Read and translate the postcard.

  Dear Mom and Dad,   I hope you are well. Were staying at a lovely hotel near the beach. We get up late every day and have a large breakfast. Then we lie around all morning, swimming and reading. After lunch siesta! Then its more swimming and a late supper. Paradise! Tomorrow were going to Isla Mujeres. The Mediterranean Sea is wonderful and the weather hot.   See you soon,   Love Mary     Name   Address   City   Country  

Now choose a vacation destination and write your own postcard describing hotel, free-time activities, food and drink, weather and climate.

Dear, _________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Love, _________________       Name   Address   City   Country  

14. Say the opposite using the prefix un.

1. Its usual for Dave to be late. 2. It is common for students to have bank loans. 3. It is socially acceptable for parents to leave children alone at that age.4. We were quite accustomed to working in a team. 5. Strong colours are very fashionable at the moment. 6. This food is healthy. 7. She is married. 8. Dawn was well qualified for this job. 9. His illness is related to the accident. 10. Young people are so sociable these days.

15. Translate the sentences using to run (into).

1. . 2. ̳ 30 . 3. . 4. . 5. ? 6. . 7. . 8. . 9. . 10. .

16. Rephrase the sentence using to tend to.

1. My car often overheats in the summer. 2. People usually need less sleep as they get older. 3. Normally, I change my language to suit the situation. 4. Generally, things quieten down after Christmas. 5. Naturally, I trust people whole-heartedly. 6. Young people usually dont like reading. 7. She often talks to people in a rude way. 8. Mostly, parents wrap their kids up in cotton wool. 9. By and large, my son is a very calm person.

Match a verb in column A with a word / phrase in column B.

- to pack - an application form
- to save up for - your holiday in advance
- to apply for - in the bank
- to book - your suitcase
- to fill in - how much food youll need
- to put your money - a new job
- to work out - a new car

Listen to the text and choose the sentence that reflects the speakers idea most precisely. Write the phrases that helped you.

Multiple Choice:

1. Reading develops intellect.

2. It is important to develop a good taste in literature.

3. Modern civilization interferes with reading.

4. It is necessary to have a library of your own.

On Reading

The first thing necessary to the pleasure of reading is that when people are young they should fall into the habit of reading. This is becoming more and more difficult. Some time ago railways had a compensating advantage - although they took people away from home, a long railway journey afforded a first-class opportunity for reading. But now things are changing. One cant very well read in a fast-moving motorcar. And it takes people more time to move around than it took them before. The telephone is also a disadvantage. It keeps ringing and interrupting the process of reading. Radio and television also take up a lot of time that might be given to reading. The computer is another change in the same direction. All these things must make it more difficult for future generations to fall into the habit of reading. (L.A. Hill)

Holiday English. Do the quiz.

1. When you arrive at the airport, the first thing you do is go to __________.

a) reception

b) the check-in desk

c) the departure lounge

d) the arrival desk

2. Its boring going on holiday with you, all you want to do is __________ on the beach.

a) take the sun

b) sunbathe

c) take a sun bath

d) sun bath

3. Which of the following is NOT holiday accommodation?

a) A guesthouse

b) A youth hostel

c) A B & B

d) A kennel

4. I love going away, but theres no place like __________.

a) house

b) the office

c) home

d) my bed

5. The nearest town was 80 km away, I mean really in the middle of _________.

a) nowhere

b) somewhere

c) anywhere

d) everywhere

Write your opinion.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

to gain strength to benefit from to stimulate to imagine intelligence smart




The Present Perfect. Tag-questions. Society

Read after your teacher and focus on the pause after the if-clause.

a. If students want a good college education, they must choose carefully.

b. If Mary gets into the university, she wont pay tuition.

c. If students dont pass their courses, they should leave school.

d. If its a little girl, well name her after you.

e. If Im lucky, Ill finish the semester.

Learn the past participles of some irregular verbs.

be been, have/has had, go gone, get got, see seen, hear heard, eat eaten, drink drunk, take taken, buy bought, bring brought, find found, give given, know known, leave left, lose lost, meet met, speak spoken, spend spent, drive driven, come come, make made, write written, read read.

3. Make up true sentences using the present perfect:I / my friend just, already, yet?, ever?, recently, since September.

Extend the following sentences as in the model

Model: My brother is going to do the shopping. 1) He has already / just done the shopping. 2) He has not done the shopping yet. 3) Has he done the shopping yet?

