Use the following phrases to practice saying the above sites.

Now we are approaching

On the left / on the right / straight ahead you can see

11. Translate the sentences, choosing between first ( ) and at first ().

1. , . 2. , . 3. , . 4. . 5. , . 6. , . 7. , .

12. Say the sentences again using first or at first.

1. Before crossing the road look to the left, then to the right. 2. They wanted to travel to Egypt, but finally settled on Turkey. 3. I didnt believe him. 4. Try this number. 5. I couldnt get used to eating soup for lunch. 6. Try to open the door.

13. Make sentences using I prefer sth to sth.

1) piano / guitar; 2) tenor / soprano; 3) music by Mozart / music by Bach; 4) classical music / jazz; 5) ballet / opera; 6) playing musical instruments / singing songs.

14. Rephrase the sentences using: to work out, to catch, to follow, to figure out, to get, to see, to gather, to grasp, to make out.

1. Im afraid I didnt hear your name. 2. I dont think she understood the joke. 3. I didnt quite understand what he was saying. 4. I find this idea difficult to understand. 5. I understand what you mean. 6. I understand youve had some problems with our sales department. 7. As far as I can understand, he has never been married. 8. Do you understand me? 9. Women. I just cant understand them. 10. Ill take you a while to understand the plot.

15. Use the model to write a for and against composition:

Topics to be chosen from:

The pros and cons of being rich and famous

Which is better, being married or single?

The pros and cons of banning cars in cities

Does modern technology do more harm than good?

Linking words to be used:


, whereas

On the one hand, , on the other hand .

What is more,



In spite of ,

Although ,

Translate the following sentences using the idioms in the box.

to get a move on to make small talk off-hand to take a short cut to make it to take it in turns to do smth to keep an eye on smth

1. . 2. . 3. ? 4. . 5. , . 6. . . 7. , .

Read the story and complete the sentences.

When Julie was 1, her father said she could go on holiday with two school friends. He also said that he would lend her the money for a hotel, but she must pay for the air fare and her entertainment. Julie delighted and said she would bring him back a wonderful present and pay him back in six months. The friends looked at lots of brochures and finally agreed on a two-week holiday in the south of France.

He let .

He offered .

He refused .

She promised .

They decided .

Listen to the text, catch and write all numeric information.

Greece is an island of mountains and of sea. The country has an area of 131,957 km², of which one-fifth constitutes the Greek islands more than 2,000 islands, of which 170 are inhabited; some of the easternmost Aegean islands lie just a few miles off the Turkish coast. The population is 10,939,771.

Write your opinion

It is possible to speak to your teacher frankly.

experienced problems to hesitate / to mock impartial advice fair distance / to influence smth




The Past Perfect. The Future Perfect. The Third Conditional.

The City

Take it in turns to repeat after your teacher.

7 nuts 23 bananas 44 apples; 60 chairs 71 tables 11 sofas; 47 forks 13 spoons 26 knives; 42 rabbits 83 mice 64 wolves; 8 doors 56 houses 43 flats; 34 teachers 85 students 41 answers; 16 laptops 59 books 75 phones; 19 bikes 27 cars 97 trucks; 54 lamps 87 beds 39 mats; 9 dailies 61 articles 18 magazines.

2. Work in pairs to ask and answer questions using the model: What / Who is a ? Its something that you use to / someone who .

hairdryer receptionist porter towel menu knife credit card concierge backpack tour guide telephone chambermaid chef key suitcase safe travel agent plane

3. Make sentences using the nearest / to be just around the corner.

bank bus stop cash point Underground station fast food restaurant book store supermarket post office drugstore

Now use the words to make questions: Is there a near here?

Replace the infinitives in brackets by the Past Indefinite or the Past Perfect.

1. Yesterday we (to discuss) the film which we (to see) some days before. 2. When my sister (to go) to the theatre, I (to begin) to write the letter. 3. The children (to fall asleep) by ten oclock. 4. He (to tell us) many interesting things he (to see) in Lutsk. 5. Peter (to show) us the bicycle his father (to buy) for him. 6. Mother (to cook) supper by the time they (to come) home. 7. He (to tell) me that he (to see) me the day before yesterday. 8. She (to sleep) an hour when I (to wake) her.

Translate into English.

1. , . 2. , . 3. , . 4. . 5. ̳ , . 6. , . 7. ij , . 8. , . 9. ϳ , .

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