Use the information below to prepare a tourist development plan for an area in our country that has not been developed yet for tourism. Then present it to the class.

Use the Internet to find and present information on the following British customs.

New Year, Burns Night, Wassailing, St. Valentines Day, Shrove Tuesday, St. Davids Day, Crufts, Mothering Sunday, The Boat Race, April Fools Day, Easter, St. Georges Day, May Day, Ladies Day, Morris Dancing, Tea in the Pavilion, St. Swithuns Day, Oyster Day, the Last Night of the Proms, St. Michaels Day, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, Remembrance Day, Christmas.

Read the text, pick out functional expressions and retell it.

Universities in the UK

Universities in Britain are amagnet for overseasstudents. There are currently over 200,000 from outside Britain studying at British universities. The largest single group is Chinese students. There are currently 50,000 in the UK. The British government expects the total number of overseas students to be around 900,000 by 2020, and also thinks that a quarter of these will be Chinese.

But why is the UK such a popular destination for university students? Well, the quality of your course is guaranteed. All courses are assessed by an independent system, so you can be assured that your course is officially approved and has wide international recognition.

The British education system is very flexible in order to provide for the needs of a modern, complex society. It is also cost-effective. Degree courses are usually shorter and more intensive than in other countries. There are lots of scholarships available. You normally need 3 A-levels, which are the exams taken by people leaving school at 18, in order to enter an undergraduate degree course. You also need an IELTS score of at least 5.5, but many universities offer foundation or access courses to prepare students for their studies.

British universities offer a personalised but independent approach. The emphasis is on creative and independent thought, which helps develop the skills you will need to compete in the global job market. Tutors not only teach but also provide support and guidance. As a result, international students have a very low drop out rate and a very high pass rate.

It is very simple to become an international student in the UK. The British Council offers a free and impartial service to anyone who is interested in studying in the UK, and an organisation called UCAS assists you in finding a course and making an effective application.

The UK is a dynamic and cosmopolitan place. The countryside is beautiful, and the theatres, museums, architecture and rich history make it a fascinating place to live and study. Why not give it a go?

Travelling. Do the quiz.

1. My parents are going on a luxury __________ , 10 days sailing around the Mediterranean.

a) flight

b) cruise

c) journey

d) trip

2. How long does it __________ to fly from Singapore to Bangkok?

a) duration

b) last

c) take

d) go

3. What time does your train __________? (arrive)

a) get on

b) get into

c) get at

d) get in

4. If you go on a walking holiday in the countryside, which bag would be most practical?

a) a handbag

b) a suitcase

c) a backpack

d) a day bag

5. John wanted to go travelling, but he didnt have much money so he decided to __________ around the UK.

a) hitch-hike

b) auto-stop

c) car-stop

d) get a lift

Listen to the text and write a plan.

Womens Rights

Ought women to have the same rights as men? A hundred years ago the answer in every country in the world would have been no. People believed that women were weaker and less clever than men and that they had worse characters. Even nowadays there are countries where women are treated almost like servants.

It is certainly true that a woman is weaker than a man. Thousands of years ago, when men lived in caves and hunted for food, strength of body was the most important thing, but now in the 21st century brains are more important.

What about womens brains? Of course, in countries where girls are not given so good an education as boys, they know less. But in countries where there is the same education for both, there is no difference at all between the brain of a man and that of a woman. There are women judges, women ministers and women professors in many countries.

But women can do one thing that men cannot: they can produce children. Because they, and not men, do this, they usually love their children more, and are better able to look after them, since they are more patient and understanding with small children. For this reason some women are happier if they can stay at home and look after their house and family than if they go out and do the same work as men do. It is their choice, and not the result of being less clever than men. (L.A. Hill and R.D.S. Fielden)

Write your opinion.

All people are liable to error.

choice to learn from machine to avoid advice to experience



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