II. In the second column select the words and the word combinations equivalent to those in the first one.

Effective protection 1.

Lack of lime 2.

Virgin soils 3.

Alternating of crops 4.

Great variation 5.

Quality of soils 6.

Crop rotation 7.

Decreased yields 8.

Careful handling 9.

III. Complete each sentence with a word or phrase from the box

1. the deterioration of soil structure 2. crop rotation 3. Without good care 4. they are put to diverse uses. 5. pastures or timberlands. 6. virgin soils

1. all crop land deteriorates with continuous use.

2. Changes in the nature of soils cannot be avoided as

3. The systematic alternating of crops from field to field is known as

4. In most instances, the better soils are used for crops, and the less suitable ones are kept for

5. Time makes little change in

6. Improper use may result in

IV. Fill in the blanks in the given figures, explain the reasons of deterioration of soil structure and name the properties for improvement of agricultural quality of soils.


V. Give the name to each paragraph of the text.

VI. Read and understand this text without dictionary.



A rotation is a succession of crops usually fixed in a certain definite order. Nowadays rotations are not so fixed as before. To meet the changing conditions and the needs of the market, new crops can be introduced into rotations and changes made when and where needed.

The opposite of a rotation is to grow one crop year after year. This is known as monoculture and can lead to troubles, particularly disease. The one crop, which can be grown in this way, is grass; permanent grass, if farmed properly, can be productive for a long time.


I. Put up four questions of different types (general, special, disjunctive, alternative) to each sentence.

Model: Good soils respond well to proper management.

1) Do good soils respond well to proper management?

2) What do good soils respond well to?

3) Good soils respond well to proper management, dont they?

4) Do good soils respond well to proper management or good care?


1. A good rotation system consists of adjusting the crop arrangement to the physical nature of the land.

2. There has always been great variation in the quality of soils available for agriculture.

3. Rotation and diversification go hand in hand.

4. Legumes return nitrogen to the soil

5. Time makes little change in virgin soils.

6. Improper soil use may result in the deterioration of soil structure.

II. Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate form and explain the usage of that form in the sentence.


1. There (to be) always great variation in the quality of soils available for agriculture. 2. Rotation (to imply) the growing of more than one crop on a farm. 3.But when soils (to be used) for crops or pasture, the balance that nature (to give) them (to be) upset in various ways and to varying degrees. 4. Frequently, however, soil use (to result) in soil damage and decreased yields. 5. Without good care all crop land (to deteriorate) with continuous use.


III. Make the sentences of the exercise II negative.


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