Are the following statements about the text true (T) or false (F)?

a) The Morgan is made by machines.

b) Old and new ideas are used to make Morgan cars.

c) Morgan cars arent made on an assembly line.

d) Morgan engines are old-fashioned.

e) You can walk into the Morgan factory, buy a car and drive it home.


8. Study the following information:

Anatomy of an automobile: road vehicle that is motor-driven and is used for transporting people.

Spare wheel: wheel of a car used to replace a damaged wheel.

Transmission: automobile apparatus that transmits mechanical power to the wheels.

Muffler: device used to reduce engine noise.

Line shaft: axle on which mechanical power is transmitted to the wheels.

Body side molding: decorative molding on the side of a car.

Disk brake: mechanism that slows and stops a car by friction, by pressing a disk against the axel of a wheel.

Oil filter: device that removes impurities from oil passing through it.

Alternator: generator that produces an alternating current.

Radiator: apparatus that cools the motor.

Distributor: case that is used to fire the cylinders.

Battery: device that generates electric current.

Air filter: device that remove impurities from air passing through it.

Windshield washer: liquid used to clean the windows.

Steering wheel: device used to handle a car in conjunction with steering and gear systems.

Windshield wiper: movable device made partly of rubber that wipes the windshield and rear window of a car.

Seat: type of armchair in the passenger compartment of a car.

Window frame: border around a window.

Rearview mirror: inside mirror used for looking backward.

Here are some factors people consider when buying a car. Match the factors with the definitions.

5) price a) the amount of money you get when you sell your car
6) resale value b) how much petrol or diesel the car uses
7) size c) when customers always buy their cars from the same manufacturer
8) interior features d) the amount of money you pay when you buy a car
9) fuel consumption e) the cars capacity to go fast and accelerate quickly
10) performance f) how big the car is
11) brand loyalty g) items inside the car


Comment on the following proverbs. Find the Ukrainian equivalents to them. Make up a situation based on one of them.

ñ What is done cant be undone;

ñ To eat the fruit you must climb the tree;

ñ No living man all things can;

ñ One wont be able to make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Text 3

What model of car should a student have to impress his group mates? What model of car should a bridegroom have to impress his bride? What car should a film star have? What car do you or your parents have?

Look at the adjectives in the box below. Which of them describe your or your family car and which of them describe your ideal car?

fast, big, exciting, old, reliable, economical, traditional, safe, slow, boring, small, modern, new, unreliable, spacious, uneconomical, expensive, long.


My car My ideal car


Use some of the adjectives to describe the two cars.

For example:The car I have now is small but reliable. It is safe and

My ideal car is modern and exciting. It is fast and

Here are some facts about cars and their past. Be ready to discuss them.

The first cars did not have steering wheels. Drivers steered with a lever.

The New York City Police Department used bicycles to pursue speeding motorists in 1998.

In 1916, 55% of the cars in the world were Model T Fords, a record that has never been beaten.

The first gas gauge appeared in cars in 1922.

In 1923, 173 new inventions for cars by women had been reported. Among them were a carburetor and an electric engine starter.

The automobile is the most recycled consumer product in the world today.

Imagine that you work in the marketing department of a large car manufacturer and you want to produce a small sports car with women as a target group. How would you call it?

Would you buy a car even if you didnt like the name? How many car names do you know the meaning of?


The word automobile is not English. It consists of two words: autos and mobilis. Autos is a Greek word meaning self, mobilis a Latin word meaning movable. The two words taken together mean self-moving. Thus, an automobile means a self-moving vehicle. The synonyms of automobile are: auto, car, auto-car, motor car.

The role and importance of an automobile arise from the fact that it can move along roads not provided with rails. In this respect, it substantially differs from a street car (tram) and a railway car (train). In fact, it often replaces street cars, railway cars, and other agencies of transportation and communication. In short, the automobile is a vehicle well adapted for ordinary road conditions.

The automobile has long since ceased to be a matter of luxury or sport and has become a decisive factor in the economic development of many countries. This accounts for the fact that the world at large uses a great number of automobiles.

In some countries where automobiles are found in millions they are playing the most important part in the solution of many problems of transport. The development of automobiles is also accountable to a large extent for the progress in road maintenance, improvement and construction.


Have you ever thought about car names? Do they mean anything? For example, you may think Rover is just a name, in marketing. A rover is a wanderer someone who likes to travel around. So, the name suggests mobility, freedom, having fun and going wherever you want. These were important qualities when Rover cars first came on the market.

Marketing departments of car companies spend a lot of time and money thinking up names for cars. The names should be a reflection of the brand, product and target group. The car you drive tells the world about your status, how much money you have and the socio-economic group you belong to. Good car names are catchy and fit the product, such as the Beetle or the Mini. The name should also appeal to a global audience. At the very least, the name should not mean anything bad in another language. (This was why Rolls-Royce decided not to use the name Silver Mist for one model: mist means animal manure in German.)

American car makers like to give their SUVs names that remind people of the Wild West, full of adventure and danger. Did you know that Wrangler is another word for cowboy? Or that Maverick means an unbranded cow that has strayed from the herd? People who own SUVs seldom drive them off-road, but they enjoy the feeling of excitement that the name creates.

6. Answer these questions:

e) Have you ever thought about car names?

f) Should the name appeal to a global audience?

g) How important is the name of a car to you?

h) Can you think about other interesting car names?

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