Read and translate. Find the passive forms.


The strike at Fernside Engineering in Birmingham has ended after talks between trade union leaders and management representatives. The strike began last weekend after a worker had been sacked. He had had an argument with a supervisor. Five thousand men went on strike. The worker has now been re-employed.


There is no more news about the famous Lanstable painting, Norfolk Sunset, which was stolen last night from the National Gallery. The painting, which is worth half a million pounds, was given to the gallery in 1975. It hasnt been found yet, and all airports and ports are being watched. Cars and trucks are being searched. A reward of £10,000 has been offered for information.


Jumbo, the Indian elephant which escaped from London zoo this afternoon, has been caught. Jumbo was chased across Regents Park, and was finally captured at a hot dog stall in Regents Park Road. A tranquillizer gun was used, and Jumbo was loaded onto a truck and taken back to the zoo. At the zoo, he was examined by the zoo veterinary surgeon. Fortunately no damage had been done, and Jumbo will be returned to the elephant house later tonight.


Jimmy MacTavish, the Eastfield United and Scotland striker, has been transferred. The contract was signed at lunchtime. He was transferred to the American club, Miami Galaxy, for $3,000,000. MacTavish, aged 23, was bought two years ago for a fee of 2000 from a Scottish non-league club.

Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice without leaving out the subject of the action.

1. My sister teaches me English. 2. Peter drove the car. 3. Our interpreter will meet the delegation. 4. The teacher has checked our dictations. 5. Our music teacher is conducting the orchestra.

Change the following into the Passive Voice, leaving out the subject of the action.

1. The girls water the flowers every day. 2. They publish this magazine in Lviv. 3. We do not discuss such questions at our meeting. 4. Somebody built this castle in the 16th century. 5. They will not finish this work tomorrow. 6. We will invite him to take part in the concert. 7. The workers are repairing the road. 8. She has locked the door. 9. They showed us the monuments of Lviv. 10. She offered me a cup of tea. 11. They promised her an interesting job. 12. They gave the actress a bunch of flowers. 13. We sent for the doctor. 14. Everyone looked at the girl. 15. The students listened to the professor with great interest. 16. People speak about this film very much.

Rephrase the sentences using the passive past continuous.

1. When I came, they were cleaning the room. 2. When we left, they were still asking questions. 3. When she walked into the room, they were discussing a problem. 4. When I called on them, they were cooking dinner. 5. When we dropped by, they were planting potatoes.

Translate into English

1. . 2. . 3. XVIII . 4. ϳ . 5. ? 6. - . 7. . 8. . 9. . 10. . 11. . 12. .

10. Here is a list of objects that are commonly thrown away. Try to come up with a new use for them. Use: ... can be used for ... .

soda bottles cans cardboard boxes Styrofoam cups plastic bags newspapers tyres milk cartons phone books glass jars egg cartons

11. Rephrase the sentences using to get.

1. My dad was injured in a car crash. 2. Mind the camera isnt broken. 3. This is a question we are very often asked. 4. You might be hurt if you stand there. 5. She didnt want to be fired. 6. Last month she underwent an operation.

Read, translate and learn the text.


Ukraine gained its independence in 1991. It is the second largest country in Europe.

Ukraine occupies a favourable geopolitical position. It borders on Poland, Belorus, the Russian Federation, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Moldova.

The climate of Ukraine is mild continental. The temperatures of the coldest month (January) range from -20 degrees to +2 degrees. The temperatures of the hottest month (July) range from +18 degrees and higher.

The territory of Ukraine is 603,700 km².

Ukraines population is 50 million people.

Ukraine is a parliamentary republic with a presidential form of administration.

Ukraine produces 5% of the world output.

Ukraine is rich in folk traditions, customs and holidays.

Christmas is celebrated on January 7. It is considered to be a family holiday and is celebrated at home. People go to churches, sing Christmas songs, cook special dishes.

The next major religious holiday is Easter. This holiday marks not only the resurrection of Christ but also the coming of spring. This holiday produced the art of painting eggs. Various national dishes are cooked for the holiday.

Ukrainian dishes are widely known all over the world. We can be proud that one of the best restaurants in New York is called Kyiv and specializes in the Ukrainian cuisine.

Use the table to make sentences about Ukraine.

agriculture mining


Read and translate the text. Find unknown phrases and passive forms. Fill in the table to make sentences about the text in English.

The part of the US government which makes and passes laws is known as the Congress of the United States of America. It was created in 1789 by Article 1 of The Constitution of the United States.

Congress is made up of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate consists of two Senators from each state. When a senator has been elected they serve a six-year term. Since 1913 senators have been chosen by the peoples vote. The House of Representatives consists of 435 members. Representatives are elected from congressional districts and serve two-year terms.

The two main parties in US politics are the Democrats and the Republicans. When a president is elected he or she serves in government for a period of four years. After four years elections are held. If the president (and vice president) win, they stay in government for another four years.

Congress Senate House of Representatives Parties President
.. .

Now make sentences about the political system of Ukraine.

15. Translate the sentences, choosing between borrow (take) and lend (give).

1. ? 2. , -, . 3. . 4. . 5. D- . 6. 10$ ? 7. .

Agree with the statements, using words from the box.

impatient unemployed impolite illegal to get undressed untidy illegible

1. Its against the law, isnt it? 2. He doesnt have a job, does he? 3. His room is always in a mess, isnt it? 4. He took off his clothes! 5. This handwriting is impossible to read. 6. She can never wait for five minutes, can she? 7. I thought it was rude, didnt you?

The Passive Voice. Do the quiz.

1. The children __________. Which ending makes the most sense and has the correct grammar?

a) bit the dog

b) were bitten by the dog

c) was bitten by the dog

d) all of the above

2. Which sentence does NOT make sense?

a) The police arrested the robber.

b) The robber was arrested.

c) The robber was arrested by the police.

d) The police were arrested the robber.

3. He __________ in a car accident.

a) died

b) was died

c) killed

d) all of the above

4. He __________ to parties. Which sentence can NOT complete the sentence?

a) doesnt often invite

b) doesnt often get invited

c) isnt often invited

d) doesnt often get invitations

5. Which sentence is grammatically correct?

a) Sean Connery was knighted by the Queen in 2000.

b) Sean Connery was knighted in 2000.

c) The Queen knighted Sean Connery in 2000.

d) all of the above

How many different sentences can you write beginning with these words?

Compared with Britain, my country

Listen to the figures and write them down.

23 42 16 85 34 89 90 10 14 17 56 99 40 28 53 112 367 856 988 154 295 529 826 597 375 759 9,125 4,298 5,809 9,687 3,267

Write your opinion.

It is necessary to do the sports regularly.

fit weight emotions friends favourite active stress emotions


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