Listen and correct your teacher.

1. Why do he study English? 2. How you pronounce this word? 3. She dont want to listen to me. 4. My son go to school. 5. This student always make a lot of mistakes. 6. My brother fond of sport. 7. You always late. 8. He like travel. 9. At weekends Im read books. 10. On Sundays she is go to the cinema. 11. The shop sells a books.

Read the text, pick out functional expressions and retell it.

Edinburgh festivals

Summer in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, is the time for festivals. In August and September there are several different festivals which take place there.

The original Edinburgh International Festival started in 1947, and offers visitors a rich programme of classical music, theatre, opera and dance. The same year that the official festival began, a handful of theatrical companies gatecrashed the festival and organised their own event, which grew into what is now called the Fringe Festival.

The term 'fringe' means something on the outside of the main event, but over the years, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has become the largest of all the festivals, and indeed the largest arts festival in the world! The Fringe features performers and acts which are less traditional and more unconventional than those in the International Festival, and includes a lot of stand-up comedy shows, music and children's entertainment. The Edinburgh Fringe is seen as an important place for up-and-coming stand-up comedians to perform at.

At the same time in Edinburgh there are various other festivals, such as the Jazz and Blues festival, the Book Festival, the Film Festival, and even an Internet Festival! There is also a multicultural festival called Mela, which celebrates the diversity of people living in Edinburgh, in particular people with South Asian origins.

Edinburgh Castle is the site of one of the most spectacular events - The Military Tattoo. A military tattoo has nothing to do with a tattoo on your skin! It means a performance of military music, for example, by marching bands. In Scotland the military tattoo traditionally includes bagpipes and drums. This year the display will also feature dancers, horses and motorbikes!

Though you have to pay to attend most of the events at the various festivals, there are several groups who organise large numbers of free events as well.

17. Translate the sentences using journey.

1. ! 2. ? 3. 2 . 4. . 5. .

Match the term with their definitions and the pictures.

1) arch a) a tall pointed stone column with four sides, put up in memory of a person or an event
2) column b) the front wall of a large building that you see from the outside
3) dome c) curved structure with straight sides, often supporting a bridge or the roof of a large building
4) façade[fəsɑ:d] d) tall, solid vertical post made of stone, supporting or decorating building or standing alone
5) minaret e) decorated roof made from a series of arches joined together
6) obelisk f) round roof on a building
7) portal g) tall, narrow building, or part of a building, either square or round
8) spire h) tall, thin tower, usually forming part of a mosque
9) tower i) tall pointed tower on the top of a church
10) vaulted ceiling j) a large impressive door or entrance


Changing money. Use the table to make a conversation.

Clerk Client
- say hello and offer your help - ask how the client would like their money - give the money and receipt - ask to sign - to change smth into smth - the rate of exchange? - (larger or smaller notes)

Family. Do the quiz.

1. When we were younger, my brother and I didnt really __________, but now we have a good relationship.

a) get on

b) get off

c) get away

d) get to

2. My brother has 2 children; the boy is my nephew and the girl is my __________.

a) cousin

b) niece

c) sister

d) aunt

3. My grandmothers mother is my __________-grandmother; (there are 4 generations).

a) grand

b) great

c) high

d) big

4. Your siblings are your __________!

a) parents

b) brothers and sisters

c) cousins

d) friends

5. I got divorced some years ago, but I still speak to my __________.

a) old wife

b) before wife

c) ex-wife

d) previous

21. Look at the words on the board. They can be used as both verbs and nouns. Listen to the pairs of sentences and write V if you hear a verb and N if you hear a noun.

Script Answer
A. Why dont you like the way she skies? B. Why dont you like her new skis?  
A. I dont like modern dance. B. I dont like the way they dance.  
A. He always speaks about his likes and dislikes. B. He likes fishing and boating.  
A. Id like to see the way he works. B. Id like to see some of his works.  
A. Does he always keep his promises? B. Does he always do what he promises?  
A. Why did they try to escape? B. Why did they use the fire escape?  

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