1. They are going to have dinner at 2 oclock. 2. Im going to buy some foodstuffs. 3. His family is going to listen to the seven oclock news. 4. Im going to clean the flat. 5. John is going to shave. 6. They are going to have a rest in the country. 7. Ann is going to switch on the light. 8. They are going to spend a fortnight in the country. 9. They are going to repair the road. 10. She is going to do the dishes. 11. I am going to turn off the CD recorder. 12. He is going to mend his car. 13. The firm is going to open a new supermarket.

React to the imperatives using the present perfect.

1. Open the door! 2. Ask him! 3. Water the flowers! 4. Dust the furniture! 5. Drink some hot milk! 6. Cut the bread!

6. Make present perfect sentences using to run out of.

paper petrol ash bread ink water ideas soap patience

Make present perfect and past simple questions.

Have you ever ... ? When did you ?
to work / restaurant? to travel / foreign country? to have / really bad day? to stay / 5-star hotel? to finish school? to leave college? to start your career? to join your current company?

8. Talk about the news: today, this week + the present perfect.

9. Rephrase the sentences using it is + superlative + ever + the present perfect.

1. Ive never seen such a bad film. 2. Ive never tasted such a good meal. 3. Weve never visited such an ancient city. 4. Weve never stayed in such a comfortable hotel. 5. Ive never seen such a professional tour guide. 6. Ive never met such an experienced traveller. 7. Ive never done such a difficult job. 8. Weve never travelled such a long distance.

Translate into English.

1. . 2. ³ . 3. ? 4. . 5. . 6. . 7. . 8. ? 9. - ? 10. - ?

Complete the tag-questions.

1. She sings well, _____ ? 2. He cant swim, _____ ? 3. You play the piano, _____ ? 4. Its cool today, _____ ? 5. It isnt warm today, _____ ? 6. Sam is a teacher, ______? 7. Ann is not an actress, ______? 8. Ann goes to university, ______? 9. Wendy does not live in the country, ______? 10. He will move house next week, ______? 11. You will take my final exams in May, ______? 12. She spent a year in the USA, ______? 13. You have never spoken to native speakers, ______? 14. He hasnt worked for a large company, ______?

12. Use the information in the table and react to the sentences positively and negatively using the so-construction.

  + -
I can swim. So can I. Really? But I cant.
I cannot swim. Neither can I. Really? But I can.

1. Last year I travelled to Europe. 2 Next year Ill go to the seaside resort. 3. I didnt go to school. 4. Im not married. 5. We didnt enjoy the party. 6. Yesterday I bought a new coat. 7. I cant make it to his place tomorrow. 8. I shouldnt eat much chocolate. 9. Im bored. 10. I have never been abroad.

13. React to the sentences using neither.

1. I cant understand a single word. 2. I didnt travel anywhere last summer. 3. I dont have spare time today. 4. I couldnt send you a message. 5. I havent heard from him for ages. 6. I didnt manage to get a hold of a copy.

Read the text, pick out functional expressions and retell it.

Friends Reunited

Have you ever wondered what your old school-mates are doing now? Well plenty of people in Britain do. One of the most successful internet ventures in Britain has shown how popular, and how lucrative, nostalgia can be.

The website Friends Reunited was started for fun in 1999 by a couple who were interested to know what their old school friends were doing. The project snowballed and by 2005, the site had 12 million members. One extraordinary fact is that Friends Reunited has never advertised, its success is entirely due to word-of-mouth.

You can search for a school, college or university and find a list of the members who were there in any year. You can also post a personal profile showing what you are doing now, and read other people's details.

Steve Pankhurst, one of the founders of the site, thinks that one of the reasons for its success is that some people like to be anonymous. On Friends Reunited, you can snoop on other people's lives without giving away anything about yourself if you don't want to. It's also an opportunity to bolster your self-esteem by showing off to everyone just how successful and happy you are now, even if you weren't while you were at school.

Friends Reunited has also led to many successful school reunions, and people meeting up with each other after many years. In particular, many people use the site to look up their childhood sweethearts and many couples have actually rekindled relationships after contacting each other through the site.

There have even been Friends Reunited weddings and babies, and Friends Reunited now has a new site called Friends Reunited Dating especially for people who are looking for love. The company has also launched other sites, such as Genes Reunited, which helps people to find long-lost relatives and build their family trees online.

15. Translate the sentences choosing between alone () and lonely ().

1. . 2. ³ . 3. . 4. . 5. ̳ , .

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