Ex. 5. Read the nouns in the plural and put them to the write column.

[s] [z] [iz]


Tasks, plans, facts, classes, cases, officers, chiefs, desks, boxes, stamps, crimes, days, judges, branches, jobs, laws, places, texts, buses, pianos, ladies, courts, lamps, documents, secretaries.



  Topic: Forms of greeting. Biography.
  Grammar: Noun (singular, plural). Articles. Personal Pronouns. Demonstrative Pronouns. Verbs: to be, to have. Numerals. Degrees of Comparison. Possessive case.



Attention! Comrade ( rank) , study group is ready for the English classes. Student(s) .. is (are) absent for the reason of his\her\their duty\ilness. Student.is on duty today! At Ease\ Rest!


Private Junior sergeant Sergeant

()( ) ()


Senior sergeant Sergeant major Warrant officer

( ) ()()

Senior Junior lieutenant Lieutenant

warrant officer( ) ()

( )

Senior lieutenant Captain Major

( ) () ()


Lieutenant colonel Colonel Major general

() () ( )

Lieutenant general Colonel general

(-) (-)


At my command! !
Fall in! !
As you were! ³!
At ease\rest! ³!
Fall out! !
Dismissed! !
Attention!\Ready front! !
Eyes right\ left\front! г \ \ !
Dress! г!
Dress right\left! \˳!
Right\left, face! \˳! ( )
About face! ! ( )
Forward, march! --!
Double time, march! -- !
Mark time, march! , -!
In place, double time, march! , -!
Halt! !

Ex. 1. Put the nouns into the plural.

A man, a key, a city, a baby, a book, a woman, a child, a pen, a flat, a tooth, a table, a foot, a bag, a wolf, a room, a roof, a student, a name, a hobby, a friend, a family, a cousin, a piano, a goose, a sheep, a mouse, a fish, an ox, a journalist, an army, a box.


Ex. 2. Fill in the gaps with the proper articles and pronounses where necessary.

1. This is . book. ______is new.

2. That is..university. ______ is old.

3. These are.pens. _____pens are black.

4. Those are...students. ______are young.

5. This is .computer. ______computer is broken.

6. These are...journalists. _______ are good.

7. This is.teacher. _____teacher is old.

8. That is..lawyer. ______ is clever.

Ex. 3. Change the underlined nouns into the personal pronouns.

1. My family is not big.

2. These books are on the shelf.

3. I know that boy quite well.

4. Open this book.

5. My grandparents are pensioners.

6. I met that woman in the shop.

7. Her husband is an investigator.

8. This young lady is a doctor.

9. I saw the students in the library.

10. My elder brother is a policeman.

Ex. 4. Put the sentences into the plural or single form.

Model: This is a student These are students

That is a student Those are students

1. This is a policeman.

2. That man is an investigator.

3. Those men are lawyers.

4. That lady is a secretary.

5. These women are from Ukraine.

6. This book is interesting.

7. That subject is difficult.

8. Those people are criminals.

9. This policeman is brave.

10. These computers are new.

Ex. 5. Put the sentences into the plural form.

1. There is a telephone on the table.

2. There was a detective film on TV last week.

3. There is a student in the classroom.

4. There will be an exam next month.

5. There is a library in our city.

Ex. 6. Fill in the gaps with the personal pronouns.

1. Will you give (I) this document, please. 2. My friend is going to visit (she) on Sunday. 3. This is a new book. I would like to read (it). 4. Will you send (we) a fax, please. 5. They do this work for (he). 6.Will you write (they) a letter. 7. I am going to meet (she) in the park.


Ex. 7. Open the brackets and choose the right form of the pronoun in the possessive case.

1. His parents live in (their, theirs) own house.

2. (Your, yours) book is here and where is (my, mine)?

3. (Our, ours) University has correspondence courses.

4. (Her, hers) relatives live in the country.

5. (My, mine) flat is big and (your, yours) is small.

6. (He, his) brother is at home, but where is (her, hers)?

7. (They, their) computer is in (our, ours) flat.

8. My friends car is better than (your, yours).

9. This flat is more comfortable than (their, theirs).

10. This is (her, hers) bag and that is (my, mine).

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