eyed . I am like my ... about my face. My friends say I am .

I am interested in ... . I am fond of ... . I am a good ... .

Now work in pairs and introduce your deskmate using: He / she is .

16. Identify the parts of the body: Number 1 / 2 etc. is a / an .

face toe hip shoulder arm thigh elbow belly ankle shin foot leg hand finger neck breast nail wrist forearm waist knee

Match the verbs on the left with a suitable part of the body on the right.

to blow to shake to comb to fold to bend to nod to bite your knees your nose your nails your head your arms your hair your hands

Complete the sentences.

1. People often smile when .

2. They laugh when

3. They may bite their nails when ..

4. They blow their nose when

5. They shake their head when ..

6. And nod their head .

7. They cry

8. They yawn .

19. Rephrase the sentences using to be fond of sth.

1. He is a good cook. 2. I like her. 3. I like fish. 4. He is a good swimmer. 5. She is a good skater. 6. Do you like animals? 7. They dont like to study. 8. Im a great cinema-goer. 9. I enjoy walking.

20. Complete the diagram with to be-phrases.

21. Use the prompts to make two patterns of sentences: 1. The boy is tall. 2. It is a tall boy.

1) book interesting; 2) car expensive; 3) building high; 4) dish tasty; 5) computer old; 6) restaurant new; 7) place popular; 8) hotel comfortable.

22. Make sentences about yourself using: I was born on , so Im a / an

Pisces ['paısi:z], Aries ['eəri:z], Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo [li:əu], Virgo [vɜ:gəu], Libra [li:brə], Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Write your opinion.

Star signs influence our life.

Its true, because when / if you (general information) For example, I ... (personal experience).
character to change luck horoscope to come true personality




The Imperative Mood. The Present Indefinite. Prepositions of time.

It-sentences. The weather

Repeat after your teacher.

I / we speak get up go live have English early swimming in Franko Street three meals a day
he / she speaks gets up goes lives has

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