Complete the sentences with the following words.

Sustainable second nature fuelled puzzled under his own steam

1. My friend was a bit ________ when I said I didnt want to earn lots of money.

2. These days there is a lot of talk amongst politicians about _________ development.

3. When I started using email I was a bit confused, but now its _________.

4. A lot of Chinas economic growth has been ________ by the manufacturing sector.

5. Martin was going to ask a friend to pick him up from the airport, but in the end he got home __________.


Online music sales

Do you like music? Of course you do. Are you still going to the record shop to buy your records? If you are, you may not be for much longer.

According to recent figures, more than 62 million singles were sold or downloaded legally from the Internet in the UK in 2006. That figure is almost twice as much as the 32 million bought in 2004, and experts think it will continue to grow over the coming years. This reflects a global trend: digital music sales across the world almost doubled to around £1bn in 2006, according to an industry report. And last April US hip-hop duo Gnarls Barkley became the first act to reach number one with their song Crazy purely through downloads.

However, the traditional single has not disappeared. You cannot write off traditional formats just yet, said Mr Jamieson, spokesman for the British Phonographic Industry the BPI, the rganization responsible for music sales in the UK.

Since music download services began a couple of years ago, the British music industry has been quick to take advantage and is now beginning to feel the benefits. While the fight against illegal downloading continues, it seems the public have been happy to join the new legal services. You access the web page, choose the songs you want, type in your credit card details and you can download immediately.

The British public still enjoys buying records, however, according to the BPI. Rock groups such as Babyshambles, Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand have been extremely popular and helped make sales high.

With music you can buy in the shops and music you can download from the Internet, from Coldplay to Oasis, Gorillaz to Franz Ferdinand, British music is going from strength to strength!


downloaded obtained by using a computer   spokesman a person who speaks as the representative of a group or organisation
twice two times to take advantage to use something while you can for your own benefit, sometimes unfairly
write off cancel, or stop using something because it has failed or become too old illegal against the law  
format the way in which something is arranged or presented going from strength to strength gradually becoming more and more successful


Are these sentences true or false?

1. Downloading music legally is very popular in the UK. True / False

2. Nobody buys records any more. True / False

3. British music is more successful than it used to be. True / False

Phrasal Verbs. Look at the phrasal verbs below. Can you match them with their definitions?

1. write off a. to continue
2. bring out b. to cancel or recognize that something is a failure
3. keep on c. to have no more, use something up
4. join in d. to start to sell a new product
5. run out of e. to participate


Now complete the sentences below by using one of the phrasal verbs.

1. I always do that. I _______ talking even when people tell me to stop.

2. I dont really like watching sports. I prefer to _____________.

3. I hear Coldplay are going to ________ a new album next year.

4. I need to go to the supermarket because I have ____________ food.

5. You owe me £5000, but if you give me your car I will ________ the debt.


Idioms. Look at the idioms below. Each one is connected to songs and music. Match the idiom to its definition.

1. make a song and dance a. to perform well
2. face the music b. news you are happy to receive
3. on song c. to react badly, over-react
4. music to my ears d. to receive criticism or punishment when you do something wrong


Now complete the sentences below by using one of the idioms.

1. David Beckham had a great game. He was really __________.

2. Dont _____________! I was only 5 minutes late.

3. When I heard I had passed the exam it was like ______________.

4. When the teachers caught me smoking at school I had to ____________.

Modern British Families

Father leaves for work in the morning after breakfast. The two children take the bus to school, and mother stays at home cooking and cleaning until father and the kids return home in the evening. This is the traditional picture of a happy family living in Britain. But is it true today? The answer is - no! The past 20 years have seen enormous changes in the lives and structures of families in Britain, and the traditional model is no longer true in many cases.

The biggest change has been caused by divorce. As many as 2 out of 3 marriages now end in divorce, leading to a situation where many children live with one parent and only see the other at weekends or holidays.

There has also been a huge rise in the number of mothers who work. The large rise in divorces has meant many women need to work to support themselves and their children. Even when there is no divorce, many families need both parents to work in order to survive. This has caused an increase in childcare facilities, though they are very expensive and can be difficult to find in many areas. In addition, women are no longer happy to stay at home raising children, and many have careers earning as much as or even more than men, the traditional breadwinners.

There has also been a sharp increase in the number of single mothers, particularly among teenagers. Many of their children grow up never knowing their fathers, and some people feel the lack of a male role model has a damaging effect on their lives.

However, these changes have not had a totally negative effect. For women, it is now much easier to have a career and good salary. Although it is difficult to be a working mother, it has become normal and it's no longer seen as a bad thing for the children. As for children themselves, some argue that modern children grow up to be more independent and mature than in the past. From an early age they have to go to child minders or nurseries, and so they are used to dealing with strangers and mixing with other children.

So while the traditional model of a family may no longer be true in modern Britain, the modern family continues to raise happy, successful children.


divorce - when a marriage ends and the former husband and wife separate from one another single mothers -women who raise their children by themselves because they live separately from the children's fathers
a huge rise - a very big increase/growth (opposite to fall/decrease/decline) lackif there is a lack of something, there is not enough of it
to support -here, to provide with a home and the necessities of life male role model -a man who thinks and acts in the way that is traditionally perceived as being typical of men
childcare facilities -special institutions whose job is to look after children while parents are working nurseries -places equipped for looking after very young children
raising -bringing up and educating dealing with -managing, doing what is necessary to achieve the result you want
breadwinners - a breadwinner is the person who earns the most money in their family mixing with - socialising, living together with, joining
sharp -here, big and happening over a short period of time  


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