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an instruction and a program a basic unit of information a byte and a bit to take in and to put out information input unit and output unit boundless   digital device means of solving problems sphere of application to accept, store, process information hardware and software data unit keyboard printer and display storage of memory (storage = memory) access time and capacity internal and external storage central processing unit to coordinate and control all activities


Translate into English and be ready to give illustrative examples:

-   , ,   . , , , , , , .


Fill in the gaps using a word from the list:

boundless byte basic keyboard acceptable Hardwear accepts acceptable smallest Equipment puts out bits input unit means


1. Modern electronic digital computers have become of solving mathematical and other scientific problems.

2. The application sphere of computer is now practically .

3. An electronic computer is a device that can accept information, store it, process it and present the result of the processing in some form.

4. represents the material part of the machine, its , while software is represented by computer instructions and programs.

5. The unit of information for a computer is called a byte.

6. A consists of eight .

7. A bit is the unit of information.

8. The part of a computer that takes in information is called the .

9. Input unit is the functional part of the computer that the data to be operated and programs for operating.

10. Input to the computer is provided by a .

11. The part of a computer that the information is called the output unit.

12. The computer can put out information in a form to people with the help of printer and display.



Task 1

Agree or disagree with the following statements:

There are only two kinds of programming languages: those people always critisise and those nobody uses.

Programmers always require small things to be happy and also small problems to become frustrated. They live in a different world.

Task 2

Do you know the answers to the questions:

1. What is hardware?

2. How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

Now compare:

What is the hardware?

Hardware is the part of a computer that you can kick.


How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?

None, that's a hardware problem.



Task 3

How would you describe what computer software is to someone who knows nothing about computers? Work in pairs or small groups.



Task 4

Now read the description below. Do you like it? Why/Why not?


Software is like a recipe. It contains a list of ingredients (called variables) and a list of directions (called statements) that tell the computer what to do with the variables. The variables can represent numeric data, text, or graphical images.


recipe ['resəpɪ] (n) (. )

ingredient [ɪn'ɡri:dɪənt] (n) , 䳺

variable ['veərɪəbl] (n) ()

statement ['steɪtmənt] (n)



Task 5

A) Read the text and underline vocabulary items concerning computer software.


Computer software is a general term that describes computer programs. Such terms as software programs, applications, scripts, and instruction sets all fall under the category of computer software. Therefore, installing new programs or applications on your computer is synonymous with installing new software on your computer.

Software can be difficult to describe because it is "virtual." It consists of lines of code written by computer programmers that have been compiled into a computer program. Software programs are stored as binary data that is copied to a computer's hard drive, when it is installed. Since software is virtual and does not take up any physical space, it is much easier (and often cheaper) to upgrade than computer hardware.

While at its most basic level, software consists of binary data, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and other types of media that are used to distribute software can also be called software. Therefore, when you buy a software program, it often comes on a disc, which is a physical means of storing the software.

B) Match the key software terms with their definitions.

Software operating system malware virus search engine

1. The most important program that runs on a computer. Every general-purpose computer must have an operating system to run other programs.

2. Computer instructions or data. Anything that can be stored electronically.

3. A computer program that retrieves documents or files or data from a database or from a computer network.

4. Short for malicious software, software designed specifically to damage or disrupt a system, such as a virus or a Trojan horse.

5. Self-replicating computer program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable code or documents.



Task 6

Fill in the gaps with the terms from the box


data applications programs package (suite) software (2) office program office suites


______ is the word used to refer to ______ (sets of computer instructions written in a computer language) and _____ that is input, processed and output by a computer system.

_______ are programs that allow the user to do various types of work on a computer e.g. word processors, databases. A set of related applications programs is referred to as a_____. Some applications programs, such as word processors, spreadsheets and databases, are commonly referred to as _______ because they are commonly used in a typical office.

______such as Microsoft office are sets of interrelated office programs.



Task 7

Match each applications program with its function.


word processors storing data so that it can be easily searched and sorted
spreadsheets drawing
databases creating multimedia slide shows
graphics creating and editing texts
games sending electronic mail messages
accounts performing various business tasks
payroll creating and editing web pages
presentation program editing graphic images
e-mail writing programs to add features to existing applications and creating integrated program systems
P I M (personal information program) creating publications to be printed by a professional printer
D T P (desktop publishing program) keeping track of appointments, address book
small business tools playing fast action game
website editor performing calculations using formulas
image editor calculating salaries
developer tools keeping business accounts

Task 8

Choose the proper word to fill in the gap. Change its form if necessary.


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