Rephrase the sentences using the Objective Past Participle Complex.

1. I must repair my computer. 2. I must wash my shirt. 3. I must dry clean my coat. 4. I must record this film. 5. I must photocopy these documents. 6. I must type this letter. 7. I must print out this balance sheet.

9. React to the sentences using: You must have + past participle.

1. My cell-phone is broken. (to fix) 2. My jacket is all creased. (to iron) 3. These buttons have come off. (sew on) 4. My shoes are down at the heels. (to tap) 5. Id like to change my hairstyle. (to dye) 6. There is a stain on my coat. (to remove)

Translate into English.

1. . 2. ? 3. , (to touch down). 4. . 5. , ? 6. . 7. , . 8. , .

Read, translate and find environmental words. Complete the table about the text.

Environmental protection has become a serious challenge by the end of the 20th century. Big industrial corporations keep polluting water in rivers, lakes and seas. Oil tankers dump oil into seas and oceans. Many countries use cheap electricity from nuclear power plants that are environmentally dangerous. Forests are felled, including rain forests (). As a result, animals, birds, and fish are killed. Life in big cities is also affected by big industries and transport.

All fossil fuels, that is, oil, coal, and gas, contain sulphur. When these are burnt, for example, in motor vehicles, they form sulphuric acid. This acid goes up into the air and causes acid rains.

The river Rhine in Germany was known to have been badly polluted some decades ago by industrial plants and sewage water. The German government took very decisive and drastic measures to punish those responsible for the pollution. The result was striking.

problems ........................................................................
consequences ........................................................................

Use the table to make a discussion.

environmental problems environmental solutions
fossil fuels and global warming alternative sources of energy: wind turbines, solar panels, hydroelectric dams
air pollution environmentally friendly transport
products harmful to the environment ozone-friendly products (lead free)
waste recycling
intensive farming organic farming
acid rain renewable resources

13. Use the information in the table and translate the sentences, choosing between do and make.

do make
exercises a favour your homework housework a mistake a call progress a choice

1. . 2. . 3. . 4. , . 5. . 6. . 7. 51- . 8. 18.00 .

Use the table to make sentences explaining the abbreviations and the clipped words.

to stand for to mean
www e-mail
SMS .com
CD Advert
DVD Congrats
UN Ammo
EU Xmas
XL Uni

Idioms. Use the idioms in the box to answer the questions.

to be tied-up to feel like a drink to make do with to have gone for good to pull your leg

1. Are you hungry? -

2. Do you think theyll ever come back to England? -

3. Do you have a lot of clients to see? -

4. Did she tell you there were no bathrooms in the hotel? -

5. Do you really need a large flat? -

Complete the dialogues using a suitable combination of quantifiers and nouns.

1. A: Its too hot for jeans. B: You need __________ .

2. A: I have to cut this paper into three parts. B: You need __________ .

3. A: I cant see because the sun is in my eyes. B: You need __________ .

4. I dont know what to do when I leave college. B: You need __________ .

5. My room looks so empty. B: You need __________ .

6. I cant play my music loud because my mother always complains. B: You need __________ .

7. My teacher said my English wasnt getting any better. B: You need __________ .

apair of, a piece of, an item of, a set of a lot of

Listen to the dates and write them down.

March 12, 1998; January 21, 1924; July 14, 1976; September 1, 1939; May 9, 1945; June 12, 1993; November 10, 1982; April 22, 1870; June 22, 2000; February 10, 1927; August 9, 2003.

Listen to a text discussing environmental issues that your teacher will expose you to. Do the after-listening tasks.

Write your opinion.

Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.

to cause to panic decisions to jump the gun to sleep on it the right time chance



The Second Conditional. Kyiv

1. Work in pairs to ask and answer questions using the model: Whats a florists? Its a place to buy flowers.

a car park a newsagents a gym a butchers a bookshelf a chemists a wardrobe a library a park bench a greengrocers a bathroom

Word-formation. Complete the table.

Verb Noun
to predict .
. payment
. comparison
. calculation
to expect .
. indication
. expansion
to perform .

Rephrase the sentences using the Second Conditional.

1. I dont know your address, so I cant call for you. 2. She is ill, so she cant keep the date. 3. It is late, so we cant finish the work today. 4. We havent got enough money, so we cant go on a tour of the city. 5. I dont have spare time, so I cant phone you. 6. The day is not cold, so the children wont play indoors. 7. The bread isnt fresh, so I wont buy any. 8. Im not a doctor, so I cant help you. 9. I dont know your friend, so I cant pick him up from the airport.

Now use I wish I + could / conditional 2.

Translate into English.

1. , . 2. , . 3. , . 4. (to do). 5. (to meet), . 6. , (to join). 7. , .

5. Go through each of the seven tips for success and discuss how and why each tip could or would help you succeed. Concentrate on the second conditional using the following model: If you followed tip number one, you could/would ... .

1. Always get up early.

2. Do the jobs that nobody else wants to do.

3. Always work an extra hour after everyone else has finished for the day.

4. Listen to people.

5. Keep upgrading your skills.

6. Under what circumstances would you:

alie to someone close to you?

bgive a lift to a complete stranger?

c walk out of your job, or drop out of college?

d steal something from a shop?

ehit someone?

flend a large amount of money?

hleave your country forever?

7. Rephrase the sentences using d better.

1. I advise you to go and get ready. 2. You should ask Jo first. 3. Its not a good idea to tell Oliver about it. 4. It would be a good idea to book the flight in advance. 5. You should tell him the truth.

8. Rephrase the sentences using I suggest + the present subjunctive (bare infinitive).

1. You should phone before you go round there. 2. You should make a tour of the city. 3. I advise him to go to the park. 4. It would be a good idea if you left London. 5. I advise her to take out medical insurance when visiting China. 6. She has to take a different decision. 7. We must discuss the contract thoroughly. 8. I think we must put the meeting off. 9. Mr Hill asked his students to use a good dictionary. 10. My doctor advised me to have a long holiday.

Read and translate the text. Use the underlined words to retell it.


Kyiv is the largest and the most beautiful city of Ukraine. In 1982 it celebrated its 1500-th anniversary. Kyiv lies on both banks of the river Dnipro. It is one of the greenest cities in the world.

There are lots of attractions to see here. One should not fail to see the Dnipro slopes, the ancient monuments and cathedrals, the Palace Ukraina and the main thoroughfare Khreshchatyk.

Kyiv is a well-known industrial and scientific centre. Its industries manufacture sea-going fishing trawlers, planes, automated lathes, excavators, motorcycles, equipment for chemical, optical, electrical, measuring and radiotechnical tools, hundreds of thousands of consumer goods. The city has over 300 research and design institutes.

Use the Internet to find some information about the following places of interest. Act as a tour guide to present them to the class.

The Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra

St.Vladimir Cathedral

The Golden Gate

St. Sophia Cathedral

St. Andrew Descent

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