Use the information in the table and say what preposition it is in the sentences below. Then try to translate them.

Prepositions of Time
at on in
- time - holidays - days of the week - dates - seasons - months

1. Գ 8 . 2. г. 3. ³ . 4. ̳ . 5. . 6. 1 1991 .

17. Fill in the blanks choosing between at, in and on.

1. He was born __ 1978. 2. __ winter the weather is cold. 3. We reached Cairo __ nine oclock. 4. __ Christmas I received a lot of presents. 5. The train arrived __ night. 6. There is a holiday __ the 8th of March. 7. __ July the weather is warm. 8. The train will arrive __ Tuesday __ 11 pm.

18. Read the emails, find phrases describing the weather and climate and group them into + / - .

Dear Celia and Alex, I hope you had a good weekend. I wanted to take the kids to the park, but the weather was miserable. It was cold (two degrees) and foggy all day on Saturday, then it rained all day on Sunday. Typical weather for the season. And now Im back at work, its a beautiful sunny day! Whats the weather like with you? Seb Hi Seb, Its cloudy here this morning, and its raining a bit. Its very hot and humid, though. It looks like well get a thunderstorm. Celia Its minus 18 degrees at the moment! Its quite windy as well, so it feels even colder. Alex

Read, translate and learn the text.

Seasons and weather

There are four seasons in the year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Spring is a wonderful season. In spring nature awakens from its winter sleep. The days grow longer and the nights grow shorter. The birds begin to sing and build their nests. The air is fresh and the sun shines in the sky.

Summer comes in June. It is the hottest season of the year. There are many parks and gardens in Kyiv, which are so beautiful in summer. Many people have their vacation in summer. They go for walks, bathe in rivers and lakes, lie in the sun, pick flowers in the fields and grow fruit and vegetables in the gardens.

In autumn the weather often changes and it gets colder and colder. The autumn sky is often grey and cloudy. It is usually windy and rainy. People gather mushrooms in the forests.

In the middle of November it usually begins to snow. In winter the sun sets early and rises late. Sometimes it is very cold. It often snows.

What questions do you ask when you want to know about the following?

- someones general appearance

- someones mood

- their height

- their weight

Write an answer to the email. Use the Internet to find an e-friend.


Thanks for your e-mail. You gave a lot of information in just one email!

I love listening to music, watching films and socialising with friends. I love meeting new people and learning all about them.

I have four brothers and am the only girl. I go to college at the moment because I am trying to get my maths GCSE. I am also doing a health and social care uni course because I want to be a social worker eventually. Tell me a bit about your family and friends.

Bye for now


Listen to the sentences and write down the answers to the questions.

Script Answer
1. Hell get a good price if he is lucky. - Pardon me, what will he get?  
2. We didnt enjoy the work. - What did you say you didnt enjoy?  
3. She studied hard. - Sorry, how did she study?  
4. The joke will make her feel upset. - How did you say she might feel?  
5. The soap smells nice. - What do you say smells nice?  

Write your opinion.

Miracles do not happen.

to try hard to achieve to believe in to expect happy accident





The construction there is / are. The verb to have (got). The Possessive Case.

Rephrase the sentences using the Absolute Pronouns. My family

1. This is my coat. 2. This is our office. 3. This is my computer. 4. This is your desk. 5. This is his car. 6. That is her bag. 7. This is their classroom.

2. Make two types of sentences using the model: The computer is on the desk. There is a computer on the desk.

1) coat room; 2) office Kyiv; 3) desk living-room; 4) car garage; 5) bag chair; 6) laboratory college.

3. Listen and make the sentences negative using: There is/are no .

1. There is a park in our town. 2. There is a church in our city. 3. There is a school in my village. 4. There is a car park near our house. 5. There are pictures on the wall. 6. There is a gym in our college. 7. There are cars in the street. 8. There are some shops near here. 9. There is a metro in this city. 10. There are some books on the bookshelf.

4. Listen to the sentences and put questions to them using: Is there a ? Are there any ? / How many ?

5. Make sentences using there is / are.

1) parks / in the town; 2) furniture / in the sitting room; 3) trees / in the forest; 4) birds / in the trees; 5) fish / in the river; 6) hot and cold water / in the tap; 7) clothes / in the wardrobe; 8) soap / in the soap-dish. 9) oil / in the bottle? 10) rice / in the box; 11) honey / in the jar? 12) mushrooms / in the frying pan; 13) butter / in the refrigerator?

6. Replace the of-phrase by the Possessive Case where possible.

the pen of our teacher, the window of this room, the bicycle of Tom, the son of this woman, the back of the chair, the order of the captain, the cars of these men, the banks of the river, the father of Dick, the arrival of the students, the cities of Ukraine, the banks of the Dnipro.

Read, translate and retell the text using the grid.

Im Callum, and I live with my parents in Cambridge, in the east of England. We moved here when I was five because of Dads job, but my mum comes from the north of England, and Dad comes from Scotland. Ive got a grandma in Edinburgh and a granddad in Yorkshire. They always send me presents. And Ive got two cousins who live near London, because thats where Dads sister and her husband live. We see my cousins about three times a year, and we go up to Edinburgh every New Year.

Callum Dad Mum grandma/granddad cousins
Cambridge Scotland north/ England Edinburgh/Yorkshire London

Use the information in the table and fill in the blanks.

some any
plural article uncountable article interrogative article negative article
Ive got some English films. Buy some bread on the way home. Have you got any English films? We havent got any bread.

1. I have English books. 2. Are there arm-chairs in the room? 3. There isnt chalk in the classroom. 4. There is milk in the jug. 5. Mother will buy butter. 6. There arent mistakes in my dictation. 7. There are lakes in this area. 8. Have you relatives in Kiev? 9. I have French newspapers.

Use the table to describe your flat.

kitchen living-room bedroom my room
large small middle-sized nice spacious comfortable
a bed a sofa a fridge an armchair a table a desk a TV-set a stove a cup-board a chair a wardrobe a carpet a bookcase a wall unit

10. Rephrase the sentence using to have a ~ .

1. Let me look at it. 2. Ill think about it and let you know. 3. Listen to this new album! 4. Im going to try. 5. Id like to talk with you. 6. Why dont we walk in the garden? 7. Drink some water. 8. If youre tired, well stop and rest for a while.

11. Disagree with the sentences using not that + adjective.

1. Its such a long drive! 2. Tom is so tall! 3. It was such an exciting trip! 4. The lesson was so interesting! 5. Its such an old city! 6. His English is so fluent! 7. The ski resort is so popular with foreign tourists! 8. The information was so important!

12. Rephrase the sentences using: in my opinion, as far as Im concerned, to my mind, in my book, in my eyes, in my view.

1. I think the country needs a change of government. 2. I think the Internet represents information exchange at its best. 3. I think its a terrible shame that the building is in ruins now. 4. I think the picture quality is excellent. 5. I think nothing is more important than football. 6. I think the whole evening was a waste of time.

Say your point of view.

1. A lot of women are quite happy to stay at home and be housewives.

2. The state shouldnt give money to people who dont want to work.

3. People from developing countries need all the help we can give them.

4. We should think about legalizing cannabis.

5. It can be very dangerous if people become too nationalistic.

14. Conditional 0. Make sentences: If you want to be a/ an , you need to be .

jobs adjectives
journalist police officer concert pianist supermarket cashier accountant train driver social worker professional footballer lawyer tour guide hotel manager teacher hard-working enthusiastic responsible caring attentive to detail accurate prudent stress-resistant friendly talented patient conscientious creative sporty

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