Give the comparative and the superlative degree of the following adjectives.

Bright, hot, wide, easy, brave, good, active, nervous, fine, fat, bad, profitable, dirty, old, beautiful, thin, courageous.

3. Make sentences using comparatives.

1) the Airbus A380 / large / the Boeing 747; 2) the 747-400 / modern / the first 747; 3) modern planes / economical / older ones; 4) air travel / safe / road travel; 5) flying a plane / difficult / driving a car; 6) because of computers, modern planes / easy / to fly.

4. Complete the sentences with superlatives.

1. way to travel is by plane. (safe) 2. The TGV is train in Europe. (fast) 3. Air France-KLM is airline in Europe. (large) 4. People often want to buy tickets. (cheap) 5. Some people want way to travel. (convenient) 6. Low-cost airlines often have fares. (expensive) 7. seats are in first class. (good)

Rewrite these sentences and use the correct form of the adjective in brackets.

1. Which is the (big) department store in Kiev? 2. Which is (good): to go shopping (early) in the morning or (late) in the daytime? 3. It is (cold) today than it was yesterday. 4. Summer is (warm) than winter. 5. These shoes are (expensive) than those. 6. It is (dark) in our room than in theirs. 7. Our flat is (comfortable) than yours. 8. Summer is the (warm) of the four seasons.

Complete the sentences.

1. He was the first to ... . 2. They were the last to ... . 3. Would you like to be the next to ... ? 4. Who was the first to ... ? 5. Id like him to be the first to ... . 6. Who would like to be the next to ... ? 7. Would you like me to be the first to ... ?

7. Change the sentences using: Somebody is a good (-er).

1. She can cook well. 2. He can swim well. 3. My friend can play the guitar very well. 4. My sister can sing and dance well. 5. They study well. 6. She speaks English fluently. 7. He manages the company excellently. 8. His wife plans poorly. 9. Our monitor can lead well.

8. Rephrase the sentences from exercise 6 using to be good / bad at (-ing).

9. Translate the sentences by choosing between (to be) ill and sick (person).

1. . 2. ? 3. ? ³ . 4. ³ , . 5. . 6. . 7. .

Talk about your best and worst experiences of staying in hotels.

It was .

It was my best / worst experience because .

Read, translate and learn the text.

Kyiv Hotel Management College

The Kyiv Hotel Management College was founded in 1977 and trains students in hotel and restaurant businesses.

The College enables students to get a degree in hotel, tourist and catering services, food production, population service organization, accountancy, finance and credit, commodity science and commercial activity computer sciences and law.

It partners with top colleges in Russia, Germany, Slovakia and Greece.

The college combines up-to-date and innovative concepts with time-tested methods and traditional techniques.

It employs a highly qualified faculty providing theoretical and practical training.

The College provides a hostel, laboratories, a library, a medical centre and a sports ground.

Match the following definitions with the people or places in a hotel.

1) a public sitting-room in a hotel 2) a counter in a hotel where guests are received 3) a room with two single beds 4) a person whose work is to carry luggage 5) a set of rooms consisting of a bedroom, sitting-room, and bathroom 6) a person whose job is to receive guests 7) a stall or stand at which books, newspapers, and magazines are sold 8) a woman whose job is cleaning and tidying bedrooms in a hotel 9) service of food, etc. to a guest in a hotel 10) a room for two people a) room service b) a bookstall/news-stand c) a chambermaid d) a receptionist e) a reception desk f) a double room g) a porter h) a lounge i) a twin-bedded room j) a suite

Use the prompts to write an e-mail to book a hotel room.

Dear Sirs

- to book a single/double room / a shower / bath / for nights / from to .

- to arrive / to depart .

- to send your rates

Yours faithfully

Make up and act out a dialogue.

Booking a hotel room over the phone
A:. . B: . A: ? B: . A:? B: ֳ? :... :̳ ? ? : . : .

Read the hotel descriptions and match them to their star ratings. Use the table to present the information in English.

one star two star three star four star five star

1. A degree of luxury is included at this level. Public areas and bedrooms are more spacious with quality furnishings and décor and satellite TV. The en suite bathrooms are fully equipped. A variety of services is provided, such as porter service, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry-cleaning. Staff will have very good technical and social skills, anticipating and responding to guests needs.


2. Hotels in this category provide luxury and exceptional comfort. The restaurant has a high level of technical skill, producing dishes to the highest international standards. Staff are well trained in customer care and are especially attentive, efficient and courteous.


3. Hotels in this category offer practical accommodation and are probably small with a family atmosphere. Facilities and meals are simple. Some bedrooms do not have an en suite bath or shower room, although maintenance, cleanliness and comfort need to be of an acceptable standard.


4. In this classification hotels are typically small to medium sized and offer more extensive facilities than at the one-star level. Guests can find more comfortable and well-equipped accommodation, usually with an en suite bath / shower and colour TV. Hotel staff will offer a more professional service than at the one-star level.


5. Hotels are usually larger and provide a greater quality and range of facilities than at the lower levels. All bedrooms have a complete en suite bath / shower room and offer a better standard of comfort and equipment, such as direct-dial telephone, a hairdryer and toiletries in the bathroom. Room service is also provided and staff respond well to guests needs.

16. Translate the sentences using a stay / to stay.

1. . 2. ? 3. ³ . 4. ϳ . 5. .

Complete the table with the phrases. Try to explain what stay-over and check-out rooms are. Who is a housekeeper?

To change the sheets, to give a quick tidy, not to disturb things, to change the towels, to clean the bathroom, to make the bed, to tidy up, to check the soap, to use air freshener.

SOs (stay-overs) COs (check-outs)
. .

19. You are the manager of a small hotel. Put the guests in the right rooms so that everyone is happy, using the information below. Make sentences: Mr X goes to room X, because .

Mr and Mrs A would like a room next to their children so they can keep an eye on them.

The children would like a room overlooking the swimming pool.

Miss C wants a room overlooking the sea. Mr and Mrs D would prefer a quiet room at the back of the hotel.

Mr E always stays in room 2.

Mr F, Mr and Mrs G, and Miss H would like adjoining rooms if possible.

Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 SWIMMING POOL
Room 5 Room 6 Room 7 Room 8

Transport vocabulary. Do the quiz.

1. Where do you find taxis waiting in a queue in London?

a) taxi rank

b) taxi stand

c) taxi stop

d) taxi station

2. What is the underground train system called in New York City?

a) The Metro

b) The Underground

c) The Subway

d) The Tube

3. The 11:19 express to London Victoria is now standing at __________ 4.

a) quay

b) stand

c) track

d) platform

4. I hate travelling in the __________ when everyone is going to work.

a) busy hour

b) rush hour

c) hurry hour

d) crowded hour

5. Have you seen the paper today? Train __________are going up again, and theyre so expensive as it is!

a) fees

b) prices

c) fares

d) tickets

20. Listen to the words and put a plus (+) if its positive and a minus (-) if its negative.

Script positive (+) negative (-)
1) meaningful    
2) jobless    
3) harmful    
4) hopeful    
5) blameless    
6) painful    
7) restful    
8) homeless    
9) fearless    
10) careless    
11) guiltless    
12) fearful    
13) careful    
14) merciless    
15) sinful    
16) restless    
17) wasteful    

Write your opinion.

There is no place like home.

family to love shelter to relax to miss privacy




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