Listen to the multiple choice words and tick the word you hear.

Script Multiple Choice
  1) be happier 2) behaviour 3) behave 4) behalf
  1) health 2) healthy 3) healthful 4) helpful 5) hopeful
  1) an answer 2) an ounce 3) announce 4) an announcer 5) a noun
  1) different 2) difference 3) indifference 4) diffidence 5) distance
  1) attracted 2) a traitor 3) a tractor 4) attraction 5) attractive
  1) lender 2) landing 3) learner 4) leader 5) slender 6) ladder
  1) such gestures 2) suggestive 3) suggestion 4) suggesting

Write your opinion.

The appetite grows with eating.

to enjoy to motivate languages to start


The Past Continuous. The words much / many. Holidays

Read the sentences after your teacher. Focus on the pronunciation.

a. Do you want to join us?

b. I hope you still want to be my friend.

c. I want to thank you for your kind words.

d. I didnt want to offend you.

2. Rephrase the sentences using: as regards, relating to, when it comes to, in terms of, concerning, -wise, regarding.

1. Hes an expert as for computers. 2. As for a cure for the disease, we have made many advances. 3. As for tourist attractions, Florida is very popular. 4. As for the price, its not too expensive. 5. We handle phone calls as for lost pets. 6. As for your inquiry, Ill enclose a copy of our new brochure. 7. You should read some documents as for immigration laws.

Translate the sentences using the past continuous.

1. . . 2. . 3. ? , . . 4. , (to call for sb)? . 5. , (heavily).

Read the sentences and complete the table to explain the difference between the past simple and the past continuous.

1. When you came around, I was reading a book.

2. When I was taking a walk, I met a friend of mine.

a background action a short action
(tense) ... (tense) ...
(sentence) ... (sentence) ...

Read and translate the extracts. Explain the use of the tenses.


Im Bill Daniels. I live in Chicago. I was working in my office on the 28th floor of a skyscraper. I was dictating some letters to my secretary when the fire-bell rang. We rushed out to the lift but it wasnt working. The stairs were full of thick smoke. We couldnt go down, so we had to go up to the roof. When we got there some people were waiting calmly. Others were shouting and screaming wildly. A helicopter managed to land on the roof and rescued six of us before the building collapsed.


My names Martha Huggins. I was on holiday in the South Pacific and I was staying on Pogohiti, a small island. I was having a rest when the volcano erupted. The noise woke me up. I looked through the window. Everybody was running towards the harbour. I just put on a coat, and ran to the harbour too. I managed to get on a ship. It was leaving when the lava ['lɑ:və] hit the town.


Im George Green. Im a farmer. I was working in the field behind my house when I saw the plane. It was on fire. Smoke was coming from the engines, and it was coming down fast. I was running towards my house when it crashed into the trees behind me. I heard a terrible explosion when I woke up, I was lying in a hospital bed.


My names Michael Purt. My wife and I were staying with friends on Santa Monica in the Caribbean. We were having dinner when the earthquake began. Everything shook. All the plates and food fell onto the floor. We were picking everything up when the ceiling fell onto us. We couldnt move, and we had to wait for three hours before help arrived.

Now describe your or someone elses adventure.

Work in pairs to answer the questions.

Student 1:Where were you ?

- at noon yesterday? - at 3 am? - last Sunday? - last night? - last year? - 5 years ago? - when I met you? - when the bell rang?

Student 2:I was ... . I was -ing.

Think of an important meeting in your life.

When did you meet them? What was happening in your life at the time? What impressions did you have of the person? How did you feel?

8. Fill in the gaps choosing between many and much.

1 So, how T-shirts did we order?

2 - Its a new product, so we want to test it first.

- Sure. How stores are we selling them in?

3 - Its a cheap product.

- Hmm. Are we making profit on them?

4 And what about bigger orders? How discount can we get?

5 - I think we can get a maximum 20% discount on really big orders.

- Is there demand at the moment? Thats the question. Do people want to buy T-shirts in winter?

9. Translate the sentences by choosing between made of (recognizable) and made from (changed).

1. . 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. ? 6. . 7. . 8. ? 9. ?

10. Answer the questions according to the pattern: Are they woolen trousers? Yes, the trousers are made of wool.

1. Is this a brick wall? 2. Is this a wooden house? 3. Is this a gold chain? 4. Is this a straw hat? 5. Are these fur caps? 6. Is this a leather belt? 7. Are these woolen socks? 8. Is it a silver ring?

Use the model below to write an invitation.

We would like to invite you and to attend a / to celebrate our .

The will be held on (month, date) at (time) at (address).

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Read the text, pick out functional expressions and retell it.

Valentine's Day

Its that time of the year when couples show their love for each other by sending cards, flowers and chocolates. But Valentines Day is not only about public displays of affection: in recent years it has also become big business. In the UK alone, more than £20 million is spent on flowers, whilst in the United States over $1 billion is forked out on chocolates.

Although Valentines Day has become a global industry with more than 80 million roses sold worldwide, the origins of the day are unclear and hidden in the mists of time. Nobody knows exactly who St Valentine was, although some historians suggest he was a Roman martyred in the third century AD by a Roman Emperor. It is said that the first recorded Valentines card was sent by the imprisoned Duke of Orleans in 1415. It is believed that he sought solace from his confinement by writing love poems to his wife.

Valentines Day, or its equivalent, is now celebrated in many countries around the world. However, the traditions often differ from place to place. In Japan, for example, it is customary for the woman to send chocolates to the man, whilst in Korea April 14th is known as Black Day and is when the unfortunate men who received nothing on Valentines Day gather to eat noodles and commiserate with each other.

Technological developments have also played their part in keeping Valentines Day relevant in the 21st century. Valentines e-cards have been all the rage in recent years. However, internet security experts urge web users to be wary as malicious hackers could use e-cards to spread viruses and spyware.

Valentines cards can also be used for less than romantic purposes. Police in the UK city of Liverpool sent Valentines cards to criminals who failed to appear in court or have not paid fines. The cards contained the verse, Roses are red, violets are blue, youve got a warrant, and wed love to see you. Who says romance is dead?

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